Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

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Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent – I specialize in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors, but I meet with BEHR to answer questions about their popular colors.

NOTE: I don’t give color advice online specifically for BEHR (BM and SW only) and I don’t know their colors, but this information will help you VERY much. I’m usually a SAUCY lil’ Ginger, but these blog posts are super easy to get started on your next painting project!

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

BTW, I don’t use Behr paints and ONLY use pictures from my E-DESIGN clients, so I don’t have pictures of these colors, but I will show you COMPARATIVE colors for a general idea.

These Are The 5 Top Paint Brand’s Most Popular Colors

Dolphin fur is a slightly warm gray, not a TRADITIONAL warm gray, but it looks gray, but not too cool. This is what I call “storm grain”.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

The fins of the dolphin and LRV 59 are deep and light gray, but not bright and clean, but light gray.

If you have a dark room, this depth will seem a little heavy; You can imagine gray with a high LRV. However, if your room is moderately bright, it will sit very well.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

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Each gray will have a sound. Dolphin Fin is no exception, but its color is very light and similar to the famous warm gray, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Of the three colors, the dolphin’s fins are slightly greener.

If you are looking for a light gray color then Silver Drop is the color for you…

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Silver Drops is a warm gray that is sure to set the tone for anything with its warm undertones.

The Best White Paint Colors To Use In Your Home • Project Allen Designs

Silver drops provide a LIGHT approach to gray. For LRV 69, it is light gray, non-washable, but does not have a dolphin body.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Silver Drop is a little bias towards green, but you can find one of the 3 cool colors with a little inspiration, and you will see that Gray is one of the Ninjas. The appearance of this color can be easily influenced by the color of the room, interior decoration and even personal attitude!

Misty Beach is one of my favorite Behr grays. Happy, but not ice cold, it looks more like a storm – anyone can say that

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Behr Marquee 1 Qt. #ppu26 06 Elemental Gray Semi Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint & Primer 545404

The LRV of the Coastal Nebula is 68, which puts this storm cloud in the upper-average brightness range. It may not be able to match dimly lit rooms, but at least the high LRV helps. Therefore, Misty Beach is ideal for rooms with medium + natural light.

Misty Beach has an LRV of 68, which is within the light range. However, if you ask me, it seems like his LRV should be low, but I thought that might be because of the storm.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Silver City is a gray color with more meat on its bones. Let’s see what the bad boy can do…

My Favorite Light Neutral Paint Colors

Silver City isn’t as hot or cold, it produces more gray storms. This means that if you have a room facing north, it may seem colder than intended. However, Silver City can feel a little warm if your room faces the southern or afternoon sun.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Silver City is slightly darker than the medium shade of gray (used for walls) and has an LRV of 57. Still in the light range, but with HEAVY light, it may not be ideal for a dark room.

As for the bottom, this bad boy easily transitions between green or a not-so-subtle purple (definitely one of those gray ninjas). The lower the color tone, the easier it will be in terms of transparency, interior design and personality.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Why Behr Whisper White Is My Favorite White Paint Color

Unfortunately, Behr is not registered with Samplize, all the other popular brands, and I encourage you to check them out.

Unlike the previous storm, warm gray, Sterling gray is COOOOL. Those colors can balance the warmth of a south-facing room, but may look cold in a north-facing room.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

For LRV 65, Sterling is light, not too heavy, not washable.

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Sterling is soft and fresh with its soft blue-pink color. This tone makes Sterling an attractive choice with bright white finishes and even other marble surfaces.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Eon gray is beautiful, light, quiet, WARM. However, its temperature is not very high; It’s just a decent bed.

The Eon has an LRV of 65, which is a nice medium light color – close to my magic LRV number for almost any room!

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Edgecomb Gray By Benjamin Moore: Complete Review

Now, I really wanted to get Indigo Gray as one of HILL’S FAVORITE COLORS, Benjamin Moore Collingwood, but Sue can’t. If you are interested in what Collingwood looks like, you can read it HERE.

BEHR’S Toasty Gray N320-2 certainly cannot be compared to Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. NO color will be the same, but there will always be changes in LRV, low color and temperature (or all three); these two colors are definitely the same.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

If you’ve never heard of Agreeable Gray, it’s one of the MOST POPULAR neutrals right now, after Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray.

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Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

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Best Paint Colors Benjamin + Sherwin: Paint Colors Review Neutrals, Gray, Gray, Cream + White.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

These Are The 2024 Paint Colors Of The Year

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Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

To make it more modern, I started painting everything gray. I wrote an entire article about it and it included an amazing article about Ryan Gosling. I didn’t get many good pictures then, but I did see a few.

Examples: Gray Owl By Benjamin Moore

I chose this gray rug for Ian’s house (also a cheap gray wall rug) for a test of the Secret From Stylist range, and it was perfect in every way.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

After the show we moved on to a warm camel color, which we still love after 10 years.

It was done in pink (oh, those roses – can you say ROMANCE?) and bronze, and it was amazing, believe me, if it was white it would be wet – there was very little natural light in the room (read). How to avoid this big mistake). If I could go back, I probably would have chosen a powder blue or a light gray color for the plastic.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

Is Gray Paint Totally Out?

But I wasn’t surprised. I painted Gray Owl in Ian’s living room ten years ago and I still love it.

So what makes a gray person sad?

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Behr Equivalent

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