Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms – 7 Best Wall Colors for Small Living Room These paint colors will make any small living room look bigger and more amazing! Author: Editors | Last update: September 6, 2022

There are many tricks to make a small living room look bigger and one trick is to paint the walls. Of course, the color you choose can make or break a small living room. Why is it important to choose the right color for your walls? The last thing you want is a color that makes an already small living room look even smaller.

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms

Therefore, you should consider how your wall color will affect the mood of your space. If you need ideas for your space, here are the seven best wall colors for a small living room.

Best Paint Colors For The Living Room

One idea is to paint your living room a pure white without any blue, pink or gray undertones. A clean white living room looks open and airy, which is important in a small space.

It reflects light to make your living room look bigger and brighter, and it’s easier to add pops of color to a stark white living room. If you can’t decide on a shade for your living room, open a bucket of pure white paint.

You can add a cooler tone to gray and white walls and not worry that gray will make the room feel smaller. Lighter shades of gray can make a space appear larger, and gray and white are a great way to play it safe.

You can even add muted splashes of color through accents. You also have the option of adding a darker shade of gray through items like decorative pillows and planters.

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If you want to use a shade of white, but not pure white, consider painting the walls a warm white. It’s no secret that white makes a space look open, airy and more spacious, but warm colors add a more relaxed atmosphere to your living room.

Imagine how warm white walls will look with a wooden finish. You can also add accessories in warmer tones to enhance the atmosphere.

There’s nothing like creamy yellow to add a bright and cheerful touch to a small living room. The shade of yellow reflects light to make the space appear lighter, but the cream prevents the yellow from being overpowering.

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms

Of course, the shade of yellow also adds a sense of coziness to your living room and reminds you of a farmhouse-inspired home. It’s perfect for adding a cozy atmosphere while making your small living room look bigger.

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If you want to add a pop of color to your living room walls, you can’t go wrong with mint. Like other light shades, mint makes a room feel bigger and brighter, while keeping your space from looking too plain or boring.

When you pair mint walls with white trim, you add a clean, fresh look to your living room. You can even enhance the look with mint decorative pillows on your couch.

Gray is a great choice because it comes in a variety of shades. You can use lighter shades of gray to keep your space lighter but cooler, or you can mix cool and warm tones with the previously mentioned shades of gray and white.

It’s also easier to add blue, green or pink tones to a gray living room, and you can also use taupe accents to add depth without making your space look smaller.

Neutral Living Room Color Combination To Recreate Your Space

Navy blue is another good choice to add a splash of color to your small living room. This shade reflects light to make the space bright and open like an additional window.

Blue is also great for adding a calming atmosphere to your space and is always perfect for the living room. With sky blue, you don’t have to worry about choosing a shade of blue that’s too dark for a small space.

There is nothing better than fresh paint on the walls to change the atmosphere of your small living room. The best part is that you can choose from several shades to reflect light and make your space feel open and airy.

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms

Whether you want to stick to neutral colors like gray and pure white or add a pop of color with creamy yellow or sky blue, the right color scheme can transform even the smallest living room into a cozy and comfortable space.

The Best Living Room Paint Colors Of 2023, According To Designers

When choosing a paint color, play around with swatches to see what looks best in your space. With the right color, you can easily make your small living room look bigger.

It is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to advertise and earn advertising fees by linking to When it comes to living room design, an attractive color palette is one of the first aspects to master. It will likely drive the entire design scheme and set the mood for years to come. Plus, your living room is probably the most used room in the house, so it’s a must to choose colors that make you look forward to spending time there! Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or dark and moody, we’ve rounded up tons of designer-approved living room paint ideas to help you get inspired. All you have to do is put on your overalls and pick up a roll – or, you know, hire someone else to do the dirty work. The hardest part is choosing between all these colors for the living room. But once you’ve done that, you can start shopping for decor.

In the couple’s spare Cape Cod-style home, designer Lauren Nelson painted the living room walls a warm gray with purple undertones in Farrow & Ball’s Dove Tale. It keeps the atmosphere neutral but inviting.

A soft white paint with a subtle gray undertone can easily transform your living room into a place where you want to spend all day. Take it from designer Sharon Rimbaum, who decorated this living room with textured fabrics in a neutral color palette to enhance the overall comfort.

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Designer Garrow Kedigan used Lakeside Cabin by Benjamin Moore on the walls of this cozy nook. Pale sky blue serves as a soft backdrop for rich orange and gold decor and a taupe sofa.

Reminiscent of the outdoors and luxurious spas, they can make your living room feel instantly glamorous. Inspired by Brooklinteriors, this room combines Art Deco, Oriental and bohemian elements against a backdrop of Clare’s Dirty Martini paint for a luxurious yet casual atmosphere.

Sunny yellow walls can instantly brighten up a living room, whether it has large windows or small openings for natural light. In this room designed by Taylor Anne Interiors, Farrow & Ball’s Citron adds energy to a tropical, contemporary space.

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms

Create a moody and relaxing scene by painting the walls and ceiling in soft shades of ebony. For designer client Shawn Anderson, comfort and functionality in the living room were key to entertaining. She painted the room in Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams and layered elements that tell the owner’s story to enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

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Designed by Melanie Turner, the walls in this living room are painted by Sherwin-Williams in Windswept Canyon. The ensemble of furniture styles is combined with a general color that perfectly matches the cover.

Frosty blue walls—Benjamin Moore’s Philipsburg Blue to be exact—provide just the right amount of softness in this formal dining room designed by Jenny Wolfe. Gold-framed art and a patterned rug add warmth near the fireplace.

“It’s a vibrant blue that’s happy but not overwhelming,” designer Rudy Saunders says of the wall color in his Upper East Side studio apartment. This is European Fine Paints Jefferson Blue from Dorothy Draper’s range of paints.

Designer Krisna Mehta strives to create a salon feel right at the heart of her home in India. In the living room, a palette of sangria and blues achieves the best bright look for entertaining.

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Designed by Thomas Callaway, this sunny living room exudes warmth despite its large size and high ceiling. Callaway zoned the room to enhance intimacy and then used subtle oil paint on the walls to give the room a golden glow and rich yet soft fabrics.

Designer Cecilia Casagrande chose rich jewel tones for her Boston Colonial living room. Classic yet fresh. The paint color — Farrow & Ball Hague Blue — particularly embraces this duality of modern and traditional styles, making it perfect for a historic home. Casagrande also mixes modern and traditional elements to play further with this juxtaposition of old and new.

Atelier ND and owner Carice Van Houten used different types of plants to enliven the room and create visual intrigue with different heights and shapes. It really refreshes bold pastels and rich earth tones for a unique composition. Tip: Do not forget to paint the ceiling for a more impressive impression.

Best Paint Colors For Small Living Rooms


Living Room Paint Ideas To Transform Your Space With Colour

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