Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

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Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

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Incorporating wood beam ceilings into your home is a great way to highlight architectural details and draw attention upward and into the room. Wooden beams can add a rustic charm or even a modern touch and suit any style, enriching the design of your home with an individual appearance. Whether your home has a modern farmhouse feel or a mid-century modern vibe, wood beams can take your aesthetic to the next level.

Read on to learn some of our favorite wood beam ceiling design ideas, including examples from Toll Brothershomes across the country.

Benefits Of An Open Kitchen Floor Plan

Highlight key architectural features like vaulted ceilings by adding beams in warm wood tones that add character to your home. Vaulted ceilings can be highlighted in a great room, attic or bedroom with wooden beams.

Arranging wooden beams in a grid pattern adds dimension and interest to any room. This pattern can also be used to highlight a tray ceiling. Combine these elements with rustic or modern styles to add depth and visual interest to your home.

Combining wood beams with a neutral color scheme and textiles will add warmth and character to any space – from a large room with an open floor plan to a bedroom or even a patio – regardless of style.

Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

Painted or whitewashed beams can provide a more subtle modern feel. This style draws the eye up and into the room, providing a fresh, clean finish.

Stylish Ceiling Fans For A Transitional Style

Use the beams to tie in the wood color of your floors, cabinets, furniture or textiles. Whether modern, seamless or rustic, this is a great way to add an extra pop of color and contrast to a great room, bonus room, kitchen or bedroom.

Amplify the drama in a great room, bedroom or open space with additional beams on a wood-paneled ceiling.

Toll Brothers’ design options vary by market, community and home design across the country. For more information about the wood beam roof design options offered in specific Toll Brothers communities or homes, please visit us

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Sunny Luxury Home Showcase Living Room With White Wood Beam Vaulted Ceiling Stock Photo

Below are some projects that will enhance your living space or kitchen by installing our decorative faux beams in your home.

After completely remodeling her kitchen, Kelli knew she needed one final detail to complete it. This detail? Pre-stained gray beams running across the roof with their boxes.

Kelli’s kitchen matched our Beam extension perfectly and Kelli mentioned how easy it was to incorporate this extension into her home. “Shaping has to be smart!” They make beautiful faux wood beams that are lightweight and very easy to install!”

Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

Check out the story on their Instagram account for a full look at our Pre-Colored Gray Beam!

Captivating Living Room Featuring 16 Foot Tall Vaulted Ceiling With Custom Wood Beams Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 147042426

Taylor from @Drab.To.Dreamy used our Ambrosia Maple faux beams in her kitchen and living room to bring the entire space together. The natural color and texture of the beams fits the aesthetic perfectly and the final space looks beautiful. Taylor went for a seamless look and decided to just use wood filler between the seams instead of our brackets and the look is beautiful.

Jaci Daily also used our Ambrosia Maple faux beams in her living room, but decided to stain them dark brown to match her aesthetic and they were beautiful. These durable beams make it easy for homeowners and builders to match their home’s natural aesthetic for a seamless appearance. Check out her Instagram for more photos of Jaci’s amazing home! We all know that vaulted ceilings can make any room feel larger and more spacious, regardless of design.

Of course, there are many options, but you can always rely on exposed beams if you want it to look amazing, cozy and warm.

The combination of exposed beams and vaulted ceilings is perfect. Yes, you can always add exposed beams to a regular ceiling, but it works better with a vaulted ceiling because the beams add a rustic charm.

Vaulted Ceiling Beams

You can add this structural design to any style as the beams along with the vaulted ceiling are timeless. They will definitely add character to your space.

If you want more inspiration, keep scrolling to find out what type of arched ceiling beams will suit your space:

The white vaulted ceiling features recessed lighting that gives the room a warm yellow glow.

Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

The lights on the vaulted ceiling give the room a more elegant look as the lights are not only large and airy due to the vaulted ceiling but also create a modern atmosphere.

What Is A Vaulted Ceiling? Pros And Cons Of Vaulted Ceilings

The beams are made from alder wood by local carpenters. It is 8×10 with a centerline beam of 10×10. In fact, this is a simple and typical type of exposed beam in a vaulted ceiling.

What makes the beams dramatic is the fact that they contrast with the ceiling but at the same time complement the gray walls. Beams, ceiling and walls are a perfect combination of neutral color palette: black, white and gray.

Such a color combination truly represents a modern style but at the same time exposed beams add a traditional touch to any style. This creates a beautiful transitional style.

Obviously, the color combination of this traditional living room is white and brown, a kind of warm tone that will definitely make your living room look more comfortable and cozy.

New Rustic Wood Beams For Every Room In The Home — Ornamental Decorative Millwork

Such a color combination can also be seen on the ceiling. The ceiling is made of cedar planks that match the other brown elements in the room, including the wooden floor.

Instead, the exposed beams are painted white. The exposed white beams blend seamlessly with the trim and highlight the beige walls. There are also recessed lights in this vaulted ceiling that highlight the cedar planks.

In case you are wondering, the ceiling height is about 15 feet, quite high to create a spacious feeling in this living room.

Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

If you want to enhance the traditional look of such arched ceiling beams, you can hang a classic and elegant chandelier in the centerline.

The Beams Are Done!

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing complicated decorative beams, you can install simple and typical exposed beams in your vaulted ceiling.

This vaulted ceiling is painted white and blends harmoniously with the walls – a smart choice if you want to make the room feel larger.

To create a dramatic contrast, combine a white vaulted ceiling with dark painted exposed beams. Let their stupidity be the focus.

If you want to keep the ceiling as simple as possible, you don’t need to add recessed lights as the contrast is enough to create a point of interest.

Ceiling Fan Hung On Beam. Should We Drill A Hole Through Beam? Or Do Something With A Channel Through Material That Will Wrap The Beam?

It is good to hang ceiling fans and decorative pendants from the beams. Let them be functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Black and light contrasts should also be used in many elements throughout the room to create a cohesive appearance.

According to the designer, that is

Beams In Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

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