Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior Paint Review

Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior Paint Review – High-quality exterior paint contains more solids and pigments per gallon, so it applies faster and requires fewer coats to cover the surface. Benjamin Moore’s exterior paint products are considered to be high-quality paints compared to other brands. Their unique Color Lock technology binds pigments within the paint film, protecting them from UV damage so the color lasts for years. Benjamin Moore paint is also self-priming on most surfaces and is specially formulated to prevent mold growth and prevent chalking and fading over time.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can use a combination of paint products in different areas of your home to achieve the best results. Once you understand the differences between Benjamin Moore exterior paints, choosing the best paint for your project will be easy.

Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior Paint Review

Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior Paint Review

AURA Exterior is the best exterior paint on the market, offering superior fade resistance, moisture resistance and durability. Color Lock Technology offers superior fade resistance and is easy to apply for a rich, even finish with exceptional longevity. Benjamin Moore has developed high-performance additives that can combat wet conditions, making them a good choice for high-humidity environments.

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AURA is available in four glosses and over 3,500 paint colors – the widest range of paint brands on the market – including 75 vinyl-safe colors to choose from. The thick formula hides color well in just a few coats and doesn’t require primer on most surfaces. We also love that the acrylic latex formula can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F, giving homeowners more time during the year to get a new coat of paint!

Regal Select Exterior by Benjamin Moore is a 100% acrylic enhanced paint made with alkyd technology, an advanced resin that improves adhesion and leveling for a smooth surface that hides brush strokes and roller marks. Regal Select works on almost all surfaces, even difficult-to-coat substrates such as PVC cladding, calcareous materials and pitted masonry. This makes it a great choice for DIY projects at a lower price than the ultra-high-end AURA.

Available in 3,500 Benjamin Moore paint colors and three glosses, Regal Select Exterior is extremely durable and resists mildew, fading, cracking and peeling. Like AURA Exterior, it can also be applied at temperatures as low as 35°F, allowing for extended painting times.

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE’s water-based alkyd formula provides the superior flow and leveling properties of oil-based paints, yet cures completely in just 5 days and can be cleaned with soap and water. Alkyd paint is very durable and can withstand repeated cleanings due to the way it dries and hardens. This formula, combined with the superior fade resistance of Benjamin Moore’s Gennex® Color Lock technology, makes ADVANCE our top choice for long-lasting, high-gloss finishes for exterior doors and trim. It’s also mildew-resistant and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Benjamin Moore Aura Ext Paint Vs Sherwin Williams Emerald

The gloss or finish of a paint refers to the amount of light reflected from the surface (or how shiny the surface is). Exterior paints range from flat (a matte, non-reflective surface often used for exterior wall cladding) to high-gloss (a glossy, reflective surface often used for doors).

Flat paint provides better coverage per gallon, hides imperfections well and is easier to apply. The smooth surface is easy to clean and is ideal for doors and entrances; the gloss will highlight surface imperfections, so applying them requires skill. Between flat and gloss, the paint industry has created additional finishes with varying degrees of gloss: flat or matte, low gloss, satin, and semi-gloss.

The general rule for exterior surfaces is to use a flat or low-gloss finish on the cladding. Decorative details such as window frames and porch railings are painted in a satin or semi-gloss finish to add dimension and make it easier to maintain. Semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are often used on front doors or architectural focal points for an elevated appearance that are easy to clean.

Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior Paint Review

If you plan to use semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, surface preparation is important to avoid highlighting spots. Be sure to fill any dents, seal any holes, and sand the surface thoroughly to prepare a smooth surface. For more helpful tips on choosing the best paint sheen for your project, check out our helpful guide on how to choose a paint topcoat.

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint Review

Avoid the hassle of waiting for your paint order to be mixed and order your Benjamin Moore paint products online! Ordering paint ahead of time can save you a lot of time. You can choose a paint order that’s right for you, or have it delivered to your home from the Ring.

We carry a variety of Benjamin Moore products, including the popular Regal Select Exterior, AURA, and ADVANCE paints, and ship to anywhere in the United States. it. Free shipping on all orders over $150! Ordering paint online is fast, easy and convenient.

Benjamin Moore’s best-selling exterior paints are AURA Exterior and Regal Select exterior paints. Both come with a 25-year limited warranty that covers peeling, blistering and weathering.

For a satin or semi-gloss finish, choose Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint; for a high-gloss look, Benjamin Moore ADVANCE High Gloss Paint is formulated to give your front door and exterior trim a durable, wipeable finish.

Ppg Prominence Vs Benjamin Moore Regal Select

For exterior cladding, most homeowners choose a flat or low-gloss finish; exterior trim is often painted in a satin or semi-gloss sheen. Benjamin Moore AURA Exterior Paint is an ultra-premium paint with unique Color Lock® technology for the longest lasting color. Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior is a premium paint with an alkyd formula that provides excellent coverage and adhesion even on difficult-to-coat surfaces.

Not all exterior paint products and colors are safe for vinyl siding. Paint colors that contain dark pigments may put your siding at risk of warping and damage from absorbing heat. Regal Select Exterior is safe for vinyl as long as the paint color is lighter than the original color of the vinyl. AURA Exterior’s 100% acrylic latex formula is our top recommendation for vinyl siding, available in 75 vinyl-friendly colors:

Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors undergo an extensive testing process to ensure they will not fade in harsh sun and weather conditions. Benjamin Moore offers colors that are specifically tested for color retention. The longevity of exterior paint depends on the type of surface material (wood, brick, vinyl or concrete slab) and whether the correct primer is used. Most homes need painting every 10 years, but in areas with severe weather, expect the frequency to be higher.

Benjamin Moore Regal Exterior Paint Review

Once a can of paint is opened, Benjamin Moore paint lasts approximately two years. Make sure the container is tightly sealed and stored at a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees, not in a garage freezer.

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Primer requirements vary based on product selection, color variations and surface materials. New surfaces should be fully primed and previously painted surfaces may be primed or partially primed as needed. Contact an A Ring’s End associate via our live chat or text message (203) Pro-Help with details about your project and our painting experts will let you know if primer is recommended for your exterior walls. Benjamin Moore offers two premium paint lines: Regal Select and AURA paints. Both products are formulated with high performance; Regal Select is a premium paint formula and AURA is an ultra-premium paint product. Professional painters often use a variety of paints in a home because individual rooms have different needs. Depending on your needs and budget, you may decide to use both Regal Select and AURA paints in different areas of your home. Once you understand the differences between AURA and Regal Select paints, it will be easier to find the best paint for your project.

AURA is Benjamin Moore’s ultra-premium paint line, available in interior and exterior formulas. AURA is made from acrylic resin and is self-priming for long-lasting coverage in just a few coats. AURA is Benjamin Moore’s thickest paint, providing the ultimate in color concealment. Just two coats provide full coverage, even with dramatic changes in color value (the lightness or darkness of the color). It dries quickly and has excellent smoothing properties for an ultra-smooth finish. Benjamin Moore AURA paint colors also use more pigments than any other paint to create unique, elegant shades that last even with heavy wear and tear. AURA paints are available in Benjamin Moore’s more than 3,500 colors, plus AURA Color Stories – an exclusive collection of 240 shades specially formulated with other pigments to enhance response to changes in light.

You can buy AURA interior paint in four finishes: matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss. AURA looks are available in flat gloss, low gloss, satin and semi-gloss.

Benjamin Moore AURA paint is the best choice for: Hides larger color changes; Durable and wear-resistant in high-traffic areas like kitchens, entryways, or children’s rooms that require lots of scrubbing; Ultra-premium, smooth surface and will last for many years.

Benjamin Moore Regal Review

Regal Select is Benjamin Moore’s premium paint line that also offers interior and exterior paint. The acrylic formula is designed to provide fewer coats than standard paint, allowing for faster drying times and less splatter. Regal Select is a popular choice for DIY projects because it runs faster

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