Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior – In the world of white, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (OC-23) is a soft gray that looks white in rooms where white doesn’t look good.

It’s a light warm gray with a subtle green undertone you’ll never see, and it glows purple in cool light. Sometimes it can be so warm it’s almost grey, and sometimes it can be a warm grey.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

When we originally published this post in 2019, it was our first paint color review. Since then we have learned a lot about this beautiful gray color and how it works in different places. So we thought it was time for an update. Read on to learn more about this versatile paint color.

All About Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (oc 23) Classic Gray

Photo and Design: Color Concierge. This north-facing room has classic gray walls and simple white furnishings.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

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Just White has an LRV of 74.8, making it a very light gray or dark white. LRV is short for light reflectance value, which indicates how light (LRV=100) or dark (LRV=0) a color is.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Grey Paint Colors

Classic Gray is definitely a warm gray thanks to the (almost invisible) warm green tones. Because its shades are so subtle, this color works really well with other warm or cool colors.

As mentioned above, classic gray has very delicate tones. In addition to warm green hues, it has subtle purple undertones in cool light.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Yes, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is so light that it looks like plain white in many places. It is a great alternative to white paint for rooms that need a little more pigment on the wall. For example, in southern rooms, white color often looks too harsh. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray works great as a white color in this situation.

The Best Benjamin Moore And Sherwin Williams Paint Colours

Use it instead of white if the room is too dark or if you have a lot of greenery outside. It’s a great solution for updating an interior with a rustic Tuscan finish.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Absolutely yes! But in fact, classic gray is a great color for any exposure – north, south, east or west. It is very light, usually appears white. In dark rooms in the north, it can glow slightly gray, and in rooms in the east and west, it works at all hours of the day. It looks wonderfully soft white in southern rooms.

The challenge with white colors, which may seem counterintuitive, is that it takes a lot of light to produce white. A dark room has a lot of shadows that make the white look dirty.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Tips For Using Kendall Charcoal By Benjamin Moore On Exteriors

Another challenge is that white reflects everything. Grass, your neighbor’s paint color, pink flowers, or even an evergreen tree. Bright white reflects all the colors around them. Classic gray neutralizes all surrounding colors.

I love the classic gray color in the kitchen! If you’re looking for a classic white kitchen but don’t want the room to feel too cold, classic gray walls can really add warmth without darkening the room. You can even try Benjamin Moore’s classic gray kitchen cabinets for a slightly warmer touch to traditional white cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Classic gray is a great color for a bedroom. This is a great choice if you want a light and bright bedroom, but you want the room to be cozy. Classic gray adds warmth and color while acting as a neutral backdrop for any furniture, decor or accent colors you want to add to your bedroom.

Gentle Gray 1626

Remember that classic gray looks a little different depending on the lighting in the room. For example, in this client’s home, you can see how two classic gray bedrooms have their own look.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

The walls in the first bedroom upstairs look a bit darker and grey, but the downstairs bedroom looks mostly white with large windows. But it looks really beautiful in both places!

Classic gray is a great color for the whole house! It’s bright enough and nuanced enough to act as a neutral in any light and in any room. And it goes perfectly with any decor, furniture, flooring or other hard finish.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore 2020 Color Trends

Based on classic gray, you can create a completely whole home color palette. This is also a great option if you are looking for a neutral color to sell your home.

In this house, you can see how classic gray works so well in a variety of spaces, from the slightly darker dining room (above) to the bright entryway (below) and spacious living room.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

The downstairs staircase is a classic gray with a simple white finish. We love how it showcases the beautiful brass Buddha statue. This color goes well with warm metals like brass and nickel.

The Top 10 Best Neutral Paint Colors For Your Home

Pure whites such as Chantilly Lace (BM OC-65), Oxford White (BM 869) and Extra White (SW 7006) look clean and crisp when combined with classic greys. Whites like Simple White (BM OC-117) and Cloud White (OC-130) also look beautiful with this color.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

If the room has cool lighting or very little light, I like to use Chantilly Lace or Oxford White as a ceiling color for a sharp contrast.

If the room is moderately lit, the white dove serves as a white ceiling and complements the classic gray. I would stay away from creamy colors like swiss coffee as they wouldn’t have enough contrast and the combination would look like a mistake.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

The 6 Best Not Boring Paint Colours For A Dark Hallway

In a bathroom or room with high ceilings, you can paint the ceiling a classic gray, as well as the walls, as in the bedroom below.

We tried SW Incredible White (favorite color) and it looked really pink. Eastern faces are hard to find and classic gray makes them look easy.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Photo and Design: Color Concierge. This east-facing bedroom features classic gray walls and ceilings with Chantilly lace.

Benjamin Moore White Dove: Why Is It So Popular?

Classic gray is a fantastic color for an all-white exterior palette, making the body lighter than you might think.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

This is one of our dirty little secrets about body paint. When choosing exterior colors, it’s always good to remember that sunlight makes paint colors 5 times lighter than indoors. In our bright Colorado sun, it looks 10 times brighter! We love using this color as an exterior finish color because it’s not too light for brick or too pale like a cream color. Exactly! It can also look just as nice as a white exterior paint color. Below we have detailed a classic gray exterior color for a beautiful home finish. The homeowner (and artist) was skeptical, but it turned out amazing!

Classic gray is one of the most popular shades of gray on the market today, so choosing the right neutral color for your space can be very difficult. Here’s how classic gray stacks up with similar colors.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

This Is How To Build A New Home With Old Soul

Acceptable gray is slightly darker and more like true gray. Classic gray is lighter and closer to off-white. Both colors are really neutral, but Agreeable Gray has warmer green tones than Classic Gray.

Balboa Mist is slightly darker than classic gray and has a slightly different color scheme. Balboa Mist has purple undertones. Although classic gray can look a little purple in some lights, it has much more subtle tones.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Yellow oak is another very close alternative to classic gray. Although both are warm tones, Yellow Oak has dark gray undertones and looks more greige than classic gray.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Is The Best Whole House Paint Color

LRV Classic Gray and Gray Mist are almost the same. But while classic gray (as the name suggests) is more of a true gray, Gray Mist is a little warmer and closer to the color of Greige.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

The silver satin color is a little lighter than the classic gray and is more like white. Classic gray has a little more pigment and is therefore more versatile than silver satin, which can look gray in darker rooms.

Classic gray is a beautiful paint color that works well in any room. It would be a beautiful color to paint the whole house.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

Exterior Painting Image Gallery

As always, don’t forget to experiment with paint colors! The easiest way to sample classic gray (and any other color) is to use the SAMPLIZE option. Their skin and stick color swatches are easy to use and the color is consistent. With Sampleize, you can easily see how different shades will look on your unique wall.

One more thing…we do not recommend trying Classic Gray or any other Benjamin Moore paint from Sharon Williams, Behr or any other manufacturer. Paint color formulas are difficult to reproduce, and white is especially difficult to obtain. Learn more about color matching here.

Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray Exterior

If you still need help with coloring,

Benjamin Moore RegalĀ® Select Exterior Paint

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