Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

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When it comes to nail polish, certain colors get all her love. Classic red is a timeless trend, while pink never goes out of style. What about brown milk? Neutrals aren’t usually your first choice for paint colors, but they should be. Think about it. This light brown shade is a versatile color and looks great on anyone. Another advantage? There are so many perfect ways to incorporate this into your manicure. Whether you choose a simple neutral mani or give it an ombre twist, you have options. To prove it, we have collected the best ideas for light brown nails below.

Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

Friendly reminder: Simple, light brown nails are anything but boring. As shown here, the right length and shape can make this neutral shade even more beautiful. For this finish, use Evan’s Zoya Nail Polish ($12).

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There are many light brown versions to choose from, but this one offers a bit more depth. Create the exact look with Vivre’s Nail Polish ($13) in Cozy in Our Cashmere.

Two-tone brown manicure is interesting. Create French tips for your kids using OPI’s Nail Polish ($11) as a base for Espresso Inside and Samoa Sand.

Floral nails may seem synonymous with spring and summer, but using neutral colors can make your nails timeless. A good example is the combination of black and white flowers on a light brown base.

Gradient nails are great because each nail is painted a different color. If you look at it this way, each finger will be a different shade of light brown. We also love that this mani is easy to DIY.

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Ditch the classic white French tips and opt for light brown instead. Adding a blue border to the tips of your nails can add another twist to a traditional mani.

The advantage of ombre nails is that the design goes well with any color. However, brown is the perfect neutral color for unique nail motifs. Here the staircase effect transitions seamlessly from dark brown to light brown.

This look immediately reminds me of what the coffee looks like after adding the cream. This sweet marble mani has a peach base with different shades of light and dark brown on each nail.

Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

The manicure looks very festive with a mix of light brown, white and sparkly nail polish. For a full brown color, use Bon Bon’s Lights Lacquer ($11). Rarjsm Nude Brown Gel Nail Polish Clear Sheer Brown Dark Skin Tone Caramel Color French Manicure Natural Milky Jelly Nail Gel Polish Varnish Curing Requires 1pcs 15ml For Home Salon Nail

This Regent flirty manicure exudes a luxurious feel. Each nail has a different design. Some have gold gel, glitter and others have hand-painted floral accents. The resulting look is very attractive and dominant.

This gradient manicure includes three variations of light brown nail polish. Matte French tips make this look stand out.

This nail look also includes a light brown steel shade. Each section of the nail is finished with a cream polish from the Your Nails But Better Bundle ($58) in Lights Lacquer.

Print Python makes a statement whether you wear it on your clothes or on your nails. Here, the light brown base becomes the final base for making snakeskin.

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Camouflage is a classic print that definitely looks great on nails. Take your mani to the next level with this brown, green and brown camouflage design.

Go on a safari vacation and decorate your nails with animal prints without leaving home. Light brown varnish is an excellent base for brown and black patterns. Majestic is majestic. Rich, dark brown chocolate; Delicious for your nails. It is a nail color that goes beyond color.

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Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

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Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

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Although we often wrap our hands in gloves during the winter, some color on our fingers instantly makes us more comfortable during the colder months and can actually help keep our nails healthy. “Having to use heat to keep warm [in the winter] means the air gets drier and has a negative impact on your nails,” says LeChat Nails educator Anastasia Totty. She recommends regular manicures, “that’s why you see your cuticles becoming more brittle and dry.” That’s right. Some colors are synonymous with winter: festive red, deep, moody colors, and sparkle. But this season, brown nails are quickly taking the lead, with options like espresso, chocolate, cinnamon, and mocha proving the versatility of nail color.

“Brown is the new black,” says celebrity manicurist Vanessa Sanchez McCullough. She said: “It’s elegant and sophisticated, perfect for those who want dramatic, warm colors but a softer feel.”

There are a variety of brown nail polish options, but if you want a color that will enhance your skin tone, celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann recommends looking below the shades. “Warm skin tones with yellow undertones should pair well with browns with warm undertones, such as browns (orange-browns) and caramels,” she says. Cool skin types with red undertones should opt for taupe, pecan and brown shades. Neutral skin tones (skin tones with yellow or red undertones) should choose walnut, gingerbread, or chocolate brown.

Best Brown Nail Polish For Fair Skin

Take a look at nine of this season’s hottest brown trends to find the perfect color to try at home or at the salon to help you decide which brown nail polish color is best for your winter manicure.

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We only feature products hand-selected by the TZR editorial team. However, if you purchase a product through a link included in this article, we may receive a portion of the sales price.

A tribute to boba lovers, Milk Tea Brown looks great on light to medium skin tones. To prevent this color from looking too dull, celebrity nail artist and founder of NAILS OF LA, Brittney Boyce, recommends applying a top coat every two to three days and always using cuticle oil to keep your nails moisturized.

Chocolate brown is a muted, natural color that’s perfect for winter, and according to Sanchez McCullough, because it’s a neutral color, it can look good on any skin tone. Totty also recommends chocolate brown for oval or square nail shapes.

For medium to dark skin tones, charcoal brown ranges from brown to almost black and is the perfect contrast for this season. Boyce recommends playing the color with oval or almond-shaped nails or ballerina-shaped nails for a more dramatic look.

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Mocha brown with a hint of red goes well with both light and dark skin tones. “To the light

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