Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

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Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue – Based on last year’s best sellers, this Benjamin Moore Blue paint will continue to go strong in 2021. So if you’re looking for the perfect blue paint color, try one of these bold Benjamin Moore blue colors.

The Benjamin Moore paint code tells you which color is part of the collection, so if the paint code is HC-154, it is from the Historic Collection.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

To determine the color tone of the paint, place the chip on a clean white sheet and then compare the ROYGBIV colors to the individual chips. The undertone will be the color your pattern most closely resembles. There will be a paint sample

Light Blue Paint Colors: Designers’ Favorites

When we talk about warm or cool colors, there are inherent warm colors like red and orange and cool colors like blue and purple. But when we talk about warm and cool colors, we usually compare them with other colors.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

In the swatches above, Naval is cooler than Gale Force, which is a greenish blue. Because Gale Force is diluted with another color, it appears warmer compared to Naval. But the color itself will be cold paint.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of paint colors, let’s talk about Ben Moore blue paint colors for 2021. By 2021.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Color Spotlight: Prussian Blue By Benjamin Moore

Depending on the light and mood you want for your bedroom, blue paint is a good choice for your bedroom. For a moody blue choose Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue and for a calm blue choose Benjamin Moore Blue Heather.

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines was created using KILZ paint bases, originally in Blue Sky, Vibrant Horizon and Winter Solstice.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

I always recommend testing a large portion of your paint color before you do the whole house. This is a costly mistake you don’t want to make, so I recommend using a Samplize peel and a swatch stick to test your preferences.

Light Blue Paint Colors You Will Love For Your Kitchen

Spending $25 on a paint sample is always cheaper than a kitchen full of cabinets you hate and heartache you can’t fix.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

The colors you see in other people’s homes may not look the same in yours. Often the photo is edited, lit or color corrected. Don’t just rely on the photos to make your decision – trust the process and give the paint a try. *Expert Tip* A few years ago I shared the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors by Benjamin Moore. It’s been a while since I updated the best selling color list and I’m excited to finally update the color list today!

Last year, Benjamin Moore stopped updating some of their best-selling paint colors on their site, which is really disappointing. But last week they finally updated it (probably for the new year) and it’s always interesting for me to see what the best selling and most popular colors are at Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Best Types Of Paint Colors For Farmhouse D├ęcor In 2023

While I don’t choose a paint color just because it’s popular or trendy, I always stick to the colors that make it a best seller, because a paint color has to be good and reliable to leave hundreds of sellers. Colors of Benjamin Moore. It’s also one of the tools I use when I’m looking for new colors on my radar for my clients and blog.

Benjamin Moore definitely has the most beautiful shades of blues of any paint company. Smoke and Hale Navy are two star colors that have been on the bestseller list for years because these colors are simply stunning and look consistent in different lighting conditions.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Benjamin Moore Smoke is a very light blue color in the room. We used Smoke on a client’s last project in a boy’s room and it looks really nice.

Historical Paint Colors Making A Comeback

Van Courtland Blue has also been a popular blue color over the years and I really like the cabinets! In fact, Stephanie Gamble Interiors recently painted the cabinets in this laundry room Van Courtland Blue, and it’s a really nice color in this space.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

I would guess that Benjamin Moore’s most popular blue is Hale Navy. Hale Navy is the perfect dark navy and a big favorite with designers, builders and homeowners because it looks so good! Nothing even comes close to comparing to Hale Navy in my opinion.

I’m not surprised that Benjamin Moore’s gray is listed as a bestseller, because it’s Benjamin Moore’s best and most reliable shades of gray. Collingwood is a new color to me that I’m not familiar with, but I fell in love with it a few months ago when I toured this modern French home during the Parade of Homes in Salt Lake City.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Tried And True Nautical Blue Paint Colors

Collingwood is slightly warmer than the traditional balanced warm gray. Not yellow, a little warm. I personally really like it, but remember, this house is filled with tons of natural light!

Stonington has been quite popular over the past few years, but this is the first time I think I’ve seen it on the bestseller list. Stonington is a warmer gray (more pigmented) than Gray Owl. However, it is a nice gray and can be very cool in certain lighting conditions.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Not surprisingly, Gray Owl and Edgecomb Gray are on this list. These are the two All Star warm grays that have been consistently best sellers over the years because they are beautiful and reliable colors.

Benjamin Moore’s Cw 655 Greenhow Blue

Edgecomb Gray is a very light warm gray that I love and wear often. In fact, I featured the Edgecomb Gray Color Spotlight here last year and shared a number of spaces painted in this versatile color.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Gray Owl is probably Benjamin Moore’s most popular warm gray right now. If it’s not #1, I’m sure it’s a close 2nd.

A lot of Benjamin Moore’s most popular greens are actually green/blue/grey, which is no surprise to me. Besides white and grey, this beautiful shade of green/blue/grey is the biggest color trend right now. I would venture to guess that Woodlawn Blue (which Benjamin Moore actually classifies as a green) is Benjamin Moore’s most popular green because I use it a lot with designers, builders, and homeowners. It’s also one of my favorite colors!

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

The 12 Best Navy Blue Paint Colors For Cabinets, Islands, Front Doors & More!

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue is another green / blue / gray that has been very popular for as long as I’ve been blogging! This is another great color.

I noticed in the 2018 paint color forecast from the paint factory that green is the expected big color trend of 2018. I think we gravitate more towards muted greens as very soft sages but still have a blue/gray tone.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

On the one hand, I was surprised to see that Benjamin Moore Wedgwood Gray was not on the list, as he has been on the list for years. It is also one of the most popular and beautiful herbs!

Benjamin Moore’s Cw 590 Williamsburg Wythe Blue

I featured Wedgewood Gray in Color Highlights a few months ago here if you want to see more spaces in this versatile and beautiful color.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

There are very few surprises on this list as far as white being the most popular, but I have to say, I’m surprised that Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White isn’t on the list! This must be a mistake because decorator white is probably one of the most popular paints on the planet. I’m just going to assume it’s a typo and tell you that if you don’t know about Decorator’s White, definitely put it on your radar!

Next to Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is on my “go to” color list and the color I recommend most to my clients. It’s a beautiful cabinet, trim and interior door color. However, I mostly recommend Decorator’s White for cabinetry, trim, and interior doors in spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light, because this white instantly brightens up a space and doesn’t have a warm tone at night or under artificial lighting.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

Best Blue Paint Colors For Interior Walls

Benjamin Moore Simply White has really taken off in the last few years and it has also become one of the most popular whites. However, I only recommend it in rooms with lots of natural light, as it has a bit of warmth.

Picking out the white is very difficult, but I have a very simple trick that I use to highlight the undertones directly in the white. You can read how I did it here.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

There are many more popular Benjamin Moore colors that I haven’t seen yet, but if you want to see more of these colors, you can check out the Benjamin Moore website.

Our Home Paint Colors

Also, if you want to learn more about what colors paint manufacturers are predicting for 2018, check out our 2018 Color Forecast Review to learn more.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Blue

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