Best Behr Warm White Paint

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Thousands of DIYers love Behr paint for its quality and affordability, just like me. Here are 12 of my favorite Behr whites in three color groups – neutral, warm and cool whites.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Best Behr Warm White Paint

I have also shared many of these exterior painted colors if you are considering fresh white in your home. Click here for Behr’s 12 white exterior colors. I have included a photo of this actual house painted white.

Best White Paint Colors For Any Home

As you will see, I chose Silky White for the walls in my house and Ultra Pure White for the trim and doors. Here are the best white ceiling colors if you’re interested in a complete update.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

I also suggest some other shades of white that would work if you need a cooler or warmer shade. You can pick up 8 oz samples of other colors in store at Home Depot – unfortunately they don’t seem to carry sample sizes, although you can order by the liter.

Home Depot sells some of these paints in easy-to-peel-and-stick samples. I’m going to order a bunch of them and try them in different rooms and different lighting situations.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Favorite White Paint Color

Order leather samples and $2 bars here: Ultra Pure White | Polar bear | Painter’s White (another nice neutral white)

When I was looking for paint for our house, it took me a minute to choose Behr. That’s how I found my favorite white. Do you just want the good stuff? Print now!

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Here’s a quick and easy way to remember this blog post. Download my free printable PDF of Behr’s Best White Paint!

Best Behr Neutral Paint Colors Life On Summerhill

For my first round of research, I took some of Benjamin Moore’s popular samples of White Dove, Simply White and Classic Grey. Based on my research on Pinterest, I think white or white might be my best bet. I slapped them against the wall in several places

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Then I realized I should probably mix those colors in the Behr paint I like to buy. I need an actual sample of white Behr because the base color varies from brand to brand and the color may vary slightly.

Here’s a hot tip: buy this foam brush. I always have several sizes of these brushes on hand because they make life

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Top 10 Neutral Paint Colors

For painting samples, retouching work and small painting work. Be sure to buy the Jen Mfg brand on Amazon – they are a little more expensive, but they are very well made and last longer than knockers. This box of 1″ brushes (48 count) is about $17 or about 35 cents per disposable brush. Personally, a wash brush that saves time when I’m just painting sample colors is worth it.

Did you know that major hardware stores can match designer colors by simply looking up the color code on their computer? They also have a color scanner that can match colors based on color chips or small flat pieces of the desired color.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

I usually start by going to my local Home Depot and asking the paint department if they can mix a sample of “__ color” with “__ paint line” in their Premium Plus Ultra paint. For the most popular colors in the regular paint line, they have a modified formula for Behr paint, which is very close.

Warm White Paint Colors To Cozy Up Your Space

It’s impossible to get an exact match because of the different color compositions, but if it’s close enough to fool the eye, I’m good.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

I took this version of Behr White Dove and Simply White and painted it next to my first round of samples. They look very similar, so I’m sure you would have chosen the white wall color. Want to guess what it is?

No. Surprise! I actually went back for a 3rd round of samples and tried some Behr whites.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Coastal Paint Colors From Behr, Benjamin Moore, And Sherwin Williams

I’m back to the drawing board (or blue wall…) because I discovered Behr’s Silky White. I wanted a better contrast with my trim color, Behr’s Ultra Pure White, which the internet assured me was the best trim color.

Polar bears were another contender for editing, so I took that as well. This is different from BM White Dove:

Best Behr Warm White Paint

After checking my swatches at various times of the day, I feel pretty confident that I’ve picked a winner. Silky white has a stock tone and looks warm next to bright white trim.

The Best White Paint Colors

Although I plan to paint the whole house white, I want to have a subtle contrast. I’m not sure if you can tell… white on white on white. Photographs are difficult.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Now that I have lived with this yarn for 6 months, I still love this color. I started by painting the trim with Ultra Pure White. Polar Bear looks like it will work too, so I’m saving it for the future.

Panels + hallway doors are UPW and the walls are silk white | similar door | matte black door handle | fur runner

Best Behr Warm White Paint

The 34 Best White Paint Colors Designers Love

Side note: this is our door hardware. Schlage is always a home run in my book and this lever is fantastic. I bought personal levers for the bed and bathroom and transitional levers for the wardrobe. They are all matte black and still in perfect condition almost 3 years later.

If you are also shopping for black door hardware, don’t miss this post: 60+ Modern Black Door Hardware Ideas. I put together a great set of beautiful black door hardware. All budgets are covered, and I really try to focus on sound hardware advice – not cheap ones – because you need hardware that will last over time.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

This is what our living room looks like today. It is difficult to capture white in this room, but this color is soft, not too harsh. If you look in the corner of the room, you can see the contrast against the flat white ceiling.

Top 5 Behr® White Paint Colors By Maverick Design

This is silky white on our bedroom wall. For more photos of our home, check out this “work in progress” home tour.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

I added to the basement too! Why not? It could also make things easier in the White House. This is Silky White in our basement. I started with this bedroom.

I am selling the house in November 2022. Here is a tour of the whole house, put up for sale. In this photo you can see Silky White in all its glory. The house looks sparse because of course we moved, but you see how the light plays with the colors.

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Pick The Perfect White Paint For Your Project

Lesson learned: be patient with color swatches. Turns out, I finally found some great Behr paint. I also added it to the list since I posted this the first time. I’m excited to add to the white Pinterest world to help others discover the Behr white brand!

Here’s a final shot of Behr’s favorite white paint on our last house. Paint the doors and panels with San Wing semi-gloss to contrast with the gray wall color (Behr Dolphin Fin). I can recommend these two colors together!

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Here’s a quick and easy way to remember this blog post. Download my free printable PDF of Behr’s Best White Paint! You can easily take it to the store instead of rushing for your phone in the paint aisle.

The Best Warm And Cool White Paint Colors — Aratari At Home

I hope Home Depot expands this $2 leather and adhesive sample option soon. Here’s an easy way to try this color on a wall: Ultra Pure White | Polar bear | Painter’s White (another nice neutral white)

Best Behr Warm White Paint

Do you paint the outside of your house? Here are 12 Behr white colors for your home’s exterior. Read more about our DIY projects

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Best Behr Warm White Paint

The Best White Paint Colors To Use In Your Home • Project Allen Designs

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Best Behr Warm White Paint

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Behr 2023 Color Of The Year

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Best Behr Warm White Paint

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