Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

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Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior – Choosing the right paint color can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is especially useful if you like shades of gray without noticeable undertones. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you choose to use Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.

I’m excited to show you how this color works and how it will work with LRV and low volume. Sit back, relax and take this journey with me before you decide if Stonington Gray fits your decor.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Stonington Gray has a certain quality that makes it a favorite gray color. While it’s not the brightest gray, it’s also not as muted as you’d expect from its LRV. This quality makes it unique and can be used for different interior styles.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

If you have a large living room or are working with an open floor concept, Stonington Gray is the one color that brings it all together. Use it as the main color and add bright colors and soft pastels to complete the look.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Small rooms are usually not difficult to decorate, but you also need to know that certain colors make them look smaller. Neutrals like Stonington Gray give small rooms a spacious feel and add elegance to the mix.

If you don’t want to choose different colors for different rooms, consider Stonington Gray as a whole house color. It covers many shades, so you can add other colors to your interior by using them on walls, accessories and furniture.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

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I’m not just talking about this paint color because I love it. It has many facets and I want you to see its diversity so you can maximize it. Let’s go further to learn more about Stonington Gray.

The name Stonington is a place. Several towns have this name, including Stonington, Connecticut. The name means “stone town” and was first established in 1666, according to recent records.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

This name may refer to the true shade of this color, although there are significant differences. The difference is the undertone, which becomes a special color from the ordinary stone.

The Foundation Of My Interior Style

Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray is a neutral silvery gray that fits any interior. It can act as a hostess between different color schemes.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

A chart is one of the easiest ways to summarize the characteristics of this paint color or any other color. Let’s look at these details to help you better understand, including LRR and poor volume.

You may be new to this, but LRV is the light reflectance of a color, which measures the amount of light a color reflects on a scale of 0-100. Black’s LRV is usually 0, while white’s LRV is 100.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

How To Use Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray In Your Kitchen

The color scale is not the same because there is no true black or white. They use a scale of 2.5 to 94, which indicates the lightness or lightness of any color.

Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray has an LRV of 59.36, making it slightly above average. This means that the color of the paint reflects the light, but not much. It can look a bit muted in a dark room.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Every shade of gray has a bottom, no matter how small. Some reveal their undertones more quickly than others, making them easier to identify.

Our Current House

Stonington Gray is one such color and has a low blue tint that quickly becomes teal in certain lighting conditions. Some call it a blue gray because of its unique undertones.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

However, low volume doesn’t make colors sharp or frozen. It’s just given a bit of color so it doesn’t look plain. However, most of the time, Stonington Gray looks neutral and does not show any undertones.

Sometimes Stonington Gray leans a little purple, although this is not always the case. This room shows a little purple because of the light.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Lighting is probably the most important factor affecting paint colors, including Stonington Gray. It can make any color a different shade or reflect the surrounding colors. The lamp can also make the color deeper or darker than usual.

This hallway has lots of natural light and the Stonington Gray has never been brighter. The color looks almost off-white or darker gray than the actual color.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

In warm light, Stonington Gray looks gray rather than gray, and there is no hint of its blue tone.

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Without a lot of natural light, Stonington Gray can take on a darker shade and appear more muted than usual. However, it is not too dark or gloomy.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

In warm yellow light, the color of the paint looks different, not as light or bright as you would expect.

The type of lighting you plan to use with Stonington Gray is important because it can make or break your love for it. The same applies to the surrounding elements with other colors in the same decor.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Oc 52

If you want a bright color that’s not shocking but close to white, Stonington Gray is the way to go. Its LRV is not that bright, but the color looks good in bright light.

Stonington Gray can also make a small room feel larger and brings a subtle beauty to it. The color is fresh, airy and soft, taking on different colors at the same time.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Stonington Gray is a cool color because of its blue tone. Blue is always a beautiful color, but sometimes it doesn’t look as good as you expect. This color palette isn’t crisp or icy, but works well with beach-themed decorations that evoke warm beach sand.

Most Remarkable True Gray Paint Color With No Undertones By Benjamin Moore

If Stonington Gray isn’t exactly the shade you want or need an alternative, I’m here for you. Here I have a lighter and darker option in both colors of Stonington Gray to help you choose.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Choose any color and find it on the color wheel; you will see the opposite color. This is not a random placement, but a careful arrangement according to how the colors relate to each other. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, so they are easy to find.

However, due to the uniqueness of the color, it may not be straight. Fortunately, I chose the complementary color Stonington Grey, which is a shade of pale lavender with a hint of gray.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

A Stonington Gray Color Palette For The Whole House

Benjamin Moore’s Misty Memories 2118-60 is close to this color, as is Sherwin Williams Grape Mist SW 6548. You can choose either if you want to try a different product.

Some colors work best when used together in a color scheme or decor. The color world calls them complementary or coordinating colors. They have similarities that can be lost to the eye, but are clearly visible when combined to create a continuous flow.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Below are examples of color palettes you can try with Stonington Grey. You are free to add or remove colors to suit your interior.

Hc 170: Stonington Gray By Benjamin Moore

Let’s see how Stonington Gray compares to similar colors and if it is a better choice than the one under review.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Gray Owl is lighter than Stonington Gray and has distinct green tones. Although the Stonington Gray may appear a bit green at times, it is very small and rare.

Collingwood seems lighter and slightly warmer than Stonington Grey. Because of its purple color, Collingwood looks different from Stonington Grey.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

The Best Gray Paints For Your Home

Revere Pewter is clearly warmer than the cooler Stonington Grey. This warmth comes from its green hues, while the blue of Stonington Gray is cooling.

Harbor Gray is slightly darker than Stonington Gray with a lower LRV. It can also look cooler if they are combined.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Although both colors have a blue undertone, Coventry Gray is darker than Stonington Gray. But you can use everything in the same color scheme.

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Nimbus has an LRV of over 60, making it slightly lighter than Stonington Grey. However, it is a warm color, so they may not work together.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Sherwin Williams doesn’t have an exact match for Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray. Each color is unique, which is why similar colors look different when placed next to each other.

However, Passive SW 7064 by Sherwin Williams is strikingly similar to Stonington Grey. Their red, green, and blue (RGB) values ​​are almost identical, except that Passive is bluer than Stonington Gray. Tinsmith SW 7657 and Sweater Weather SW 9548 are also similar to Stonington Grey.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

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This beautiful shade of color makes it useful in any room, especially in bright lighting. Let’s look at some examples to inspire you.

White is usually a good choice and you can try Chantilly Lace for it. However, Stonington Gray is a light color, so you may want to try a darker gray for multiple uses.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

See a hint of teal in Stonington Grey? It makes the room warm and inviting despite the neutral color scheme.

The Perfect Gray Paint

If the cabinets are white or dark, such as navy blue, dark wood or charcoal, Stonington Gray works well as a wall color.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

This color makes the bathroom stand out and blends in with the rest of the interior. Light colors usually go well with bathrooms.

If you have any doubts

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray Exterior

Interior And Home Exterior Paint Color Ideas

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