Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint – It’s done! These shades are the perfect way to maintain a neutral color palette while still adding a little color and personality to your space!

It’s no secret that I love hanging with blue. Especially our house is blue or blue-ish green.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

According to color psychology, the color blue is calming and promotes relaxation. I mean that’s how you want your home to feel, right?!

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Bright, neon blues can be too much for walls. Even pastel blues can read like “super boy nursery 1995” if you’re not careful.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Blue gray color is somewhere between blue and gray, obviously. However, I think it is more important for the blue color than the gray.

Gray is used to reduce the brightness of the blue and weaken it.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

The 9 Best Exterior Paint Colors

Any shade more than blue would be considered a cool toned gray.

An easy way to make the color look better on one wall (or all the walls in the room) is to choose a muted shade.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

For example, you can find the color you want in the color fan deck and choose the shade of the same strip but 2 shades lighter.

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Another way to make it look more beautiful is to choose colors with gray tones. This will make the color more “muddy” and less intense and bright.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

These undertones can be in light or dark colors, but this only means that they are in the middle of the tone.

Light blue without gray in it can look bright – even pastel – baby blue. This shade is less trendy and timeless than more quiet, soft shades of blue gray.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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Today I wrote for you my favorite color of blue-gray color. Blue gives them a bright, happy shade that is very popular today. However, the gray undertones make it less bright.

There are a lot of colors here – but I hope seeing them side by side helps to show a little difference between them.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

The best thing about blue-gray colors is that they are neutral enough to be used anywhere in your home, but add an interest and color that neutral colors can’t.

Exterior Paint Palettes To Suit Every Style Of Home

Overall, it’s great to have a spa-like bathroom. Go to blue gray. Find a shade more blue than gray! Even something with a little green can be good.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams Misty is very easy to decorate with light blue gray. This is always a great color to start with – although I always recommend changing 3-5 colors before committing to another! The color looks different all over the place.

Hale Navy is a dark blue. Using this color will make an impact on your site!

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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It may not be the color of all the walls of your house, but choosing it will be very beautiful. Because of the gray undertones, this blue doesn’t look like a military uniform.

Stained Glass is black, but covered in gray. Although teal is too heavy to think about on the wall, Stained Glass mud makes it look cool and comfortable, especially in a light and bright place.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Blue Note is a deep vessel with the beauty of the ocean. It looks like there are shades of green in the muted blue. It’s a pure, deep blue, but with some gray tones that prevent it from feeling too blue.

The Most Recommended Blue Grey Paint Colors

Polo Blue is a rich, masculine, true navy color. It is dark and very humid and will make a big difference to any scene. It is also a good choice for the exterior of the house.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Gentleman’s gray is a strange name for this color because it’s not just gray it’s deep. However, a subtle change is important – it will look good in a study, library, or man cave together with men’s accessories.

Water has at least a small amount. It’s medium dark and will look great on your walls but will also be fun for painting furniture. Teal color gives the feeling of the beach.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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Thundercloud is a medium toned blue shade with almost periwinkle undertones. He can be brave and fast, but he has enough mud to lose control.

The distance is a shade of blue that reminds me of my favorite pair of ripped denim. It’s warm, welcoming, and inviting.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

He has a beautiful face, because of the gray undertones. Pair it with metal to up the ante or keep it rustic with wood tones – it can work in many ways.

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Aleutian feels dark shade of blue. It is darker than the blue sky but not periwinkle, and the mud on the ground helps to make it calm and relaxing.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Providence Blue is a mid-tone blue-green with muted undertones. It felt green, but not green enough.

I think this color would look amazing in a room with lots of hardwood walls. Wow!

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Best Exterior Paint Colors For 2023

Van Courtland blue has a mix of green and gray undertones. It looks like a beach and can be great on the bedroom wall. I will combine it with white to make the star color.

Boothbay Gray is a muddy, earthy gray with heavy blue tones. It is very clean and inviting and will work in any space from the kitchen to the living room.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Daphne is a true blue between sky blue and navy. This is a great shade to use on anything – a wall, a piece of furniture, or an accessory. There is so much potential in this shade!

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Granite Peak is a deep charcoal gray color with snow blue undertones. This color belongs to the blue-grey category. It reads as a cool gray and can be more blue depending on where it is.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

The blue face is a beautiful and perfect grayish blue! It’s so full that it’s welcoming and homey, but there’s still a gray color that makes it out of place. This is a great way to bring blue into your home!

Dockside Blue is a teal color with mud gray undertones. It is rich and full of color, just dark. This color is just beautiful and looks blue especially the way you use it – so remember if you plan to paint the whole house.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

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The flower box is periwinkle blue in color. It has gray undertones that make it less purple. It is neutral sound.

The comet is a cool, dusty shade of gray that will make you think of the sun. It has blue and violet undertones, making it work well in many homes.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

It’s a perfect blue-gray mix, with equal levels of each shade for a balance that’s not too blue or muted.

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Bachelor Blue is a deep, muted blue gray. He had a good feeling about it. It combines well with warm tones and cool colors.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Stillwater is water, a light blue color with muddy gray undertones. It is rich and powerful and can have a big impact on your home.

Mineral Alloy is almost a denim blue shade. The gray tone is very beautiful and happy but a little quiet.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

New England Homes Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Tranquil Pond is a red-y blue gray. It has a lot of red in it, giving it a purple appearance. That traditional color can read blue if you put it on the wall, so be sure to keep that in mind.

The storm sky is a beautiful, bright and pleasant blue-gray color. To me, it’s like aqua, all big and dry. It’s like sunlight, without fog and makes your home warm and inviting.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Iceberg is light blue with dark gray tones. It’s mostly baby blue – but it’s muted with all the gray so there’s no pastel at all. Iceberg is neutral enough to cover any wall throughout your home and still look fun.

The Top 10 Blue Grey Paint Colors The Best Interior Designers Are Using

Brittany blue is a light, reddish, cool blue gray. It has icy undertones but is definitely blue. It’s almost blue, but with shades of gray that keep it from looking over UNC-Chapel Hill.

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Icy is a deep blue color with gray undertones. It’s close to sky blue and one of the truest blues on this list. Pair it with bright colors instead of white or gray so it doesn’t look blue.

Lake Placid is red, blood-blue. It is cold and frosty but still retains a lot of blue color. It is very good for today

Best Blue Gray Exterior Paint

Our Favorite Blue Paints

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