Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

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Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls – Learn about different garage wall painting ideas, the most popular colors, types of paint, and how to choose the best color for your garage walls and features!

We were working on renovating our garage and painting the bare, unfinished drywall was one of the first steps in moving forward!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

The most important decision when painting the garage was choosing the best wall paint for the garage! In the end, we decided on white paint. I will reveal the exact color and pattern below!

Timeless Wall And Trim Color Combinations

If you’re dealing with large spaces, such as the interior of a garage, a coat of white, gray or neutral and lighter paint is a safe idea. It provides a peaceful background for various items stored in the garage or on the garage wall.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Also, light colors, whites, and neutrals help reflect more light, making normally darker spaces like a garage appear brighter.

Additionally, if you are considering selling your home in the future, a coat of white or neutral paint on the garage walls may be more desirable to potential buyers. So one less place to paint!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Garage Paint Ideas For The Perfect Home Workshop

If you want to spice up your garage painting with bright or dark colors, consider adding them to various features of your garage, such as doors, trim, garage cabinets, shelves, or other features such as a brick or concrete base.

For our DIY garage cabinets, we used a dark gray, Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray, which matches the white walls of our garage perfectly.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

This is what a black door looks like on a white background. The door is painted Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and the white trim is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. We used the same color for the shelves of our DIY wooden garage!

How To Paint A Garage From The Doors To The Walls The Best Way

I love how this organized garage from Bigger Than the Three of Us uses a light and dark color scheme with white walls and Behr’s Cracked Pepper for trim, cabinets, and baseboards:

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

And if you want to go even bolder, consider a dark-colored accent wall or a bold-colored accent wall on just one garage wall.

If you want to add a coat of dark paint to your garage walls or create a man-cave (or girl-cave) feel, go for it!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Things To Look For When Choosing Garage Wall Panels

You can always repaint if you don’t like it. This is the best thing about color: it can be changed easily and cheaply!

Here are my 5 favorite white garage paint ideas based on my favorite colors and known popular colors.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Here are 7 of my favorite gray garage paint ideas based on my favorite colors and popular colors I know.

Tips For Applying Garage Wall Paint

Choosing a garage wall color is very similar to choosing a color for the rest of your home. Here is a summary to help you choose the right paint colors:

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

If you want your garage wall to be easy to clean and maintain, it’s best to use a higher gloss finish. I recommend eggshell or satin. Satin surfaces are slightly brighter and easier to wash than eggshell surfaces.

After thinking about my favorite colors from previous projects and following the steps above to choose a color, I chose Pure White (Sherwin Williams in Eggshell).

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Which Is The Best Finish For Walls

I love the white walls in the garage. And after Sherwin Williams narrowed down the two colors to alabaster and pure white, I thought Pure White was a better choice because it’s a little cooler and a little less yellow. And it wasn’t too bright white, but just right.

I love how it looks on our garage wall, as well as the DIY clapboard wall and the shiplap wall we added. It also looks great next to our dark gray DIY garage cabinets! And I love the contrast with our DIY garage shelves, it looks amazing!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

For us, these are the perfect color combinations! And the same white color looks good on different garage wall panels and makes them look cohesive.

Painting Laundry Rooms

We have only painted one side of the garage so far, we are working on finishing the garage in stages. But I can’t wait to paint the rest of the walls with our fresh new white paint!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

One last tip: Before painting the garage wall, if it’s bare, unpainted drywall like ours, be sure to prime it first! We have used this primer on walls and ceilings and it works great!

Some people like to use oil paint on garage walls because of its durability, but water-based paint is still very durable (especially the better quality paint), easy to change, and doesn’t have the strong odor of paint.oil paint.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Weathered Barnwood Paneling For Your Garage Walls Project

Finally, we used interior latex paint. However, consider using exterior paint if you think your garage is more exposed to moisture.

In general, white, light gray or neutral paint is best for garage walls in most garages. Pure White (Sherwin Williams) and White Dove (Benjamin Moore) are two great white color options.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Garage walls should be painted semi-gloss if you want them to be easy to clean, clean and reflect more light. Matte paint is more difficult to clean and is better suited to low-traffic areas.

My Best Tips To Paint Interior Doors

Yes, it’s great to paint your garage walls to protect the drywall, make it easier to clean, and look good!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Paint colors are personal preferences. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for the garage wall, if you like the color, this is the most important and best choice!

I hope these garage wall paint ideas and collection of best colors have been helpful for you and help you choose the perfect color for your garage interior! A fresh coat of paint in the garage makes a big difference and is definitely a good idea!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Clean Garage Walls Before Painting [tips]

We will soon be renovating the rest of our garage, so be sure to follow us! Follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook! While some homeowners simply use their garage to store old things and protect their car during the winter, your garage is actually an extension of your home and can be redesigned, redesigned and remodeled. shaped and developed according to your style and needs. One of the cheapest ways to renovate your garage is to repaint it. Whether you go for classic gray or want to try something more colorful and creative, a coat of paint can transform a dull, dusty garage into a place you’ll actually enjoy spending time in.

In this blog, we take a look at 6 stunning garage painting ideas, from classic muted tones to slightly more creative and quirky ideas. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

This question is actually completely subjective; It’s a bit like wondering which color is best for a bedroom, living room or kitchen. The answer is simple: the color that suits you (and your home) best. However, before choosing a color, it is worth considering the use and functions of the garage.

Painting Walls And Trim The Same Color

For example, if you work from home and use your garage as an office, consider investing in lighter, more inspiring colors that won’t overwhelm the room and make you feel like you’re working in the dark. If your garage is primarily used for entertaining friends (for example, you turned it into a lounge), then you should choose bright, vibrant colors that can easily be combined with furniture and fabrics.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

So, if you need some inspiration, we’ve rounded up 10 color ideas for your garage, from the simple to the elegant to the slightly more unusual:

Gray is a timeless color for any room and is especially suitable for a garage. Choose a light gray to open up the room and make it feel bigger, or choose a darker charcoal gray tone for a more cozy “man cave” feel.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

Affordable Garage Flooring Ideas For An Easy Upgrade

If you’re familiar with garage tile, you know that black and white checkered tiles (as well as black and red patterns) are available; from both Swisstrax and Racedex. If you already have a floor like this in your garage, you can expand on the color theme and choose your own paint colors to match the tiles.

In addition to customizing your garage floor, you can also customize your garage space to match your cabinets. For example, Newage furniture comes in gray, black, silver and red patterns, so you can easily balance or combine these bolder shades with lighter shades of the same color to create something two-toned.

Best Paint For Interior Garage Walls

If you want to create something dramatic and striking, jet black is the way to go. It’s a classic paint color for any garage, and when used correctly it creates a really simple, elegant look. We argue that jet black walls are best for a garage that is primarily used for storage or vehicle space; if you plan to use your garage for other purposes

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