Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

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Are you looking for the best cool color? Let’s compare Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray with Pale Oak to see which one is right for your home!

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Hurry up, these light beige colors are almost identical! Both colors are light, clear, neutral with warm tones.

Our Review Of Edgecomb Gray By Benjamin Moore

Pale Oak has a higher LRV than Edgecomb Gray, which means Pale Oak is lighter than Edgecomb Gray – but not by much.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

This is beige with gray undertones. It’s very warm, but it doesn’t feel like gold.

Both colors have warm, yellow tones. However, Edgecomb Gray is more yellow – and more vibrancy.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Paint Colour Review

Pale Oak is quieter and more muted and is closer to the blue on the gray border. Oak is said to turn slightly lavender in cold, north-facing light.

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Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

My paint color ebook guides you through the painless process of testing paint samples to ensure you find the right color for your home. Painting can be difficult to understand. It is not like a stick and can change dramatically between wet and dry and night and day. Luckily, when it comes to gray paint colors, we’ve done most of the work for you! Almost every interior paint we chose for our house was listed as gray and five years later, I still love the colors we chose. So, I want to share with you a list of dark colors that I have in my own home. All the colors are from Benjamin Moore and the reason we chose this brand is because it is a high quality paint that holds up amazingly in our home. It is easy to clean and durable. You get what you pay for with Benjamin Moore, in my opinion.

Natural Cream Oc 14 Color By Benjamin Moore

These six colors have made up most of my home over the past five years, and I’m glad they continue to be my favorites. I have also added a picture of each color in my house. They are classic neutral colors that can blend well with any decor and really increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that this is the latest color in our house. We converted our living room into a formal dining room and used this color for the walls. I love the color and the air is comfortable and always keeps me warm. I think it’s darker than Classic Grey.

Classic Gray was the color I chose for my son Ryder’s nursery. It’s very light and in my house it comes out lighter than the swatch looks. In my opinion, it is the darkest color I have ever seen and probably the grayest of them all.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Pale Oak Oc 20 By Benjamin Moore

Edgecomb Gray is what I chose to paint our bathroom and master bedroom and my home office. This is probably my favorite of the reasons I’m sharing. An air without light and in my opinion, the shade of gray!

If you’ve searched for paint colors on Pinterest, I’m sure you know that Revere Pewter is one of the most popular paint colors on the web. I found it on Pinterest and I love it. I chose to paint one of our spare bedrooms this color and I always get compliments. It’s darker than other colors, but it’s light. Since then we have a daughter and she is in kindergarten. It’s darker than it would be if I were starting from scratch, but we don’t want to repaint the room. But I’m happy with it!

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Elmira White was a color we chose at the last minute to paint the entry way and upstairs. I originally chose to do Grant Beige, but the color was darker than I wanted for the gym because there wasn’t much natural light. Elmira White is the lightest shade behind Grant Beige. I’m so glad I made the last minute decision to make the entryway a lighter color!

The Top 10 Best Neutral Paint Colors For Your Home

Grant Beige is the color in my kitchen, family room and basement. We have natural light in these rooms, which really brightens up the space, which is why we didn’t use Elmira White in these rooms. Grant Beige is more reliable in beige compared to other brands.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

So I want to hear from you; Would you use any of these colors for your home? What is your favorite thing? Or a favorite? Comment below! Looking for a classic, fresh, neutral paint color? There are hundreds of options and today we’re taking a look at one of the best, Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

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Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

How To Choose The Right Interior Paint Colors

Hi! Are you looking for a light barrier paint for your home? Finding the right color can be difficult, but hopefully today’s post will help you narrow it down a bit.

Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak is one of those infallible colors and we cover everything there is to know about it. So grab a seat and get ready to learn all about this popular color.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Pale Oak OC-20 (aka 858) is a soft gray that is one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling colors and a favorite among designers, painters and interior designers.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Paint Color

There is just enough color to provide contrast to the white area, but not so much that it darkens any room. It is known as Athena 858 and is part of the Off-White Collection.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

It’s gray. I know, you might think gray paint isn’t warm. But some locks are warmer than others and this is one of them.

Pale Oak is between beige and gray and falls under the gray paint category. Not too dark and not grey.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Talking About Paint

It can appear warmer or cooler depending on the lighting source in the area. And it’s best to test the color in your room to see how it feels.

The Oak screen has a value of 68.64. It’s called off-white, so you can be sure it’s a light color. But it has enough color to stand up to the white trim.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

The best cutting colors for oak are those that aren’t sweet or gray. Some of these classics are good choices:

The Best Warm Whites For Your Home! My Top 8 Favorites For A Neutral Look

You can find a free, printable copy of the coloring pages at the bottom of this post.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Although oak is gray, it is still in the gray or gray family and on the cooler side of the color spectrum. Therefore, colors with cool tones are best. Blue, gray and green are good complementary colors for oak.

Here is a Pale Oak color palette that I set up with soft reds, light browns and black for accents. You can download a copy of it as well as the color palettes and prints if you sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Best Warm Gray Paint Colors

If you like a palette with subdued colors, you’ll love this one. There are soft greens, pinks, blacks and muted pinks with soothing tones. Perfect for a home or nursery.

And just for fun, because I’m a paint color geek, I made a few color palettes to go with Pal Oak. This is what I have done for my real clients for the past 25 years and it is something I can do all day, every day.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

You can grab a copy of them with all the names when you sign up for my newsletter below.

Edgecomb Gray Hc 173 By Benjamin Moore Ultimate Guide

If oak isn’t light or dark enough for your space, or you prefer a monochromatic color scheme, there are some great colors with similar tones. Here are the best things to consider if you want something lighter or darker.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

There are many other colors like oak, if it is not the right color for your room. Here are some popular and similar paint color comparisons. Some are more open, some are closed, some have different reasons.

The color is very similar to Balboa Mist OC-27 aka 1549. It is lighter with a light reflection value of 65.53 compared to Pale Oak 68.64. It is cooler than oak and gray

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Vs Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Colour Review

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