Benjamin Moore Acrylic Latex Paint

Benjamin Moore Acrylic Latex Paint – Benjamin Moore interior paints are known for their quality finishes and color palettes that designers love. This luxury paint is popular for its superior coverage and durability. Benjamin Moore’s premium paint selection includes a variety of wall and trim paints, as well as ceiling paints, specialty primers and commercial-grade products. Choosing the best Benjamin Moore paint for your project can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can use different paint materials in different areas of your home. In fact, painting contractors often use more than one paint to achieve the best results. Once you understand the differences between Benjamin Moore interior paints, it will be easy to choose the best paint for your project.

Benjamin Moore Acrylic Latex Paint

Benjamin Moore Acrylic Latex Paint

AURA is an ultra-premium paint from Benjamin Moore that delivers rich color and long-lasting coverage in fewer coats, even with dramatic color changes. The acrylic resin formula dries quickly and provides superior leveling and an ultra-smooth finish. The scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean finish is ideal for high-traffic areas. AURA paint colors contain more pigments than other paints and Lock Lock technology provides color that resists heavy wear and tear. Available in 3,500 colors, plus Benjamin Moore, as well as the exclusive AURA Color Stories® collection of 240 colors. For more information about AURA interior paint, be sure to read our AURA Interior review.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec® D.t.m. Acrylic

Benjamin Moore Regal Select is a premium acrylic resin designed for fewer coats, faster drying times and less spatter. A popular choice for DIY projects, it speeds up painting and reduces cleanup. Regal Select creates a smooth, durable finish with long lasting durability; it is washable and durable. This paint provides the best coverage when painting flowers of the same color, such as light gray and beige. Over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors available. For more information about Regal Select interior paint, be sure to read our Regal Select review.

Ben Zero VOC Interior Paint provides an affordable, premium finish with smooth application, long open time, and exceptional touch and scratch resistance. It is ideal for DIY projects; The splash-resistant formula reduces cleaning effort and provides a durable, washable surface with zero VOCs and low odor. This paint provides the best coverage when painting flowers of the same color, such as light gray and beige. Over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors available.

Best choice for: Bathrooms, Gyms, Kitchens, Entryways, Entryways. Benjamin Moore’s AURA Bath & Spa Paint is designed to withstand repeated washing, repel moisture, and prevent mold growth. Made from acrylic resin, it provides long-lasting coverage in fewer coats, even with dramatic color changes. It dries quickly and levels out better, forming a very smooth surface. AURA Bath & Spa Matte Gloss is the only beautiful paint on the market that can be rubbed in. It creates a durable surface that resists water stains, even on white paint that streaks easily. Part of the AURA line, AURA Bath & Spa is available in more than 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors, as well as the exclusive AURA Color Stories collection of 240 colors. AURA paint colors contain more pigments than other paints and Lock Lock technology provides color that resists heavy wear and tear. For more information on the benefits of this luxurious paint, check out our in-depth AURA Bath & Spa review.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff-X is a high-performance latex paint designed specifically for busy commercial and high-traffic areas. This flagship product is designed to be washable, scratch-resistant, looks exceptional and is formulated to prevent the growth of mildew. Ultra Spec Scuff-X is ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, garages, hallways and staircases. The easy-to-use formula is splash-resistant for reduced cleanup; it retains its high-quality appearance longer with minimal maintenance. Over 3,500 Benjamin Moore color samples available. To learn more about Ultra Spec Scuff-X, read The Best Paint for High Traffic Areas.

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath And Spa Paint Review

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE is a durable, water-based alkyd paint with excellent opacity that cures to a furniture-quality hard finish. Alkyd paint imitates the smooth flow and durability of oil paint, but does not yellow over time. Easy to use, ADVANCE is a low VOC formula that is great for kitchen cabinets and interior trim and cleans up with soap and water. Although ADVANCE is primarily intended for interior use, there is also a high-gloss finish for exterior doors. This is the ideal paint for your front door, combining an elegant shine with a very durable waterproof finish that resists weather conditions and normal abrasion. Over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors available. For more information, see our review of the ADVANCE Cat.

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint is specially formulated for ease of application, minimal space and cleanup with soap and water. The highly concealing, low VOC formula hides common imperfections, while the Ultra Flat finish reduces glare for a perfect matte ceiling finish. Over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors available. For more information, see our Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint reviews.

Professional painters choose Benjamin Moore interior paint for its superior coverage and durability; Interior designers choose it for its wide selection of colors. Have you ever had trouble matching paint chips to fabric or furniture because the perfect color isn’t on the chart? Most paint manufacturers offer hundreds, not thousands, of colors. Benjamin Moore offers more colors than any other brand, with over 3,700 designer-inspired colors. A wide selection of colors makes it easy to find exactly the color you need.

Benjamin Moore Acrylic Latex Paint

Professionals also love Benjamin Moore paint for its superior color integrity. When using cheaper brands of paint, homeowners often see the color of their walls fade or change after a few years. This is because most paint colors contain chemicals that make mixing easier but weaken the paint’s ability to resist fading.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff X

When they created Gennex Color Technology, Benjamin Moore developed his own colors without harmful chemicals. They now provide market-leading color consistency, depth and brightness. Benjamin Moore Interior Paint is a safe, low-VOC formula that resists fading and color fading. You can rely on Benjamin Moore to provide rich colors that will maintain their integrity for years to come.

There are currently over 3,500 different Benjamin Moore colors available, as well as AURA Color Stories, an exclusive collection of 240 colors. Benjamin Moore interior paint is also available in a variety of shades.

Start with inspiration from design magazines, online images, and the colors in your home—furniture, rugs, and artwork. Our popular color reviews can help you narrow down your choices by providing helpful tips on color tones, how colors look in different lighting, and color palettes that complement them. Next, it’s important to test some color shades in your home. The lighting in your home is unique; Natural and artificial light also affect the appearance of color differently, so it’s important to look at paint swatches at different times of the day.

To properly test paint colors, purchase 3-5 paint samples that are close to the color you want. For each shade, draw a large swatch of the color on the poster board. Then place the sample board in your room and watch how the light changes throughout the day. See how they look during the day, at night and next to your furniture. In a day or two, you should be able to see the color that suits your space.

Benjamin Moore 267878 1 Gal Fire Retardant Latex Paint, White

Ring’s End offers helpful Benjamin Moore paint color swatches to help you choose the right color for your project. For step-by-step instructions on testing paint colors at home, be sure to visit How to Test Paint Samples.

Benjamin Moore does not ship directly to consumers; instead, they rely on Benjamin Moore’s network of retailers like Ring’s End to provide delivery and pickup nationwide. To learn more about ordering Benjamin Moore paint online, check out our tips for ordering paint online.

Skip the hassle of waiting for a custom mixed paint order and order Benjamin Moore products online! By ordering paint in advance, you will save significant time. We carry a large selection of Benjamin Moore products, including the popular Regal Select, AURA and ADVANCE paints, and we ship anywhere in the USA!

Benjamin Moore Acrylic Latex Paint

No, other formulas are not compatible with Benjamin Moore’s unique water-based paints and colors are not accurate.

Benjamin Moore High Performance Command Satin Cv392

The right finish for your walls, partitions, and cabinets will depend on your personal preferences and how much wear you expect. To learn more about paint coating, read How to Choose the Best Paint Coating for Your Home.

If your interior walls are in excellent condition, you use light colors and don’t make major color changes, two coats of Benjamin Moore interior paint should give you great results. However, there are many situations that require a full primer. For more information, see our guide on When to Prioritize Walls.

Benjamin Moore paint can be shipped through authorized retailers. At Ring’s End, we supply Benjamin Moore interior paints, exterior paints and primers nationwide. High-quality exterior paint contains more solids and pigments per gallon, so it sets faster and covers less of the interior surface.

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