Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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Trying to find the best color palette for your new baby’s nursery? Are you patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the big day to meet your new little nugget? Then you will love this article!

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

I’ve created three easy steps to help you create a color palette that’s gender-neutral to suit a boy or a girl—or both/neither, if that’s the case!

Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint Colors: A Guide To The Best Options

Of course, the best place to start is choosing your main wall color, however, I recommend choosing the main color of your furniture before diving too deep.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

There’s no shortage of great colors for a gender neutral playroom or nursery, just keep in mind that off-white neutral paint colors can make great base colors, making it easy to add a wide range of accent colors!

Gray Owl is a soft, light gray with subtle blue/green undertones. Read all about it here: Gray Owl Color Review.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

No Fail Neutral Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

Edgecombe Gray is a gorgeous gray that is well balanced between gray and beige. You can also lighten it up to 25% or 50% for a softer approach.

Gray cashmere is a soft light blend of grey, blue and green. While the dominant color in the Gray Owl is gray, you’ll find that the gray takes a bit of a back seat in this color as the blues and greens change depending on the exposure of the room.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Feeling brave? Chelsea Gray is a gorgeous mid-tone charcoal that frames a room, whether it’s a feature wall or any wall.

Best Navy Blue Paint Colors Recommended By Designers

White Dove is a beautiful, soft, warm white that is a great choice for rooms facing north or south (or east/west).

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

When it comes to light, cool grays, Big Chill is a great choice. If you want a little more depth/undertone, you can check out Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey.

Featherbed is a lovely slightly bright yellow which can be great if you have a northern or eastern exposure as the yellow will be a bit better compared to the softer cream range.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

The Best Nursery Paint Colors

Similar colors to look for: Sherwin Williams Creamy, Benjamin Moore White Down (these are more muted creams)

Your neutral accent colors can come naturally to your room through the furniture you choose, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Don’t take these accent colors too literally (that’s why they don’t have names next to them). These are just starting points to get inspired!

Absolutely Perfect Paint Colors Designers Love

Although you can choose more than three, I would not choose three different colors. I’ll just add variation using color at different DEPTHS (otherwise it can get quite busy).

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Not all of the neutrals above will match all of the colors in Step 1, as this largely depends on the wall color you choose. Generally black, gray and white will go with any color in step 1, adding brown/cream/tan can be a bit more difficult.

You don’t have to choose a neutral accent color (although white is usually necessary). If you prefer a more colorful approach, skip to step 3!

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Of The Most Versatile And Dependable Paint Colors {all Star List}

While I love a nice neutral palette, there’s nothing like a splash of color to add personality to a room! And while there are a lot more wild and wonderful colors than I’ve shown below (ie: teal and orange), these should get you started!

Then with the featherbed everything sounds a lot smoother and quieter while still having some nice ‘colour’…

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Whenever I have clients with children, there is often a conflict between what the child wants and what the parent wants. Children often gravitate to colors in the “primary” – so-called

Color Spotlight: Healing Aloe From Benjamin Moore

Of these colors. And of course, there are the oddly brave parents who let their kids choose their own colors – bless their hearts. Not this mother! I’m too much of a control freak for that.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

So what do you do when you and Baby-Boo disagree about paint colors? Read this…

2. If Honey Boo-Boo emphasizes a dark or wild color, choose a single wall to go with that color.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Best Selling Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint Colors Of All Time

Choose a neutral/white/grey for the top of the walls and let them choose a color for the bottom (either their choice or what you have reduced for them). This works for several reasons…

I don’t have photos for each of these colors in KIDS ROOM COLORS, but you’ll still find enough information along with more images for general reference.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Stonington Gray is a beautiful light gray with subtle undertones. It’s a great color for an S-facing room or a well-lit north-facing room, but if you have a dimly lit room you might want to make it a little lighter.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

By the way, in the photo above, Stonington Gray looks warmer than usual. Orange curtain color is the truest.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Similar colors to consider: Sherwin Williams on the Rocks, Big Chill, First Star, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Stonington Gray

If you like a green or teal look, sea salt or rainwashed are great options. Just be sure to read their full color reviews (especially the sea salt ones) because they can be ninjas!

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Best Nursery Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a violet that both you and your child can live with, one that’s neither too forceful nor too passive, Lily Lavender may hit the spot!

If you’re looking for a classy navy that isn’t too heavy, Newburyport Blue is fantastic. It’s a classic navy look without the visual heaviness of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, which is just as impressive.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

And speaking of swatches, you’ll no doubt be heading out to pick up some paint swatches in the near future – hang in there! I want you to check SAMPLIZE. Sampleize offers peel and stick paint samples that are more affordable, easier and more environmentally friendly than traditional paint cans. Here are a few reasons why I recommend sample to my clients…

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If you’re looking for a gray with a little more meat on the bone, look no further than Chelsea Grey. It’s a hard charcoal gray color and although you wouldn’t know it, it’s also slightly warm. It also has a slight green tint that doesn’t always show up at the party. This color also makes a great feature wall!

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Other charcoal colors to consider: Sherwin Williams Dovetail, Dorian Gray, Classic French Grey, Benjamin Moore Amherst Grey, Platinum Gray

If you’re looking for a fun color, whether for an entire room or just one wall, Cloudburst is full of color without going too far.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

The 10 Best Light & Calming Paint Colors For Stress & Anxiety

Balboa Mist is a gorgeous warm gray with soft violet undertones. It looks especially beautiful with charcoal and white accents.

It’s easy for pink to just look like bubblegum or Pepto Bismol, which is why pink bliss settles into such a sweet spot between.

Best Nursery Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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