2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd – With 29 models in the crossover segment, competition between cars is fierce. To make the 2012 Honda CRV stand out from the rest, Honda has upgraded its best-selling SUV and called it the “Super CR-V.” But does the fourth generation crossover live up to its new name?

With 29 models in the crossover segment, competition between cars is fierce. To make the 2012 Honda CRV stand out from the rest, Honda has upgraded its best-selling SUV and called it the “Super CR-V.” But does the fourth generation crossover live up to its new name?

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

Trying to stay ahead of everyone when you’re selling hundreds of thousands of crossover units is hard work. Honda has created an improved version of the best-selling car that will impress many customers, but it does not mess with the proven formula.

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What makes the 2012 model “super” is its ability to wear many hats. The CR-V delivers the performance of a car and the performance of a minivan in today’s popular SUV package, Honda said. The result is a practical yet sophisticated compact SUV with style and mobility that will make the CR-V a good choice for buyers looking for an all-rounder.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

Honda tweaked the 2012 CR-V’s exterior with larger grilles, slimmer bodywork that accentuates the wheels, and three-dimensional vertical taillights. It also trims the width a bit. While the size is the same, it is almost an inch shorter and an inch smaller than the previous generation, but the cabin volume has increased slightly.

Inside the car, the crossover offers all the conveniences and amenities that today’s smart consumer has come to expect from cars, but no one will mistake the CR-V for a luxury vehicle.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

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The use of soft touch surfaces on the dash and doors gives the car a sophisticated feel, but lacks real or otherwise wood veneer to give it a modern and understated feel. The console is designed to provide more practical storage spaces, such as water bottle holders and a well that can hold a small bag, but its low profile design will not intrude on personal space or create a large gap between the driver and passengers. .

Following the lead of other competitors, Honda has built some CR-V tech features into standard equipment. The base CR-V LX now includes Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, and all vehicles now have a rearview camera and dashboard display for improved visibility when turning. The color screen is also used to display audio information, fuel economy and time.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

Pandora app integration is also a standard feature, with text messages that can be read aloud. However, full Pandora integration is only available on the iPhone, and the text messaging technology only works on phones with the Bluetooth MAP profile, which is currently limited to some BlackBerry and Droid smartphones. The voice-controlled navigation option is the same unit that the manufacturer offers across the range, but Honda has indicated that a major overhaul of the system will be announced in the near future.

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Upgrade to the EX trim level and customers will get more cosmetic changes such as door handle and mirror colors and cloth seat material. The EX-L trim adds leather seats, heated front passenger seats, and audio features. A navigation system is available on this trim level, as is a rear entertainment system. But the interesting thing is that you can choose either the navigation system or the entertainment system, but for some reason not both.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

Navigation and sportiness limitations may weigh on buyers looking for a family car, but it shouldn’t be enough for families to cross the CR-V off their shopping list. Honda seems to know how big and big baby gear has become, and the CR-V’s design offers features that accommodate it all perfectly.

The 2012 Honda CR-V’s cargo floor is an inch lower than previous generations, making it easier to load equipment, luggage and bicycles. It also adds an additional 1.5 cubic inches of cargo capacity behind the second row, where families need it most. However, with the second row of seats folded down, cargo capacity drops from 72.9 cubic feet to 70.9 cubic feet. It is possible that the buyers will not notice this decrease, because thanks to the new folding version, the cargo floor is 5 inches longer than the previous model, making space more versatile.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

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The reduction in cargo capacity is due to Honda’s new 60/40 split “one touch fold” rear seat feature. When you pull the levers in the trunk to fold the seats, the headrests automatically fold down, the second-row seat cushions go up and the seatbacks fold almost flat. As an interesting side effect of this innovative system, you will easily catch the crumbs, lint and loose materials that get under the seats.

Although Honda says it plans to offer minivan functionality, the CR-V doesn’t offer a third-row option. A two-row five-seat is the only seating configuration. For families looking for a car pool, Honda hopes to move buyers to the Odyssey or Pilot.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

Unlike many other competitors, Honda offers one powertrain option for the CR-V: a 2.4-liter engine paired with a five-speed transmission. But it managed to increase horsepower from 180 to 185 while improving fuel economy. The FWD model will achieve 23 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. AWD models achieve 22 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway.

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Those aren’t groundbreaking numbers, but it’s impressive that the CRV offers sedan-like fuel economy for an SUV. In comparison, the 2012 Toyota Rav4 achieves 22/28 mpg city in FWD models and 21/27 mpg city in 4WD models, while Ford’s Escape offers only 21/23 (six-speed manual).

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

To please fuel-lovers, the CR-V also offers standard Eco Assist and Econ modes. This program will try to help drivers save fuel by reducing driver shift and prioritizing energy settings. It also provides feedback from the driver and will change the directions around the instrument panel from white to green.

But during a short test drive event held for journalists, this study is easier said than done – the lines are not separated from white. The CR-V offers a smooth but long ride for a crossover, but it certainly won’t feel like you’re driving a sedan. The steering is a little stiff at times and the ride is a little stiff, but then again, this is a crossover, not a car. Models equipped with Real-Time All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Control should help the car take better corners, provide a more stable ride and ride.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

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Prices are not disclosed, but the manufacturer says they range from $21,000 to $30,000. The car is expected to go on sale on December 15.

Correction: A previous version of the article stated that the second “flat fold touch” method was a two-step process that required the user to pull a cord near the back of the headrests to unlock the reading headrests. This is wrong. The level in the luggage compartment will automatically fold the user’s head restraints. If easy child seat installation is a priority, remember that the CR-V has a LATCH connection for both rear outboard positions.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

The 2012 Honda CR-V is a great family car with a thoughtful design and a comfortable interior and an improved, but not sure, sporty feel of previous CR-Vs.

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If you’re shopping for compact crossovers for family use, you’ll definitely want to put the 2012 Honda CR-V on your list.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

The first reason: because it has, in our opinion, the best folding rear seat of any vehicle in its class; and because of the overall seating comfort is so impressive. Open one of the rear doors, and with one hand and pull a simple cord, in one very fluid motion, the lower cushion drops forward into the leg room, the backrest folds forward, and the back seat folds forward, and everything stopped. almost behind. front seat, fully flat-ribbed.

The rest of the CR-V’s seating is fantastic, with the rear folding system providing better cushioning and contouring than the thin padded seats found in most compact crossovers. The front seats are also impressive – both soft and supportive, and are good for long trips and daily trips and excursions.

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

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This is good. If you’re a busy parent, you’re probably happy that Honda hasn’t changed much in the overall package of the redesigned 2012 Honda CR-V. It also fits well into most compact storage spaces and has a low cargo floor that doesn’t require much handling or lifting.

The exterior of the CR-V has only been slightly; Front and rear styling has been slightly improved, with the front noticeably more Accord-like. Honda has essentially kept the same hardware – same wheelbase, same basic silhouette and dimensions – but lowered the roof more and rearranged the front seats for a more car-like driving position. Kill again

2012 Honda Crv Ex Awd

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