Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

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Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020 – The process of choosing the perfect color of the year for Benjamin Moore has never been easy, and as the new decade approaches, this year’s selection has become even more important for a leading paint brand. In an effort to show how the concept of home will evolve in the coming years, as well as the sense of optimism people need in life right now, Benjamin Moore has chosen First Light as the Color of the Year 2020. The eye-catching pink hue is a significant departure from last year’s choice of cool Metropolitan grey.

“We have chosen First Light 2102-70 as our Color of the Year 2020, representing a new dawn of idealism, design and life,” said Andrea Magno, director of marketing and color development for Benjamin Moore. “First Light 2102-70 reflects a redefinition of the home – a shift in mindset away from the material to meeting the basic needs of life: community, comfort, security, self-expression, authenticity and, ultimately, optimism.”

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

First Light is also part of the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2020 palette, which includes nine other coordinated colors carefully curated by the brand’s experts. “The Color Trends 2020 palette plays a key role in supporting these fundamental human ideals,” Magno said. “Color is powerful but very subjective, especially across generations, relationships and moods. But from rich to bright and airy, they are easy to live with and easy to love – whether they are alone, in a strong pair or together.

Wrought Iron Benjamin Moore Paint Palette, Modern Neutral Interior Pai

Color trends for 2020 include: White Heron OC-57; Crystals AF-485; Windmill Wings 2067-60; Buxton Blue HC-149; Golden Straw 2152-50; Grom AF-685; Cushing Green HC-125; Oxford Gray 2128-40; and Blue Danube 2062-30. Discover all colors here.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

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Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

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Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

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Kitchen Colors Endorsed by Top Designers Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023 Revealed 40 gray kitchens that aren’t boring at all 11 colors that pair perfectly with purple Hello friends! We have survived the first month of the year and today is Friday. I would say that this is a good day to celebrate. 😉

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore has another batch of beautiful flowers that I want to share with you today. 2020 is the year you love the colors on your walls. Benjamin Moore makes things easy with a color palette sure to suit every personality.

The first color of Benjamin Moore’s color trends for 2020 is Crystalline. This paint color is a soft green that looks blue-gray in some light. It works great as a neutral and would look great in a bedroom or living room.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors — Moore House

Windmill Wings is a shimmery “baby blue” shade with purple undertones. I like it with a hint of white and navy blue like in the picture below.

Looking for a great neutral gray without the crazy undertones? Thunder by Benjamin Moore may be the answer for you. This gray is quite neutral, but depending on the lighting, it can look gray and also have a purple tint. Like all nail polish colors, be sure to try them out. I like to use it outdoors and outdoors with lots of light. I would stay away from small dark places.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

White Heron is part of Benjamin Moore’s Off-White color collection. This is a beautiful white color that is very versatile as you can see in the photos below. Egret is used in cabinets and as a wall color. It’s not bright or cool white, but it adds warmth to the room it’s in.

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Buxton Blue is a great bathroom paint color choice. I especially like its bright white color, but I also find it complements the wood finish nicely.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

I like to see neutral, warm colors, not greys. If you want to steer clear of grays and love a golden, tanned look, then Golden Straw could be the perfect choice.

This green color is gorgeous and would look amazing in a nursery like this. It’s a great accent color – whether it’s on a wall, cabinets, or a piece of furniture.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Our Favorite Paint Colors

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I love a nice blue/gray color. This laundry is perfection.

Pink can be a difficult color to pick. I love First Light as a soft pink for a girl’s room, office, or a beautiful accent wall, as shown below.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Danube Blue looks amazing as a kitchen element color and would be a great color for an island or front door.

How To Decorate With Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color Of The Year, Inspired By Ad’s Archives

Whether you’re painting a nursery, looking for a complete color palette for your home, exterior, or trying to find a color to repaint a piece of furniture, I hope Benjamin Moore’s 2020 color palette gives you some tips on where to go. There is a color for every personality and I hope you let that personality shine through the colors on your wall and love the home you are in. Have a nice day and happy drawing! If I had a coin every time we were asked, “Which white color is the best?” I would roll it out in dough!

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

It seems that the easiest color to choose is white, but it is enough to go to the paint shop to understand how many billions of shades of white there are! When you start comparing whites to each other, you start to realize that some whites have a blue tint and others have a yellow tint.

Even as a professional designer, it’s easy to get confused. I recently took Maria Killam’s True Color Expert certification course and now have much more knowledge about color.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore 2020 Color Of The Year

Some of our favorite whites, although some have blue and others yellow undertones.

You may also notice that some whites are darker than others. The method of measuring this indicator is called the light reflectance of a color (LRV). It refers to how light or dark a color is on a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white). The higher the number, the brighter.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Well, knowing the LRV color is very important as it can help you make a decision when choosing a color. You don’t want to paint with low LRV paint in a dark room.

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Knowing the LRV value is important, but it won’t “save” a dark color in a dark room if you don’t have natural or artificial light. Just something to keep in mind.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

It really is one of our favorites! We have used it several times for ceilings, joinery, cabinetry, or as a base white wall color.

Simply White has a slightly warm undertone, so this white looks good in the sandbox. But it’s not ideal when paired with cooler finishes like Carrara marble. This is where our next choice comes into play.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

My Favorite (and Less So!) Paint Colors: What I Have In My Home

Chantilly lace is what I call “controlling white”. You can use white to compare other white colors because it is truly “white”. It has been one of our main materials for making cabinets, ceilings, joinery, etc.

This is a classic warm white color with a beige undertone. This is a great color for walls that have a lot of natural light.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

It’s a warm white, but not too dark or too creamy. If you are looking for a soft white color with beige undertones, this is the perfect option!

Benjamin Moore Color Sample Pint

If you need more help choosing the right paint color, contact us to schedule a paint consultation! We don’t think it’s very helpful. Benjamin Moore’s Ultimate Collection will help you choose the best colors for your home with confidence, then see which trim, ceiling and accent colors work well with your chosen colors.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Get our premium collection of 20 PERFECT COLOR PALETTEs and find the perfect interior colors the first time, every time. Each Perfect Color Palette PDF download includes:

Never guess your paint color choice again! With our extensive collection of some of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors, you can easily make decisions and choose the best colors for your project. Don’t worry – get Claire-ity!

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors 2020

Our Favorite Grey Paint Colors

Ideal for avid home tinkerers or interior design professionals with such a large collection.

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