Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior – Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray is a medium gray that creates an elegant look that is both traditional and contemporary. This neutral gray shade is a great choice for small living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms. Coventry Gray matches marble and granite countertops and is a great color for bathrooms and kitchen cabinets. It’s deep enough to create an elegant look when paired with white trim, and neutral enough to pair with bold colors. The neutral shade of Coventry Gray brings out the warmth of hardwood floors and the richness of hardwood floors. Coventry Gray is part of the Benjamin Moore Historic Color Collection, a collection of 191 interior and exterior historic paint colors that make up Benjamin Moore Paints’ most popular color palette.

Coventry Gray may be the best gray paint for those who need a neutral paint. It’s a chameleon shade that changes as the light changes throughout the day. In most lighting, it will be dark gray instead of neutral. However, in some lighting conditions, the barely blue color gives Coventry Gray a slight chill.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

If Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray or Owl Gray are too light for your space, try Coventry Gray paint products. Its neutrality makes it one of our favorite shades of gray, with plenty of colors that go well with white paint, such as the popular trim colors Chantilly Lace and White Dove. It’s very neutral, so it’s also full of white shades like Swiss Coffee and Linen.

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With an LRV of 48, Coventry Gray has a medium reflectivity and can appear dark or light depending on the lighting. Remember that neutral means that Coventry Gray is sensitive to light conditions and closed color schemes. When it comes to wall colors, traditional grays are kept in bright natural light, and warm grays like Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter are similar to gray. If you have south-facing windows, you’ll love this shade for its reliable ‘true grey’. In north-facing rooms or colder climates, it can take on a cool gray appearance, though not just a blue or blue-green tone.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

This popular gray color is perfect for traditional interior design, perfect for white trim and historic colors. This dining room has painted Coventry Gray walls and is finished with bold white decor.

Modern and contemporary spaces will be enhanced by the neutrality of this gray shade. Coventry Gray paint gives this living room an elegant look with traditional woodwork.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Coventry Gray Paint Sample By Benjamin Moore (hc 169)

The modern farmhouse style is perfect for Coventry Grey, which pairs perfectly with popular colors such as Hale Navy. White and black decoration.

Benjamin Moore Coventry BM Super White entryway with gray walls, stairs and trim. Threshold 2132-10

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Coventry Gray goes well with any shade of wood, but the old wood provides an interesting contrast in this bedroom.

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As an exterior paint color, Coventry Gray is neither too light nor too dark. This neutral shade provides enough color to complement traditional white wood.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Even in natural light outside, Coventry Gray maintains its gray so well that it doesn’t look washed out.

Coventry Gray is a neutral shade that makes a great background color. If you want a funky look, try a soft green like October Mist or a warm neutral like Revere Pewter.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Review & Inspiration

Coventry Gray is a neutral shade that suits both traditional and modern color schemes. Dark grays and navy colors such as old navy and metallic silver are constant companions. Add colors like Aegean Blue, Hawthorne Yellow or Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, Raspberry Blush accents.

Coventry Gray offers a sharp, fresh contrast to neutral or cool paint colors such as Benjamin Moore White Dove, White Ornament and Chantilly Lace. However, it’s a versatile shade that works just as well as whites like Swiss coffee or white linen.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Looking to experiment with shades of gray? Benjamin Moore’s interesting choices are grey-white, cool silver and warm warm. For a neutral gray, check out Classic Gray or Moonlight. If you like a cool shade of gray, check out Stonington Gray, which has blue-violet undertones. Gray paint colors such as light oak and ash gray produce very warm tones. Whichever gray you try, be sure to test the swatches you get from Benjamin Moore Paint Store against the lighting conditions in your home.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray (#hc 169): Ultimate Review + Pictures

Neutral grays like Coventry Gray can have subtle undertones and can appear cool or warm depending on lighting conditions and time of day. We recommend trying the Coventry Gray product and any other options you are considering before making a final choice.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

One of my favorite tips from designers for easily experimenting with paint on multiple walls in the house is to paint a large board using a Benjamin Moore paint swatch and then move it around the room. under different lighting conditions.

Once you’ve decided on a color and are ready to order your paint, come back here for free shipping* on our best-selling Aura Water Base. The most common question I get after moving into a house is about paint. So today I’m sharing the paint colors and glitter I’ve been using around the house. Some of the photos were taken on my iPhone during construction, so please forgive me if they are not very high quality.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Coventry Grey Exterior Ideas

I decided to keep the exterior of the dinette the same color, Sherwin-Williams Snowbound, because it has a greenhouse feel and is wrapped in trim.

We wanted the house to be light and bright, so we kept the color scheme simple. We chose three colors for the interior of our house.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

The white in our house is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White on the walls, trim, trim, ceiling and kitchen cabinets. The trim/cabinet has a semi-gloss finish, the wall has egg and the ceiling has fields. It is a very warm white without acidity.

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I used Benjamin Moore Hale Navy for the barn doors in Harry and Ted’s bathroom and the bonus room (playroom). I gave both areas a glossy shine.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

My office furniture and kitchen sink are Benjamin Moore Blue Heather. It’s a gray blue color, but more blue than gray (if that makes sense!). I gave these two areas a glossy shine.

Welcome to my blog! Started in 2017 as an outlet for my love of home design, Kate Knowles House has become a collection of our home and lifestyle creations. My blog is where I share everything I love. We hope you find inspiration here and think hard about decorating your space with a beautiful lifestyle. Gray exterior paint colors come in a variety of shades, from dark gray to black to light colors. I’ve already reviewed many of my favorites, but this time I’m highlighting Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Grey. Read on to learn about this paint color, how designers use it, what shade it goes with, and more.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Coventry Gray Hc 169 Benjamin Moore

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Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Coventry Gray has an LRV of 48.18, which is not too cold, but not too warm either. Benjamin Moore describes the shade as a “hard neutral grey”.

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(Wondering what LRV stands for? Here we explain what it is and why it’s important to understand when choosing paint colors for your home.)

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Coventry Gray is so versatile you’ll never run out. Coventry Gray is often used as the main color of a sphere, but it is also a great accent choice.

In the Tudor house above, Coventry Gray is used for the trim and half of the house’s woodwork, while Sherwin-Williams Dover White is used for the stucco. Both shades are good German used on the brick on the main level.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

Outdoor Color Ideas Gallery

From stucco to brick to lap siding, Coventry Gray matches a variety of exteriors. We use it in traditional and modern homes, and as we’ve seen above, we’ve even incorporated it into the design of a few commercial properties.

Coventry Gray blends well with other colors, from pure white to other shades of gray and gray. It can be combined with similar tones or colors that are very different to create a great contrast.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

For a clean look, try mixing Coventry Gray with Benjamin Moore lace. Other colors commonly used with Coventry Gray include Bright White, Sea Pearl (above) and deep Kendal Charcoal. This is all by Benjamin Moore.

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It is always a good idea to sample and test paint colors before painting.

Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Exterior

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