Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors – Get 10 of the most popular shades of gray for next year! Greige took the design world by storm and quickly replaced color as the color palette of neutrals for the next decade.

Greige is not beige, and it’s not gray… it’s a true neutral that falls in the middle. It is the perfect combination of colors that create warmth, beauty and balance in your home. Find my favorite greige colors and find all the details about them here!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

A greige color is the middle ground between the coldest shade of black and the darkest shade of taupe. If you’re looking for a simple, neutral look that can work with dark or gray furniture, this can be a big help.

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If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that choosing paint colors is harder than it looks. Exercise makes good, right? Do you think! But after years of choosing colors for every room in our house, we still make many mistakes.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive list of design tips, guidelines and colors that can make your decisions easier. Being informed is the best way to make a decision you’ll love!

We’ve recently brought you an amazing roundup of our favorite whites, navys, neutrals, and deep mushroom colors. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the bedroom colors and bedroom colors.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

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Today we highlight the best greige colors for you. You can compare and contrast, look at all the colors used in our home (or others!) to give you a better understanding of the options. Let’s start!

For easy navigation or color change, don’t forget this article’s table of contents! You can go directly to the section with all the information about each color, making your choice easier.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

If you want a neutral that can work with warm tones of wood furniture, oak cabinets, floors, it can be hard to find a good neutral without going orange or yellow. Green can look cool and beige can look good!

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Fortunately, greige tones can help you mix old and new, warm and cool. Choosing the right greige color can help you achieve a good balance between the furniture and the dark woods and blues.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

We have used many types of gray paint over the years on both the exterior and interior of our home. I love the shade of the cabinet and vanity for its neutrality!

You’ll find some of the things we like to shoot in our home, as well as photos of these popular shades used elsewhere. It’s great to see the perfect color in a variety of ways so you can be confident in your choice!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

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Reaching Beige is the most popular greige color and for good reason. They are neutral and can shine on a variety of surfaces – cabinets, cabinets, walls and backsplashes.

SW 7036 has a low LRV (light reflectance value) of 58, which means it can make a room feel cozy and comfortable. It compares very well to SW Realist Beige!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

SW 7029, Accept Green, is probably the most popular greige color on this list! With an LRV of 60, this shows a lightness similar to Realistic Beige and Beige is achievable.

The Best Greige Paint Colors For Refreshing Your Home In 2022

It is much darker than Accessible Beige, in my opinion. Can’t wait to try this somewhere – have you used it anywhere in your home?

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

SW 6078 has an LRV of just 58.83 giving a nice medium color that can look light and airy, especially outdoors.

We used it for a bit of contrast in the Tudor color scheme years ago. It’s a nice decorative color to contrast with everyday white, you’ll also see it in this gray paint color!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Best Warm Paint Colors From Behr

With an LRV of 72, it is one of the lightest shades of gray in this category. But don’t delete this because you’re afraid it’s too white! It’s a really nice “in-between” color!

It looks white in this photo when mixed with SW Realist Beige trim, but it has a nice, greige finish and is very comparable to Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

If you’re using it on an interior wall, pair it with a light white paint for a big contrast, or consider using my favorite trick of painting the walls and cutting out the same color.

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Classic Gray OC-23 is amazing! Although it can be considered white, the role of this color also suits the greige family.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

With an LRV of 74.78, it is the lightest and brightest gray paint in its class. Want to wear this over your bathrobe – stay tuned!

SW 7015 is another popular option to consider if you’re looking for a balanced gray tone. With only 58 LRV, it is very similar to Realist Beige, which we used as an interior color, above!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

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Consider this for outdoor projects or indoor spaces that get plenty of light—or even for your kitchen counter, as you can see below.

It is one of the most popular shades of gray in the last decade. That’s because it’s accepted and loved by many owners!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

The LRV of Revere Pewter is only 55.1, making it the darkest pink in this round. Keep this in mind when choosing a model! Although it provides a great contrast to the white paint finish, it can be too dark in some rooms.

The 8 Best Greige Paint Colors In 2022

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20) is a light, soft and neutral tone. In normal lighting it tends to be white. Like Sherwin Williams Available Beige, the colors and lighting in your room matter!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Pale Oak has an LRV in the low 60s (69.89), making it slightly darker than SW Everyday White, which is also on this list. It’s a beautiful mushroom, the greige tone is still soft – we painted the bedside table this color. Check out Benjamin Moore Cream for other styles in this category.

OC-27 is a cream oil with an LRV of 67.37. It’s a greige tone that’s perfect for different things!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

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I like that this one can read a lot like a white sausage, but it offers a bit of contrast. It reminds me of Pale Oak in that regard, so be sure to compare the two with a swatch!

Downstairs, the brick is painted Balboa Mist and the trim is Sherwin Williams Smart. I also love copper scraps – what a combo!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

It is another favorite greige tone of all time. People often compare the benefits of Edgecomb Gray and Balboa Mist – I love them both!

Popular Behr Beige Paint Colors For A Warm Aesthetic

Edgecomb Gray reads a little too much like a beige background to me, comparing the two. The Balboa clouds are just cool and green and light overall but not too much!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Edgecomb is earthy and warm, with an LRV of 63.88. This makes it very comparable to Agreeable Grey, which is the most popular gray of all. Try both to see what works best for you!

I love this room below, with Edgecomb Green on the trim and Cloud White on the walls. Perfection!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

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Can’t find the perfect greige color? Learn which colors match your favorite items or accessories! We bought the display cabinet above as built-in storage, but then we attached a small side table to one side!

In general, taupe has more brown and yellow undertones than gray. Greige follows the line of gray and beige and takes the best of both worlds. That’s what makes it neutral!

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Green endorsed by Sherwin Williams is the most wanted greige color of 2022! It’s pretty neutral.

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I want to hear from you! Are you painting anything greige lately? A few days ago we painted a dutch door a pale blue – one of our favorite coastal blues.

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Smoke Paint Trim White Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Sherwin Williams Zurich White Benjamin Moore Silver Green Benjamin Moore Slate Blue Sherwin Williams Evergreen Cloud I am a huge fan of wall paint. It’s neutral and adds a clean, modern touch to almost any space. However, I learned that not all colors are created equal. We painted most of our house in Brooklyn a nice gray when we moved in (Sherwin Williams Lattice, actually). Although it is a beautiful color, it still felt a little too cold and uncomfortable for my taste. This sent me looking for a good greige color that is not bad but also not in the “build tan” color category. Here are my favorites so far. 🙂

It is very dark

Behr Warm Greige Paint Colors

No Fail Greige Paints

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