Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

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Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes – Brown is a general term that ignores the amazing and beautiful range of hair color shades. From honey to cocoa to chestnut to mahogany, the hair color options are endless and truly beautiful! Here are the 23 best hair colors for brunettes, handpicked and customized by experts.

Cappuccino brown hair color resembles the popular drink. It’s a golden color when rich brown coffee is mixed with milk or light cream. Cappuccino brown flatters most skin tones and looks great with warm brown or green eyes.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Chestnut hair color is a rich, deep, reddish brown. It works on most skin tones except darker skin tones and is a great hair color option for those with brown or green eyes.

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Caramel hair color is a light golden shade. When used as a highlight shade on dark brown hair, it creates a delicious dimensional swirl of caramel brown. Actress Eva Mendes is known for her hair color; Her olive skin tone and dark brown eyes are flattering. It is ideal for people with naturally dark or medium brown hair.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Dark ash brown hair color is a cool, deep shade with no red or golden undertones. It looks beautiful on most skin tones and is most dramatic on those with brown or blue eyes. A deep shade such as dark gray brown is best when healthy and glowing. Try styling this shade with a conditioning oil for a glossy finish.

Chocolate cherry brown hair color is an elegant dark brown with cool red undertones. It is a dramatic and exotic shade. Try this if you have a medium, cool or neutral face and cool brown, green or blue eyes and your natural tone is cool medium or dark brown.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

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Like the shade of your favorite drink, cola hair color is dark and rich with a hint of red gold. Choose this shade if your complexion is light, medium or olive and your eyes are warm brown, green or blue. Adding warmth to your natural dark brown hair is easy to achieve this shade.

Light golden bronze hair color is luxurious and rich. It is a mix of warm and subtle golden and red hues that look beautiful on warm skin. Avoid this color if your skin is red or cool – it’s too orange!

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Sandy brown hair is a light, cool or neutral beige shade. It is an excellent shade for people with fair, fresh skin and light blue or green eyes. Sandy brown hair color looks great with light brown blonde; The combination is sophisticated and elegant.

The Best Brunette Hair Color Shades

Although it may sound sweet, dark chocolate hair color is a rich, deep and cool brown. It’s actress Eva Longoria’s signature shade, complementing her olive skin undertones and brown eyes. With proper care, this shade evokes a sense of luxury and opulence.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Light gray hair is fresh and trendy, especially if you have a fair face and light blue or brown eyes. This is the shade you want if you don’t want to see red or golden hair. Add some light blonde highlights for an elegant result. Choose this shade if your natural color is light brown or medium cool.

Golden brown hair color is a warm and pleasant shade; It looks best on people with peachy or golden skin and warm brown or green or hazel eyes. Consider following actress Emma Watson’s lead and add some golden blonde highlights to your golden brown hair for a gorgeous color combo.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

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Honey brown hair color is the perfect balance between light brown hair and light brown hair color with its warm and soft undertone. Consider this shade if you have fair skin and light eyes. It’s also beautiful on deep, golden skin, think Jennifer Lopez!

Light caramel brown hair is a warm and soft shade. It is suitable for people with golden, warm complexion and warm brown eyes. Avoid this shade if your skin tone is cool or very fair or pink because it will clash with your complexion! This shade is a great choice for dark chocolate brown balayage or ombre highlights.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Light cocoa hair color is a light, cool, pearly brown shade that looks great on fair skin and light blue or green eyes. The shade is nicely balanced, not too gray and not too warm. Light cocoa hair color when you add creamy blonde balayage! This is a great option if your natural color is light to medium brown.

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Let’s liven up brown hair with golden red color to create beautiful light copper brown hair. This shade is sensational for people with fair, warm skin tones and green eyes. It is important to take care that such warm hair colors do not fade or lose vibrancy. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for colored hair.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Milk chocolate hair color is a beautiful shade of medium brown. It’s beautiful in warm, cool tones on fair and medium complexions and really brings green or brown eyes to life. This shade looks “tasty” when highlighting sandy brown or sandy blonde.

Auburn hair is a rich and sweet shade that resembles the tone of autumn leaves. It looks beautiful on people with pink or peachy skin and brown or green eyes. Add depth and dimension to auburn hair with some golden blonde highlights.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

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Dark brown hair color is a dark and dramatic shade with deep purple undertones. It is an excellent choice for people with cool, fair or medium skin tones and cool brown or blue eyes. Many people who are interested in dark brown hair color opt for some plum balayage or ombre highlights on their dark hair instead of the usual plum brown color.

Mahogany brown hair color is a deep reddish brown shade. With its neutral, light brown undertones and warm brown eyes, it’s a beautiful color for actress Emmy Rossum. If you have a similar skin tone, warm up your natural dark brunette hair with mahogany brown hair.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Black hair care tip: To neutralize the brassy orange tones that appear on your light brown hair, be sure to use a blue pigmented shampoo between salon visits.

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Tan Hair After a week at the beach your hair looks lighter so people wonder if you’re on vacation! Sunny brown hair color is emphasized where the sun naturally does and the result is very real! Sunburn highlights can be applied to any shade of brown hair and can be warm or cool depending on your skin tone. Sofia Vergara’s sun-kissed brown hair is a beautiful and flattering example of this shade.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Dark brown blonde hair color is a rich, warm, reddish brown. Wear this color with confidence if your complexion is medium and pink, peach or neutral. It favors brown, blue and green eyes and is perfect for people with natural warm or neutral brown hair.

Cinnamon brown hair is rich brown with hints of copper spice. It’s gorgeous on a variety of skin tones, including light peach and pink and medium and dark gold. Green, brown and hazel eyes liven up with this shade of hair color.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

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Dark auburn hair is rich and deep with a russet warmth. This shade goes well with cool to medium to neutral undertones and cool brown or green eyes. It is also free for those with olive skin. This is a great option if you have naturally dark brown hair. Hot chocolate, iced coffee, cappuccino… no, this is not a cafe offer, try the wonderful shades of brown hair.

We’ve sorted the most interesting brown hair ideas for brunettes, as well as blondes who want to go darker.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Whether you want to try a warm brown hair color to make your skin glow or refresh your look with rich dark brown or red and purple tones, we have all the ideas for you to choose from.

Honey Brown Hair Is The Must Have Brunette Color To Try

Modern shades of brown hair are natural shades that emphasize your color and skin tone. To achieve this color, it is best to go two levels lighter or darker than your natural color.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

Another option is to stick to your hair color level and spice it up by choosing brown hair color with gray, gold, red or purple. Scroll down to see pictures that will make you fall in love with brown hair shades.

Lighten up your blonde with warm caramel highlights to accentuate your features. Ask your colorist for a dime, the type of highlights that frame your face.

Best Hair Colors For Natural Brunettes

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Dark, deep brown hair has incredible shine. This is partly due to conditioning

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