Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

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Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams – We are the most highly rated exterior painting and power washing specialists in the Triangle area with over 125 five star reviews on Google. Whether you use your garage floor to protect your vehicle from the elements, store seasonal items, or use it as a work space, you want it to look clean and tidy. After all, your garage is still part of your home!

Fortunately, Raleigh Garage Floor Epoxy can solve many of the problems associated with concrete garage floors. Epoxy resin is a long-term solution for maintaining the beauty of your garage and, in most cases, making your garage feel like an extra room in your home.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

We use a product called Armor Seal Rexthane by Sherwin Williams. Spills of oil or other products on the coated floor can be easily removed and the floor can be washed with a hose and soap to restore the new appearance.

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CLH Painting uses commercial-grade Armor Seal Rexthane from Sherwin Williams as an epoxy for garage floors in homes and businesses in Raleigh. Armor Seal is a one-part epoxy that requires minimal surface preparation and applies smoothly and quickly. This is a durable and attractive garage floor that can be brushed and rolled to protect existing concrete. Armor Seal is a commercial coating and once removed it looks no different than the big box that contains 2 part epoxy systems.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

Unlike DIY epoxy kits from hardware stores, Armor Seal Rexthane has incredible resistance to absorbing hot tires. This occurs when heat from the tire tread heats the garage floor covering and sticks to the tire. As the liner and wheel cool, the surface pulls the liner, removing small particles from the floor or even loosening larger particles. This is usually seen in “big box store” 2 part epoxies and we don’t see it with commercial grade epoxies, especially not Armor Seal.

Combining beauty and functionality, Armor Seal is available in a variety of colors allowing you to find the perfect color for your home. Once cured, it offers a high-performance, beautiful, high-gloss finish often found in showrooms. This not only makes the garage look beautiful, but also adds value to your home!

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

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Our team has been using Armor Seal Rexthane garage floor epoxy in homes and businesses across Raleigh for years with amazing results. Check out our gallery page to see our before and after garage floor epoxy projects.

Epoxy garage floors are resistant to almost everything, including bleach, oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, detergents and many other chemicals, unlike bare, uncoated concrete and other paints commonly used on garage floors. Additionally, epoxy can be applied directly to concrete garage floors and other surfaces, as installation costs are generally lower than other methods.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

Garage floor epoxy typically lasts 10-20 years, but this length of time can vary depending on how carefully it is maintained. When determining how long your garage floor epoxy will last, one thing to keep in mind is the general use of the floor. The amount of traffic the plan receives and the overall maintenance of the plan are factors to consider.

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As for maintenance, we recommend regular sweeping and deep cleaning of the floor every month or two. Wash dishes well with soap and hose once a year.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

Obviously not. The process of chemically curing garage floor epoxy projects is complex and must be handled by an experienced professional. If the garage floor is not properly prepared before applying epoxy, it can quickly become expensive. Avoid additional costs and contact an expert!

If you have a newly constructed garage floor that has never been used, it’s ready to use a professional pressure washer to remove construction debris. If you have a garage floor or an old house that has been demolished, we often apply muriatic acid to open the pores of the concrete and burn off the top layer of years of residue. Then we power wash the new epoxy to help it adhere to the old garage floor. If your garage floor has epoxy, you will need to remove it with a concrete grinder before applying the new epoxy. Still not convinced? Well let’s see! Call us at 919-795-5481 or fill out the form below.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

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While Raleigh Garage Floor Epoxy services are popular, we offer epoxy applications for different areas of your home or business.

If you’re ready to change the look of your garage and add value to your home, contact CLH Painting today for your Raleigh garage floor epoxy services. Our experienced staff specializes in applying Armorseal Rexthane in the most difficult or unusual situations, and you can trust them to get the job done right. We also offer painting and power washing services to give your home a fresh, clean look! Contact us below to find out more! Epoxy garage floor coating is a great way to give your garage a more finished look. And it’s definitely something you can do yourself. But before embarking on this project, there are two very important aspects that cannot be overlooked: proper concrete preparation and the use of high-quality epoxy resin.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

In this tutorial I’ll show you how I put epoxy on my garage floor, which looks great and will last for years!

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The first step in the cleaning process is to scrape away any dried paint, sealant, or other materials that may be stuck to the concrete floor. For this I used putty and a scraper. I started at the back corner of the garage and worked until I removed all the material that was stuck to the floor, then back again.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

The next step in the cleaning process is to cut the floor. If you want, you can do it only where it needs it. Spray the floor with water to see where the grease needs cleaning. Anywhere you see a water sachet, you know you need to eliminate fat in that area.

But I decided to degrease the floor just to be safe. I used a degreaser that I found at a local hardware store. According to the instructions, I mixed 1 part solution with 4 parts water. Then I poured it onto the concrete in several places and scrubbed it with a stiff bristle broom.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

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After the floor is completely mopped, I wash it and let it dry.

Etching is an important step in preparing concrete for any stain or coating. Most etching solutions contain a type of acid that opens the pores of the concrete. This allows for a firm bond with the coating surface.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

I used a clean solution that I use when acid scrubbing basement floors. This particular solution requires a mixture of 1 to 4 parts water. I added solution and water to the sprayer and sprayed the entire floor. If done correctly, you should see the mortar begin to bubble when it comes into contact with the concrete.

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I used the same stiff-bristled trowel to sweep the mortar onto the concrete. Then I let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

Then I wash the concrete thoroughly and let it dry overnight. It is very important to make sure the concrete is very dry before proceeding with the epoxy resin. You don’t want to trap moisture under the epoxy. This may cause bubbles to form in the coating and cause it to peel off.

Your garage floor will have several connections. These are usually created with a saw immediately after the concrete is placed.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

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I used a self-leveling filler to fill all these joints. You’ll find it at your local home improvement store, usually in the hardware aisle.

It’s amazing how much it takes to fill your joints. I used about 5 tubes. However, it is very simple. I used a caulking gun and slowly worked through each joint until they were filled.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

As I said before, we chose commercial grade epoxy. It’s called Armorseal 1000 and we got it from our local Sherwin Williams store.

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It consists of two parts, each in a 1 liter jar. Part A is something they can paint any Sherwin Williams color, and part B is the hard part.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

To be safe, I used roll paper to cover the base and bottom of the wall. This protects them from epoxy resins that may splatter during use.

I also used duct tape to cover the edge of the closed garage floor under the garage door. This gave me a clean line where the epoxy finish went.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams Flakes

Brooke used a 3-inch paintbrush to apply the epoxy around the perimeter

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