Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint – When it comes to transforming the look of your home, the right paint colors can make all the difference. Whether you’re aiming for a timeless and elegant appeal or a vibrant and eye-catching statement, we can help you find the right colors and inspiration to match your style.

From classic neutrals that exude sophistication to bold and adventurous colors that show off your personality, our curated collection of exterior color ideas will help you unleash your creativity and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Explore the gallery of home exterior inspiration by color family, mood and style to find a diverse range of color palettes and stunning visual examples to find the perfect colors to spruce up your home’s exterior.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Find your perfect color! Explore, match and preview your color choices and room images. Our tool makes it easy.

Strong Blue Gray Paint Colors: How To Evoke A Moody Vibe

Need help finding the perfect color? Easily create the mood you want for your room with the latest color tool.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Here you’ll find inspiration, color tools, design tips and other features to help you find the color for your next project.

The following products are required for proper preparation of uncoated and pre-coated concrete surfaces. Only available at Home Depot.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Painting The Exterior Of Our House With The Projectcolor App

The 9 x 1/4 inch polyester glue roller has a sturdy construction, making it ideal for applying all types of glue to smooth surfaces. It can be used for pickling and for opening sand colors.

* Important disclaimer: The coverage calculator results should be used as an estimate only. Process Corporation cannot guarantee that you will obtain adequate results without verifying your measurements and assumptions.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Matte gloss has a low-shine reflective finish that is durable, easy to clean, blends well, and even hides minor surface imperfections.

Best Behr Gray Blue Paint Colors For A Cool Calm Aesthetic

The enamel luster of eggshells has a soft, velvety appearance that resists dirt, grime and mildew.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

High-gloss enamel glazes provide a brilliant, glossy appearance and a durable glass-like finish that allows for cleaning of dirt and grime.

The gloss level is non-reflective and easy to apply and touch up. It will reduce the appearance of small surface irregularities.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Behr Marquee 1 Gal. #ppu14 18 Laguna Blue Flat Exterior Paint & Primer 445301

The satin sheen of the enamel creates a pearly surface that is durable and dirt-resistant. It will also be moisture, fade and stain resistant.

The semi-gloss enamel finish is sleek and shiny with a hard, durable finish. Formulated to resist wear and tear, it will also resist moisture, fading and stains.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

High-gloss enamel gloss has a brilliant, glossy look and a durable glass-like finish that lets you clean away dirt and odors! These shades are the perfect way to keep your color palette neutral while still having some color and personality in your space!

Painting Our Homes Exterior With Behr® Color Trends 2021 Palette

It’s no secret that I love decorating with blue. Almost all of our house is blue or blue-green.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Based on color psychology, blue calms and promotes relaxation. I mean, that’s probably how you want your home to feel, right?!

A bright, neon blue can be too much for walls. Even a pastel blue can read as a great “kids room 1995” if you’re not careful.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Blues, Reimagine And Dream

The blue-gray color of the paint is obviously somewhere between blue and gray. But I think it’s important that the color is more blue than gray.

Gray is used to soften the brightness of the blue and make it more muted.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

A shade that is more gray than blue would be considered more of a cool toned gray.

Best Coastal Paint Colors

The easiest way to make any bright color look better on the walls (or all the walls in the room) is to choose a more muted shade.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

For example, you can find a color you like on the color palette and instead choose a shade on the same strip, but 2 shades lighter.

Another way to make the color more subdued is to choose a color with shades of gray. This will make the color more “muddy” and less bold and bright.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Behr Premium Plus 8 Oz. Home Decorators Collection #hdc Ac 25 Blue Metal Flat Interior/exterior Paint & Primer Color Sample B310316

These undertones can exist in light or dark colors, but they just mean they are more neutral.

Light blue WITHOUT any gray can look very light – even if it’s pastel – baby blue. This shade is much less trendy and timeless compared to the more muted, softer shade of blue-grey.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Today I’ve rounded up my favorite blue-grey colors for you. The blue gives them a bright, fun shade that’s very trendy right now. However, the gray undertones keep them from being too bright.

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

There are a ton of colors here – but hopefully seeing them side by side will help draw attention to the subtle differences between them.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

The great thing about blue-grays is that they’re neutral enough that you can use them almost anywhere in your home, but they add interest and color that more neutral-neutrals might not.

In general, it is attractive if the bathroom feels like it is in the bathroom. Choose a light blue gray color. Look for a shade with more blue than gray! Something with a bit of green can be nice too.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

How To Paint A Front Door

Sherwin Williams Misty is very easy to decorate with light blue gray. It’s always a great color to start with – although I always suggest switching between 3-5 colors before settling on one! Colors look different in every room.

Hale Navy is a deep navy blue. Using this color will make a big impact in your room!

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

It may not be the color for all the walls in your home, but selective use can be really beautiful. The gray undertones don’t hold the blue too much like a military uniform.

Behr Marquee 5 Gal. #n490 4 Teton Blue Flat Exterior Paint & Primer 445405

The stained glass is actually a dark blue-green, but it is muted with gray undertones. Although it can be really overwhelming to imagine tea on the walls, the color of mud glass makes it really cozy and comfortable, especially in a light and bright room.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

The blue note is a deep navy color with an almost nautical aesthetic. The green tones seem to be deep in the muted blues. It’s a clean, deep blue, but has a few gray undertones that keep it from feeling too blue.

Polo Blue is a rich, masculine, true navy color. It’s very dark and funny and will make a big impact in any room. It is also a wonderful choice for outdoor wear at home.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Gorgeous Front Door Colors For A Gray House

Gentleman’s Gray is a really unusual name for this color because it is not nearly as gray as navy blue. The masculine part is key though – this would be great in a study, library or man cave paired with masculine accessories.

Water’s Edge has an almost carnal undertone. It’s a medium dark and would be beautiful on your walls, but would also be stunning painted over a piece of furniture. Teal tones give a very coastal feel.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Thundercloud is a medium blue shade with almost green undertones. It has the potential to quickly disappoint, but it’s muddy enough to keep it from getting out of hand.

Behr Pro 1 Gal. #hdc Ac 25 Blue Metal Satin Exterior Paint Pr64301

The distance is a shade of blue that makes me think of my favorite pair of ripped jeans. It looks warm, cozy and inviting.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Thanks to the gray undertones, it has a perfect look. Pair it with metallics to dress it up or keep it rustic with wood tones – it really can work in so many ways.

Aleutian is a creamy blue shade. It is darker than sky blue, but not quite evergreen, and the muddy undertones give a feeling of calmness and serenity.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Increase Curb Appeal With A New Front Door Paint Color

Providence Blue is a mid-tone blue-green with muted undertones. It’s almost blue-green to the touch, but not green enough.

I think this color would be amazing in a room with very complex wall shapes. Wow!

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Van Courtland Blue has a mix of green and gray undertones. It has a beachy feel to it and would be stunning on the walls in the master bedroom. I would pair it with a clean white pair to really make the color the star.

Behr Color Of The Year 2018

Boothbay Gray is a very dull, gray color that is strong in blue undertones. It works very cleanly and pleasantly and works in every room from the kitchen to the living room.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Daphne is a true blue halfway between sky blue and navy. It’s a really beautiful shade that you can use on anything – a wall, a piece of furniture or even an accessory. There are so many possibilities with this shade!

Granite Peak is a deep charcoal gray with icy blue undertones. This color belongs to the blue-gray category. It reads as a really cool gray and can feel bluer depending on the environment.

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Best Gray Paint Colors 2023, According To Interior Designers

The burnt blue color is so charming and is the perfect taupe! It’s saturated enough to feel really cozy and comfortable, but still has shades of gray that keep it from overwhelming the room. This is a great way to bring the color blue into your home!

Dockside Blue is a blue color with muddy gray undertones. It is rich and full of color while still being medium dark. This color is just gorgeous and looks more blue the more it is

Behr Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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