African Theme Decor Living Room

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African Theme Decor Living Room – Bringing your living room together can be everyone’s dream with African art; Rachel Irene Nalubega writes that a story is in the making

In the past, people designed spears made of African pieces and animal skins for beauty, but today they prefer to use modern art.

African Theme Decor Living Room

African Theme Decor Living Room

Whether it’s because they never see the beauty of African works compared to modern art or they just don’t care, that’s a discussion for another day. Those who love them but don’t know how to decorate with them can incorporate African decor into their living room

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Because of their uniqueness, African pieces impress and create memories that everyone wants guests to appreciate when they enter their living room; African art can also reflect a person’s passion

African Art Decor art exterior designer Eric Muwonge says you can never go wrong with African art or art, because in art every flaw is a model, when a piece is torn or worn, it’s also an improved design. Something incredible and fascinating in your guest and in you as a person

For those who like a certain piece of art, for example a clock, a painting or an animal, a special wall will help.

Here you can display your favorite works of art A special wall or a charming wall will lift your mood

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A different shaped wall can be any piece of art you like, for example if you are interested in African animals you can have different ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​parts, a unique shape, Mowonge explains, for a different shaped wall.

“There are two places in the living room, you can install a separate wall, this is the TV area or the other side, but if you think about the wall that would go up the stairs.

According to Muwonge, the sculptures are abstract, which means they don’t tell a specific story or immediately explain what the object might be, so they are ideal for people who want to be complex and surprise their guests with what they see. May.

African Theme Decor Living Room

Statues are also an important part of the appeal and accompaniment to the TV, and especially since they are not so distracting, you can look at them and still concentrate on what you are watching. And in areas where the TV is off, the areas tend to be dim, so these sculptures make the area attractive

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We are not good at everything, but our taste extends to the selection of artwork

Despite the desire, some people make the mistake of choosing the right piece of art for their living room

When choosing black art, the need for contrast can help keep the art safe

For example, instead of traditional frames, put your family photos in an African print photo frame to spice it up and go on the wall.

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For wall design, you can use the center of a large mirror with African pattern embroidery, or you can place two or three African paintings on the TV wall to make it beautiful.

One can play with small pieces such as artistic butterfly wall hangings, making triangles from small to large or vice versa.

For a plain ceiling without curved walls, consider using a decorative black mirror piece for the ceiling.

African Theme Decor Living Room

Alternatively, you can use a modern chandelier; A chandelier made of African fabric makes your ceiling creative and attractive

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For example, a zebra skin rug does not fit a red living room better than a leopard skin rug.

African artwork is a smart choice because most people are afraid of going wrong with them

However, if properly incorporated into your decor, it will not only set your home apart, but also tell a story to your guests.

Eric Muwonge advises that the first thing to consider when using African art is the color of the wall, the color of the wall should be light so that wall pieces, especially African ones, are usually full of color.

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White wall color is often recommended, but the home designer should be careful not to keep the same color in one place because it is monotonous and unattractive.

In terms of colors, however, you should work with, for example, the color of the piece, and a zebra-patterned border is not as good a contrast as white with a red or orange wall color.

The placement of these pieces must also be carefully considered, large pieces should not be placed next to smaller pieces, because the larger pieces take all the attention away from the smaller pieces.

African Theme Decor Living Room

It is wise to use large pieces of art as the focal point of the wall, and one piece of art is enough to keep the wall from looking cluttered.

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Artworks with the same pattern should never be placed in the same place because it does not make sense to place the same pattern in the same place in a particular painting or sculpture.

Artistic flowers bring creativity and life to the room, because the furniture in the living room often looks like worn metal and wood.

These vases make the room more alive with plants and forests than a reflection Large flower vases are often used to fill the empty corners of the living room

Muonge advises that dusting the pieces twice a week will keep them fresh and new, but if you leave them in a dusty place, clean them with a damp cloth every now and then with wood polish. . Sgfg Canvas Painting African Black And Gold Woman Poster Wall Art Hd Print Portrait Picture For Living Room Bedroom Decor 60x80cm Frameless: Posters & Prints

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