Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim – Last week I completed a color consultation with one of my electronic design clients. Because of the pandemic and with many of us still in quarantine, breaking out the lighter colors isn’t as easy as it used to be. You can ask friends for recommendations, order paint samples online (there are sites where you can order recycled Benjamin Moore samples!), or even have paint delivered to your door.

If you’re researching white, specifically Simply White by Benjamin Moore, let me share what I know about this color to make your color decision easier. Simply White OC-117 is one of the most popular whites. If you’re considering white for your hallway, basement or bathroom, read on to see what it looks like in real spaces.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

Simply White is available in two color codes: Simply White OC 117 and Simply White 2143-70. This is because Simply White appears in two Benjamin Moore color sets (Color Preview Set and White Color Set), but they are the same color.

The Best White Paint Colors For Interiors

I’ve used many paint brands over the years, but when it comes to whiteness, none do it better than Benjamin Moore. While many brands have a good white or two, Benjamin Moore has more than a few that are reliable, interesting, and useful in a variety of situations. There’s a good reason why most decorators choose Benjamin Moore’s “Favorite White”!

One thing I suggest, no matter what color you choose, is to order a color sample. Fortunately, a new company has appeared on the market that offers reusable and replaceable paint samples.

Hello Paint (a Canadian company) and Samplez (an American company) are two of the websites that sell large format peel and stick paint samples. See what we used when choosing colors for your home office.

From top to bottom, the color palettes I used are Calm OC-22/2111-70, White Dove OC-17, Decorator’s White CC-20, Cloud White OC-130/967, and Chantilly Lace OC-65/2121-. 70. You can see how easy these peel and stick strips are to cut and paint, giving you an accurate idea of ​​how the paint will look in the room under different lighting conditions.

Choosing The Right White Paint — Cottage Supply Company

Benjamin Moore Simply White is a warm white with yellow undertones. The undertones are subtle and generally don’t make the color cream or yellow in moderate natural light. Unless the lighting conditions are poor, Simply White will appear neutral for the most part. Without natural light, it looks soft and warm. It looks cool in bright light. In addition, when combined with cold white, it enhances the warm feeling.

Benjamin Moore has dozens of white men to choose from. Overall, I think Benjamin Moore paints are one of the best paints for your money. It is not the cheapest paint, but the quality is worth it. The coverage is good, and the color is easily spread thin or thick. Here are some of my favorite Benjamin Moore White products:

In addition to choosing a paint color, you should also consider the color finish. The amount of light that reflects the color affects how it appears in the space. We commonly use in our home-

Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

Satin or semi-gloss are the most common finishes, but over the years I’ve chosen more matte colors. Matching colors require more care, so be careful when using them in crowded areas. I love this product to help keep my white walls white! See here for more information on color selection.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Color Palette

Simply White is a neutral white with a hint of yellow. This yellow can be more prominent in low light conditions or compared to bright cool whites.

In general, Simply White is a warm white that provides a soothing neutral background for furniture and other colors.

Simply White is incredibly versatile. It can be used on almost any surface: walls, doors, decorations, etc. Use it wherever you want it to be bright, white and clean. Consider the following.

We used Simply White to light all the main hallways in our house. We wanted a color that was easy to use and looked good on different surfaces and in different lighting conditions.

The Best 8 Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors In 2021

You can see that the corridor was white, but it felt black and more creamy. Now Simply White makes this hallway brighter and fresher. It is not too dark and has a white feel. In the evening it will feel a little warm, but it will not be as creamy or yellow as before.

In our traditional home, Simply White provides a calming and soothing backdrop. Dark tones and furniture work well with this color.

Simply white OC-117 is an excellent choice for decorating and molding. Our dining room has traditional moldings and elegant white accents.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

We use Simply White on the wood walls, baseboards, door and window trim, crown molding and ceiling. To create a sense of unity, white color is used for the (matte) coating.

Benjamin Moore White Dove: The Perfect Soft White?

You’ll find Simply White blends in with wallpaper and cabinets. Sometimes the white color next to the white painted furniture can be sad. Simply white is a color that is not too cool and not too warm. It is relatively complete with other shades of white.

I love how Simply White looks in this little powder room. This bathroom receives a lot of light, which makes the white color shine positively in this room during the day. It’s calm, bright and clean, so it’s perfect for your bathroom!

The white paint on the walls and ceiling helps make these 8′ ceilings stand out. Using a darker color in Scott (Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray HC-170) balances the space and makes the upper part of the room feel spacious and bright.

Another room where we used Simply White OC-117 was in the basement. We want the bottom to feel a light coastal breeze. I wasn’t sure if this was the right color because my basement has very little natural light and Simply White can look creamy in certain situations. But we took our chances and got good results.

The 3 Best White Paint Colors For North Or East Facing Rooms

Choosing a white color for the bottom can be very difficult. Not only are they rarely exposed to natural light, but the homes do not receive light that produces a yellow or blue hue, depending on whether the lamp or LED is used. Subterranean parts can feel physical cold. You don’t want to use white because it creates a cold feeling.

The bottom part of the colors looks a little warm. I think most of it has to do with pot lighting. In real life, the walls don’t look yellow and the floor doesn’t look bright pink. Without natural light it is very difficult to capture true colors.

If we were to paint this basement (which we won’t!), we’d choose a slightly cleaner white like Shanty Liz. I’m so excited to live with Simply White because it goes so well with it and matches the entire basement so well.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

This is probably the best photo of Simply White in our basement. You can see how the warm wood tone and brown color of the stove’s kitchen cabinets and tile work together. Simply White OC-117 is a bright white with a yellowish tint that gives off a warm feeling in natural light. A clear, warm white color popular for interior walls, ceilings, cabinets and bright decorative colors. This modern shade of white reflects a lot of light in the modern space while preserving the subtle elements that complement every detail of a traditional home. Use white on all walls for a common open space. Alternatively, you can use the entire trim and cabinets to complement the deep wall color. Simply White is part of Benjamin Moore’s Modern Farmhouse Color Palette and was named the 2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year.

Simply White Is Just Right

Simply White OC-117 is an all-purpose white with a yellow tint. It is close to pure white and has a light reflectance of over 91, giving it a clean and clear appearance in most areas, especially in natural light. The warm white color is a perfect companion for wooden floors, wooden ceiling beams and wooden kitchen furniture. The yellow color is subtle, but in a bright room with a lot of natural light, it does not turn completely white due to light reflection. Compared to dark rooms or dark corridors, warm white tones are not enough to compensate for gray or cold blue tones. Therefore, such places need artificial light to illuminate the room.

Just like its name, Simply White combines white with most colors. If you’re considering simply white for your home, experiment with larger samples or consider a light gray accent wall.

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