Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

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Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls – Get all the details (and photos of actual rooms!) for proven neutral colors. Different undertones and lighting conditions can make choosing a color difficult – but not with this complete guide!

If you’re looking for fresh and stunning neutrals for 2022 and beyond, this set of 16 stunning neutrals is for you! Discover all the beautiful neutrals we’ve used in our homes – from white and cream to beige and grey, there’s something for everyone.

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

The most common question about our house on my blog and on social media is “What color did you use for X room?”

The Best Whole House Paint Colors For Any Home In 2023

In an effort to make your paint decisions easier, I’ve been sharing a variety of tutorials with you lately! You can see some of the cream colors we used for our current house, as well as my favorite grays, teals, and warm whites.

I also covered exterior colors for our Tudor and Colonial, but since then we’ve added some new neutral colors to our Tudor home (click before and after). I wanted a single place where you could see them all and see how they look in different lighting conditions and rooms.

I’m the girl who tries 20 swatches, sees how they change from morning to noon to night, asks a friend or two, and then gets sick of spending a hundred bucks on paint.

Use the drop-down menu to easily navigate through this post. I hope you enjoy my 16 favorite neutral colors for 2022 and beyond!

The Best Classic Paint Colors For A Timeless Living Room

This post lists my favorite colors used in our home, from the cabinets to the walls. For a complete list of each

The trick to choosing a neutral color scheme for your home is to make sure each space flows nicely from one to the next. It’s easy to do with these neutral colors!

Learn all my top tips for creating a neutral living room and find a complete guide to neutral rugs here. Sherwin Williams Zurich White

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

I used this color in our previous and current homes because I really like it. Previously, he used the entire second floor (except for the bathroom).

The Best Sherwin Williams Warm Gray Paint Colors In 2023

In our current home, I’ve used it for walls in the living room, trim, bookshelves, family room, dining room, kitchen, office, and entryway. Learn more about how to use the same color for the interior and the walls!

This is the color we added to our house – we used it on our basement bar and I couldn’t love it more!

Pros: It’s a perfect, warm gray color. It goes well with other colors that lean more towards brown or gray.

Cons: LRV 60 has a dark color, so use it sparingly if you want your home to be light and bright.

Top Living Room Paint Colors To Transform Your Space

This color is a creamy white that was used on the walls in our basement bathroom. As you can see, it pairs nicely with the nice neutral paint color and teal vanity!

Advantages: It is warm, soft and comfortable. It is a light neutral color with LRV 85.

I tried this color because it was recommended by one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard. We used this color for the second floor of our current house and I love it so much that we also used it in the newly remodeled powder room off the entryway of our house.

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

This cream color was another recommendation from the amazing interior designer Phoebe Howard. I’ve used it in our mud room, adjacent powder room, and breakfast nook.

The 3 Best, Most Timeless Neutral Paint Colours: Part 2 Of 4

Chantilly lace is the most brilliant white we have ever used in our homes and I love it!

Pros: Very bright white, high LRV. Very few yellow, gray or blue shades.

Cons: Again… it’s a very bright white, so that can be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for!

I chose this color for our newly renovated basement because it is soft and warm. It’s a great neutral with a nice undertone. We recently painted the exterior this color and I couldn’t love it more! Check out our new copper gutters covered here.

The 9 Best Living Room Paint Colors Of 2023

Although we haven’t used this color in our current home, it’s been a long time favorite and I always think about bringing it back. I love the contrast of the gray cabinet next to my favorite creamy, warm white walls – check out another great example of this look in our contemporary laundry room makeover.

Pros: Affordable beige is a beautiful neutral color that is a flexible chameleon that changes with different light sources.

Cons: Can read a little dirty/gray when paired with creams, as yellow undertones in creams make gray look gray.

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

White Dove is a favorite white designer! It’s a lovely neutral white, and for good reason. In comparison, White Dove has an LRV of 85 and Simply White 91.7.

The Most Popular Neutral Paint Colors

This is a beautiful, neutral color that we have used on many of our children’s furniture over the years. It’s a warm, creamy color that goes perfectly with the white furniture from Pottery Barn Kids!

Pros: This is a soft cream color which means off white, warm white or antique white.

We used this paint in our garage in St Louis and then went on to paint the lake house! While it’s a lovely warm white in most lighting, it’s a bit too yellow for my taste in the water.

In this white brick house, it’s actually a nice, rich creamy white that’s a nice neutral color.

How To Pick The Best Paint Colors For Every Space In Your Home

Another color in the Greige family and an incredible success story! Like Agreeable Grey, it is one of the most popular neutrals on the market today.

Cons: It’s a bit dark and comes in at 55 LRV – so be sure to use it sparingly.

Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak is a soft neutral gray that can work beautifully in a variety of spaces and lighting conditions. It is a warm, balanced color that is greyish in some rooms and true gray in others.

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

We used this color to paint our new nightstands and I can’t get over how great the gray is! It really brought the whole room together and felt very sophisticated.

The Best Neutral Paint Colors

Cons: Can read more gray at night, so watch the lighting if you’re trying to avoid gray.

After testing a number of colors on the exterior of our Tudor, we chose Realistic Beige and I love it! It’s warm and soft and provides enough contrast. We also used it on the deck.

We used it as the base color for the exterior of our house and screen on the walls and ceiling of the terrace. It is very light on the outside, but on the inside it reminds me of a new building from the early 2000s.

What are your favorite neutral colors? I would love to try some new ones at our lake house! You can find my free color chart to organize them all!

The Best Whole House Interior Paint Colors (2023)

Need ideas for things to hang on those freshly painted walls? Don’t miss 17 simple ideas for wall decoration! One of the questions I get asked the most is “What color did you use in (insert room)?” I wanted to do a post that is a guide to all the colors I use in our home.

Of course, being a neutral girl and having chosen thousands of colors for clients, these are probably the best neutrals. If you’re looking for a neutral color, this is your post.

This is my favorite white color. I recommend it to all my clients who are looking for white. Creamy white with no signs of yellow. It’s the perfect balance between cool and warm. It’s also the perfect white to wear. Our living room is painted this color and we recently used it in our DIY boat mantel. This is truly the most comfortable white color. Perfect for any style.

Best Neutral Color To Paint Interior Walls

Then we have acceptable gray. We used this color in the dining room above our bead board. It is a perfect balance of gray and beige. Due to the cold and warm balance, the color disappears. It works practically in any space and is perfect when trying to match the color to the existing decor. When in doubt, choose Agreeable Grey.

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We used Cloud White in our kitchen. It is a soft white color with neutral undertones. We found that white is perfect to use next to bright white cabinets. It provides enough contrast without looking too yellow or blue. This color of the walls, decorate, even yours

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