Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

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Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes – Nora Murphy is a contributing writer for hair and skin care. Her work also appears in College Fashionista and The Newsette.

Whether you want to add dimension, emphasize your eyes or make a bold statement, finding the right hair color for your skin tone can be a game changer. With olive skin tones in mind, we teamed up with top hair color artists Ariel Haag, Rita Hassan and George Papanicolas to recommend the most flattering shades for those with green undertones.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

Are you wondering if you have an olive undertone? The easiest way to determine this is to look at the color of the veins around your face and neck. If the veins appear green, you can safely say that your skin has an olive undertone.

Best Hair Colors For Brown Eyes

Next, our curated list offers a little bit of everything. From rich browns that bring out your natural glow to sun-kissed blondes that are a little different, we explore several options that are perfect for accentuating the beauty of olive skin.

If you want this bold look, Haag recommends leaning toward sandy or beige platinum. “When done right, this color looks beautiful on olive skin tones and is definitely a statement piece.” Talk to your hairdresser to make sure you get the perfect blonde for you.

If you want to use braids or a different shade than your natural color, don’t let your natural hair color hold you back. Zoe Kravitz went blonde before adding her braids, and the combination makes a big statement. To avoid damage, it’s best to give your hair some time and love in the form of conditioning treatments after such an intense light treatment.

We love how Vanessa Hudgens rocked this icy wig. If you want something more permanent, Hogg says, “This color is high maintenance and can cause some damage if not done properly, so do your homework on the color you’re looking at.”

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It is undoubtedly interesting to bring blonde hair to the scalp, but a gentler approach is to ground it on some dark roots, as well as keeping it blonde brown instead of stark white. Shaking the shade cover helps reduce the number of maintenance calls and makes for a more forgiving growing season.

Nicole Scherzinger’s hair has light, medium and dark honey blonde tones, combined with a dark natural base for a low-maintenance color.

You can achieve this with balayage, babylights or a colorist who asks for highlights. However, keep in mind that people have many different colors of honey to wear them, so be sure to bring reference photos of the specific “honey” you are looking for.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

“The olive skin color is the perfect choice between too gray or too warm honey,” says Haag. “It’s a glamorous, effortless color.” We love Zendaya’s color with seriously smoky eyes for maximum contrast.

Which Hair Color Fits Your Skin Tone Best ?

According to Papanikolas, caramel tones are incredibly flattering on olive skin. “Caramel is a beautiful way to brighten olive green with a warm undertone,” she says. “The caramels have golden undertones, creating a beautiful sun-kissed finish.”

“If you want to go lighter, this color is a great balance,” says NYC colorist, salon owner and brand founder Rita Hazan, whose clients include celebrities like Beyoncé. Here Sofia Vergara’s color is less than the actual color and has an overall lighter effect.

“Caramel highlights are always a good choice for people with olive skin. It is always flattering and always suits light or dark eyes,” agrees Haag. She recommends choosing a colorist who shows enough warmth in the desired color and calls for subtle highlights with a caramel hue.

If you don’t want a full caramel, some lighter sections through darker hair are a great way to add dimension.

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This deep chocolate brown is not as harsh as full black and compliments the olive undertones. “The undertones of chestnut or chocolate have warm tones and give a shiny appearance to counteract the cool undertones on olive skin,” says Hasan.

If the color you want to try is darker than your natural shade but the idea of ​​a permanent change scares you, you can always opt for a semi-permanent color. Semi-permanent color coats the hair shaft instead of transferring it from within, but the color fades more quickly.

Light strands around the perimeter of the face, like Ashley Graham, will keep all the chestnuts feeling fresh.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

A penchant for mysterious, witchy vibes with mocha tones that work for just about everyone. “Mocha is a neutral shade that balances between warm and cool and suits most skin tones, but especially olive tones,” says Papanikolas.

The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Another mocha bonus: it’s a no-fuss color. “This color can be achieved by asking your hair colorist about low-maintenance and baby lights, which can be a nice mocha,” says Haag. Here you end up as Padma Lakshmi.

Zoe Saldana’s signature mocha waves have a hint of chestnut lowlights for a subtle, understated dimension that keeps the dark color very heavy.

This is one of the easiest hair colors to get for any skin tone; black hair works beautifully with olive skin. Nothing but basics: Dark shades of black hair complement the warm undertones of olive skin, accentuating the skin’s natural glow and adding depth.

A pop of teen color at the ends of your locks will add some contrast and make your hair length resemble a long, dark curtain.

What Hair Color Goes Best With Fair Olive Skin?

Rihanna’s auburn ponytail is the perfect contrast to her dark olive skin. The deep, red tones help enhance the warm tone of her skin, making her skin look brighter and more radiant.

Olive skin goes well with vibrant and rich red tones. The crimson shimmer complements the natural warmth of the olive skin while creating a dramatic contrast.

“If you want to spice things up, I recommend a baby pink or purple which is perfect for this skin tone,” says Hogg. Keeping a more pigmented pink shade at the roots than at the ends takes away the shock factor.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

Rose gold hair is having a big moment right now, and it’s a beautiful color that suits olive skin. Depending on the shade of pink you prefer, you can play up the pastel shade to your liking.

Best Hair Colour For My Skin Tone

Want something more adventurous? Try a shade of blue. Cool, vibrant blue hair colors create a glamorous and edgy look against the warm undertones of olive skin.

The purple hue in this curly hairstyle is not too light, which washes out the wearer and makes it ideal for experimenting. Choosing a shade that suits your olive skin is essential for a flattering and glamorous look. Although most hairstylists prefer dark brown hair colors for olive skin tones, we offer a variety of shades that will enhance your look and reflect your personality.

Check out these 30 stylish and glamorous looks and choose a combination of complementary or contrasting shades that will enhance your fair skin tone.

If you’re looking for a subtle change with dramatic impact, consider these soft caramel highlights on dark brown hair, created by hairstylist and owner of Miller Concept, Diogo Almeida Migliorini. Golden tones enhance the shine of your blonde locks and add a glow to olive skin.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas To Inspire Your Next Shade

It is best to take your skin tone into account when choosing the right hair color for an olive skin tone. So for those with warm undertones: add honey blonde, caramel and chocolate brown.

For those not ready to fully embrace vibrant red, shades like strawberry blonde and light copper offer a beautiful compromise. Erin Blanchard, a Denver colorist and creator of this beautiful look, uses this luxurious color to bring out the cool undertones of olive green.

This hairstyle is not only low maintenance but also looks stylish on all olive and warm skin tones. Farhana Premji, owner of The Beige Label Salon, used a cool beige shade to accentuate facial features and brighten dark eyes.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin Tone And Brown Eyes

This dark brown color is versatile enough to suit any skin tone, including olive skin with green undertones. Rom.Concept’s Joe Mendes’ deep coffee-colored locks lighten this sleek style and add movement and texture to mid-length waves.

Best Hair Colors For Olive Skin

Here brown meets blonde, creating a fresh and fashionable look that stands out but fades beautifully over time. If you have dark amber eyes and warm olive skin like client Sharon Mudavanhu, don’t hesitate to follow this style created by Toronto’s popular balayage expert.

When paired with dark hair, this deep copper shade has the ability to enhance the appeal of your natural base color and enhance the glow of your olive skin. The result is a vibrant and attractive style.

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