Bedroom And Living Room Packages

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Bedroom And Living Room Packages – Bed.

1) We will check all materials and leather samples before confirming the order, it must be the same as mass production

Bedroom And Living Room Packages

Bedroom And Living Room Packages

3) We have a QC team of 5 people All beds must be checked by our QC team before packing

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5) Before shipping, customers can send QC to check the quality and allow a third party to check the quality.

6) After delivery, we will monitor the quality of the bed and try to help the customer if there are any problems.

4-layer packaging: non-woven fabric, cotton wrap, more foam in the corner, lamp, shelf, foot protection, packaging meets export standards.

HENG XING OFFICE FURNITURE LIMITED, which has a convenient showroom in the global international furniture city Lekong and the scenic Xiqiao Mountain, is a medium-sized factory that integrates professional design, production and sales.

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The principle of quality first, the customer is the largest possible, credit-oriented, service-oriented, glorious value. We positively support national furniture culture, integrate international furniture trends, and combine Chinese and Western art cultures to bring eternal joy to the modern world by designing and producing many elegant designs and trend-leading new products using eternal creativity. Efficiency in office

By acting as a good advisor and supporter to clients, they can achieve a rich and generous return on their investment.

3> Provide installation instructions for the products Even if you have a problem with your installation, we will continue to contact you and discuss the issue until we resolve it.

Bedroom And Living Room Packages

If you are in Guangdong province, I can invite you to visit our factory We welcome you to visit us anytime!

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A3: More than 30 colors We provide color card, please choose your favorite

A5: T/T or L/C at sight 30% deposit to start production, balance before delivery after goods are ready

A6: Break the package with carton and with pearl thread for protection The glass pieces are packed with wooden frame outside to protect the items

A7: We put the instructions right in each package of office desk products, so you can assemble the office desk very easily.

Royal Interiors Carbin Metal Bed Single Size With Hydraulic Storage For Bedroom Living Room Furniture Single Bed For Home (single Bed Size (75×48)

A8: B/L, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin With these documents you or the borrower can declare customs on your behalf

A9: During delivery, our shipping company tries to ensure the safety of the goods If the product is damaged, they are liable for damages If the problem is not too serious, we will provide assistance and compensation for the damaged parts

Q10. If part of our shipment is missing, how long will it take to ship?

Bedroom And Living Room Packages

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Modern & Stylish Living Room Furniture Options

Language options: Español Português Français Русский език Italiano Deutsch Nederlands العربية 한국어 日本語 हिंदी नदी ὞ ὞ ha ὞ ha ha ha ὞ ὞ ὞ ha ha ὞ ὞ ha ha ὞ ὞ ha ha ha ὞ ha ὞ A rattan set with a headboard and two side tables. Bed included Barbati Rattan Bedroom Complete your bedroom with this stunning designer creation

Tropical-inspired Barbara Rattan bedroom furniture with textured patterns and a defined border. This specially designed brown bed frame is made of rattan, a rich mahogany solid with an attractive finish.

Barbara Rattan Bedroom Furniture makes tropical dreams possible in your own bedroom Feel the island breeze as you step into your paradise Your friends will think you spent a fortune on a designer! Woven rattan panels give this bed a tropical feel with more defined rattan edging. The refined brown surface adds warmth and richness to the bed

Made from solid mahogany, Barbara Rattan bedroom furniture is durable enough to last for years. Place a pillow against the headrest for late night reading, or lean back without a pillow as the interior padding gives the headrest extra comfort. The headrest fits the bed perfectly and its inner lining provides extra comfort

Kids Children Bedroom Living Room Furniture Set Teen Playroom Wardrobe Desk Tv

Note: Proper and regular maintenance of furniture is essential to ensure long-term durability and customer satisfaction. Failure to follow proper maintenance procedures may void your warranty Users of our products are advised to follow the advice and care mentioned

All Weather Outdoor Covers – Wash thoroughly with a low pressure washer, then rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove dirt and grime. Synthetic braids can be gently cleaned with a soft sponge and mild soapy water. To avoid dents, do not strike aluminum on hard surfaces Clean stains and spills with a little mild detergent and warm water

Rattan surfaces – vacuum gently with a soft bristle brush to remove dust Exposure to unprotected UV rays can gradually discolor rattan Water spilled on the surface must be wiped up immediately Do not expose rattan to excessive moisture The dry internal heat dries out the rattan, which cracks and splits under pressure. Wiping it occasionally with a slightly damp (not wet) sponge will help Never expose rattan surfaces to the harsh elements of nature such as sun, rain, snow or wind

Bedroom And Living Room Packages

Cleaning wood furniture: Use a mixture of liquid cleaner and polishing wax, which is a harsh household solvent. Use a soft, clean cloth that will not scratch the surface Use a wax repair stick to repair scratches Water spilled on the surface should be wiped up immediately to avoid staining Changes in temperature and inappropriate ultra-violet radiation of furniture should be avoided. Avoid wooden furniture for excessive humidity Before confirming the order & coa; We will check all materials and leather samples & coa; They must be szae like the production of donkeys

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3) We have QC tea for 5 people All bedding should be strictly checked by tea QC before packing

5) Before delivery & coa; Customers can send QC here to check the quality and let a third party to check the quality

6) After delivery & coa; We monitor the quality of the bed and try to help the customer when there is a problem

6. Packaging & colon; 4-layer packaging & colon; Non-woven & coa; pearl cotton & coa; Mine foa in the corner & coa; light & coa; Self & Co.; Foot Protection & coa; Packaging meets export standards

Contemporary Living Room Furniture: Exploring Modern Sets & More

2. You can put the logo on the carton & coa; Pieces like odel name and odel details & coa; measurements etc.;;

Ulink Furniture Group Co. & Co. located in Lekong Furniture City; He has created 15 exclusive furniture factories & period; We are in the business of design & co; production & coa; sale and service of high-end home furnishings; Garden furniture and garden furniture & coa; appropriate & coa; A comfortable and quality lifestyle for you Our affected products & colon; High-end leather and fabric sofas & Co.; High-end one-bedroom apartments & coa; High quality stainless steel dining room & co; TV Cabinet and Steel Coffee Table & Co.; Garden Furniture and Beach Villa Furniture

We look forward to your visit and share with us your high quality & coa; High Consolation & coa; Khura is very content to follow the fashion We welcome you to join us in creating brilliant online furniture for you and us !

Bedroom And Living Room Packages

A1.period initial & coa; The price we pay you is the wholesale price Meanwhile & coa; We offer our best price according to the order quantity & coa; So please specify your purchase amount when enquiring

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(1) We generally charge twice the total selling price plus seed costs; Additional cost of seeds can be refunded by customers after confirming large orders & coa; Shipping costs incurred by the customer

A5. We are ready to design & coa; production & coa; sale and service of high-end indoor leisure furniture; Garden furniture and cottage furniture

A7. In the price list we have indicated the OQ for each item & coa; But we can also accept Sapling and LCL orders & coa; If the quantity of each item does not reach the OQ & coa; You can also insert other elements

A10. Of course & coa; We are a furniture manufacturer in Foshan & co. Guangdong & Co.; China (about 2 hours by car from Baiyun Airport).

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Ain products: public project furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, school furniture, hotel furniture, sofa furniture, new project furniture.

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Bedroom And Living Room Packages

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