Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time – Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior is a premium, self-priming, 100% acrylic exterior paint that comes in a popular flat… Read More

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Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time

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Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior is a high quality, self-supporting, 100% acrylic exterior paint that comes in a popular flat or low gloss finish. Benjamin Moore’s latest technological innovation uses 100% acrylic resin and patented alkyd technology to provide excellent adhesion, especially on chalk substrates. This high-strength formulation provides excellent, long-lasting protection and is suitable for a variety of outdoor environments. It can be installed in a wide temperature range, making it a viable option for your home’s exterior.

It is recommended to use wood paneling, panels, doors, sash, shingles, old or previously painted masonry such as stucco, cement blocks, poured and precast concrete, exposed brick, aluminum, vinyl or -primed and primed or primed hardboard siding coating. This makes it a reliable and flexible choice for your exterior painting needs.

The paint’s fluidity and consistency allow easy application with a brush, roller or spray and ensure a smooth surface. Its durable finish resists wear, chipping, peeling, fading, dirt, alkali and smoke pick-up and provides protection to your home’s exterior. High adhesion and excellent resistance to chalking make it a reliable choice for outdoor use.

Other features of this exterior paint include soap and water repellency, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good compatibility and durability, and self-healing. All of these features work together to create a reliable and suitable choice for your home’s painting needs.

How Long Should Benjamin Moore Paint Dry Between Coats?

Download Data Sheets – Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior Safety Data Sheet – Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior Technical Data Sheet and Returns

Benjamin Moore paint can only be found in specialist stores in the US and recently arrived in the UK in 2015. We are one of the first stores to stock it in the UK and we are very excited! As anyone planning a painting project knows, choosing the right interior color can be difficult. Paint manufacturers offer a variety of patterns and grades that can be confusing for consumers trying a brand or product for the first time. High-quality paint is worth the extra cost for excellent coverage and long-lasting performance.

Benjamin Moore has two premium paint lines, Regal Select and AURA. All products are designed for high performance; Regal Select is a premium color and AURA is a high premium color. Professional painters often use more than one color in a home because different areas have different needs. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose to use Regal Select and AURA colors in your home. Once you understand the difference between AURA paint and Regal Select paint, it will be easy to determine the best color for your project.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time

AURA is Benjamin Moore’s ultra-premium paint line available for both interior and exterior. AURA is made of acrylic resin and sets for long-lasting coverage in just a few coats. AURA is Benjamin Moore’s most intense color that provides a rich skin tone. It only needs two coats for full coverage, even if there is a big color change (lightening or darkening). It dries quickly, has a high quality and leaves an ultra-smooth finish. Benjamin Moore’s AURA colors are also made with more pigment than any other color to create unique, high-quality shades that last through hard wear. AURA colors are available in all of Benjamin Moore’s more than 3,500 colors, as well as AURA Color Story, a special collection of 240 carefully created with specific pigments to respond effectively to changes in light.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Interior Paint

You can buy AURA interior paint in four colors: Matt, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-gloss. AURA exterior is available in Flat, Low Luster, Satin and Semi-Gloss.

Benjamin Moore AURA paint is unique: Hides large color changes; durability and stability in high-traffic areas that require high cleaning, such as kitchens, hallways or children’s rooms; A very premium, smooth finish that will last for years.

Regal Select is Benjamin Moore’s premium paint line, also available in interior and exterior color combinations. The acrylic resin formulation is designed to cover fewer coats than conventional paint, with faster drying times and reduced overspray. Choosing Regal is a popular choice for DIY projects because it speeds up painting projects, creates a strong finish and minimizes cleanup. Like AURA, it provides a smooth, premium finish that is washable and long-lasting. However, it can take several coats to achieve the same level of thickness, so Regal Select works best when covering colors of the same value, such as light gray with beige.

The Regal interior paint selection is available in more than 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors and five different colors: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-Gloss. Regal options are available in Flat, Low Luster and Soft Gloss.

Dry Sage A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint is the best choice when: You are looking for a durable and washable paint that provides a smooth finish and easy touch-up; repaint the wall with a color close to the lightness of the original color; you want a smooth, beautiful finish at a lower price than the ultra-premium AURA.

Both Regal Select paint and AURA paint are high quality products, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The technology behind AURA and Regal Select interiors is very similar, but the differences will be evident when you look at the coverage, performance, color availability and colors in each paint line.

Both Regal Select and AURA are high-quality interior paints designed to reduce overspray and increase drying time, so they’ll be good choices if you want to save time. Compared to conventional paint lines (such as Benjamin Moore’s Ben), all products offer superior protection. However, AURA is an ultra-premium design that does not require a separate primer in most cases. AURA will set most and when it covers all but the darkest paint colors.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time

Regal Choice is also self-adhesive but requires an unpainted primer and if covering dark paint colors. Because AURA paint provides better protection than Regal, it can cover more walls in one coat with fewer touch-ups. So while the AURA is more expensive than the Regal, the price difference is only significant if you want a larger image or if you’re doing the job yourself.

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint Is Family Handyman Approved

If you hire a professional painter, painting multiple coats will save you money on the job. High protection is one of the reasons why you should buy a premium color like Regal Choice or a premium color like AURA.

Both Regal and AURA, known for their laundry facilities, are perfect for busy families. Regal Select paint is washable but stain resistant, so it removes dirt without harsh scrubbing. However, AURA is recommended for areas with high traffic, because it not only creates a cool environment, but is also very stable. Repeated cleaning rarely produces light spots (known as burns); the AURA paint formula also prevents the paint from rubbing off.

Both Regal and AURA interior paints are made using a water-based Benjamin Moore Gennex pigment formula that provides excellent color depth and movement. AURA paint also features Benjamin Moore’s patented ColorLockĀ® technology, which embeds pigment in binding molecules that lock color into the paint film. This technology provides high resistance to color fading, UV damage and shrinkage. That’s why most contractors and homeowners consider Benjamin Moore AURA to be the best paint on the market today.

While Regal Select paint can be mixed with any of Benjamin Moore’s standard collection of more than 3,500 colors, AURA offers even more options. The AURA Color Stories collection contains 240 complete colors with increased depth and intensity. While most paint colors only use two or three, ColorStories paints are mixed using five to seven colors.

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Paint gloss is the term we use to describe how much light reflects off a painted surface. Glossy paints (also called finishes) range from flat to glossy and many options in between.

Both Regal Select and AURA are available in many shades to suit any project. AURA is available in matt, egg, satin and semi-gloss. Regal Select offers additional options: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl and Semi-Gloss. None of these paint types have high gloss options; for high gloss doors and cabinets, check out Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Paint.

Now that we have analyzed the differences between the AURA and Regal Select interior paint, we can look at the features side by side and see how they differ:

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Drying Time

Both AURA and Regal Select interior paints contain Benjamin Moore’s patented acrylic resin. Designed to replace oil and latex paints with a cleaning solution, acrylic resin is the basis of Benjamin Moore’s safe and healthy Low-VOC.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior Pearl Paint

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