Best Living Room Wall Colors

Best Living Room Wall Colors – 17 Best Wall Colors for Small Living Rooms (Smart and Stylish Choices) These paint colors will make any small living room look bigger and look great! Author: Editorial | Last Updated: February 24, 2023

There are several tricks to make a small living room look bigger and one of them is to paint the walls. In fact, the color you choose can make or break your small space.

Best Living Room Wall Colors

Best Living Room Wall Colors

Why is it important to choose the right wall color? The last thing you want is a color that makes an already small room feel smaller.

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That’s why you should consider how the color of the wall affects the mood of your space. If you need ideas for your space, here are the seven best wall colors for a small living room.

One idea is to paint your living room white or bright white without blue, red or gray. A clean white living room feels large, open and airy, which is important in a small space.

It reflects light to make your living room look bigger and brighter, and it’s easy to add a pop of color to a white living room. If you can’t sit in the shade in your living room, open a bucket of clean white paint.

With gray and white, you can add a cool tone to the walls, and you don’t have to worry about the gray color looking small in the room. Lighter shades of gray can make a room feel bigger, and gray and white is a good way to play it safe.

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You can add calm colors with accents. In addition, you have the option to add dark gray through details such as cushions and pillows.

If you want to use a shade of white, but not pure white, consider painting the walls a warm white. It’s no secret that white makes a small room look bigger, but warm shades add a pleasant atmosphere to your living room.

Imagine how your warm white walls will look with wood trim. You can even add accessories in warm colors to enhance the atmosphere.

Best Living Room Wall Colors

There is nothing better than soft yellow to add a bright and cheerful atmosphere to a small room. Yellow shades reflect light to make the space feel more open, while cream shades prevent too much yellow.

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Of course, a shade of yellow will add a sense of comfort to your bedroom as well as a reminder of a farmhouse-inspired home. It’s great for adding a cozy vibe while making your small room look bigger.

If you want to add a pop of color to your living room walls, you can never go wrong with mint. Like other light shades, mint brightens and brightens a room, but it also keeps your space from looking too plain or boring.

When you combine mint walls with white decorations, you will add a fresh and fresh look to the living room. You can even enhance the look with mint pillows on the bed.

Gray is a good choice because it comes in many colors. You can use gray to keep your space bright but cool, or mix cool and warm tones with the previously mentioned shades of gray and white.

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Plus, it’s easy to add pops of blue, green, or pink to a gray living room, and you can use dark gray accents to add depth to your space without making it feel small.

Deep green can be one of the best colors for a small living room that needs a calm and relaxing atmosphere to cover a limited space. This color combination will be with neutral tools like white or beige to get the best results.

If you want to use this shade to paint your wall, our favorite choice is Sherwin Williams Colonial Revival Sea Green (SW 2825).

Best Living Room Wall Colors

Sky blue is another great soft color for a small room. These shades reflect light, making the space bright and open, like an extra window.

Best Living Room Paint Colors

Blue is also great for adding a calming tone to your space, which is always great for the living room. With sky blue, you don’t have to worry about choosing a darker shade of blue for a small space.

Also, you can try this dark brown color or dark brown color. This shade has many similar characteristics to the previous one, but has a strong gray undertone that makes it more ominous and elegant.

With a clean and natural theme of green and warm and cheerful yellow tones, green walls can easily lift the mood of any apartment or small house.

The use of greenery will make the whole space cheerful and lively, and will add a deep atmosphere to create a relaxing space.

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Blue color has become very popular in recent years. This modern, blue-green color had the benefit of combining blue and green. In this way, you can not only get a new look, but also spread a lot of relaxation and atmosphere.

These soft, subtle purple hues will bring a lot of light into your living space without being too bright. And we love using this paint color for any room that doesn’t get natural light.

To make it look more mature, you can combine a lavender-colored wall with soft and dark colors like dark gray, black or dark brown.

Best Living Room Wall Colors

Another sweet and beautiful option on this list. If you are afraid of using pink because it might not be a gender neutral option, you can try this soft and subtle option.

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The soft pink color is also combined with the orange tone, it looks fresh and lively, and creates a mood in your life.

Pearl Gray is a gray with a hint of green that makes it look richer and cleaner than regular gray.

This is the perfect wall color for you who like to keep your home simple and elegant, but need a touch of color to liven it up.

Another popular color that looks good in small living spaces. Agave is a gray-green color that benefits from both colors, it is pure green with a hint of elegance and the neutrality of gray.

Living Room Paint Colors

This neutrality is the main reason sage goes well with any color scheme.

Gray may be the best choice for a small modern living room. It easily modernizes the look of the whole room, but still keeps everything soft and neutral.

One of the best ideas to try with gray is to create a monochromatic interior design by combining gray walls with dark furniture.

Best Living Room Wall Colors

Some of the best grays you can use are Sherwin-Williams’ Agreeable Gray or Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.

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This soft but gentle color can create a bright and beautiful atmosphere, make your living space happy and friendly. In addition, the peach shade will diffuse a lot of light to improve the brightness of your interior.

This color can be a good choice for any living room that uses a lot of dark furniture or accessories.

Nothing can change the atmosphere of your small living room more than a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Best of all, you can choose from several shades that reflect light and make your space feel open and airy.

Whether you want to stick with neutral colors like gray and crisp white or add a pop of bright yellow or sky blue, the right color can transform even the smallest living room into a cozy and comfortable space.

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When choosing a paint color, play around with swatches to see what looks best in your space. With the right color, you can make your small room feel more spacious.

Is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to enable websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Choosing the right wall color for your living room is a difficult task. The living room is a multipurpose room where you relax, entertain, spend time with your family and sometimes have dinner.

You want the living room to be warm and comfortable. But you also want it to look fresh and reflect your personality. If you don’t want to follow trends, you can choose one of the many classic colors to use in the living room. Don’t think that white walls or neutral shades are boring. These traditional paint colors are often used by leading interior designers for a reason.

Best Living Room Wall Colors

You can play with different colors in your living room. You can add a bright color to the accent wall. Or play with darker shades as an accent color on the walls or ceiling.

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The right paint color will do wonders

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