Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

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Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone – In the beauty world, a great red lipstick equals the perfect little black dress. A swipe of a bold shade (or two) can give you more confidence, coordinate the look, and attract some DMs. However, like fashion, makeup is not for everyone, especially women of color.

Fortunately, the industry is moving in a more inclusive direction, but that doesn’t make finding your perfect shade any easier. Sir John, a celebrity makeup artist at L’Oréal Paris, says women of color should avoid pink-tinged colors in favor of orange or blue hues. “Orange-based reds add brown to the skin and give the skin a bit of a glow, while blue-reds help bring out white teeth and a smile,” he shares.

Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

For women of color, the importance of pigment quality in addition to undertones cannot be underestimated. Bad color payoff can be mild, at least — lotions and creams last longer. “For me, I apply straight from the tube, but on clients, I always use a brush or my fingers,” explains makeup artist Lavona Anthony. “After application, I like to dab a little concealer to set the bottom and corners. This prevents bleeding and allows for a more precise pout.”

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Of course, we wanted to see what this color range looks like on real women. That’s why we reached out to various beauty bloggers, makeup artists and fashion influencers to get their thoughts on the perfect shade of red and let them relax! Scroll through to see a selection of them.

“Growing up, I always heard that women with dark skin should not wear red lipstick. This bright red visually tells me that you fit society’s standards of what is beautiful and who should wear it!” – Aviamor, @aviamor

“I struggle with the idea of ​​wearing red lipstick. [Dark skin] is probably the one thing that frustrates me because I’ve seen every skin tone kill a red lip, but I’ve never seen the right shade. Dark skin tones. Red is great for.Finally, I watched more videos about shades and colors [start my search]. M.A.C Cosmetic Ruby Woo is the perfect shade – it’s not orange or purple, it’s perfect cool. The shade is blue-red. Mostly for me. Everyone who meets it appreciates it.” – Callherdestinyy, @callherdestinyy

“If I want a red lip, it’s bright! My favorite olive oil color is Smashbox Always Liquid Lipstick Bang-Bang. It’s the perfect pop of red that goes so well with my brunette hair.” -Terni Panosian, @tenipanosian

The Best Red Lipstick For Your Skintone

“[I] love this lipstick, especially with simple outfits. It instantly gives me a bold vibe. I love red on my lips – I think every girl looks fierce and confident with it.” – Sally Ashur, @sallyomo

“As a woman of color, I like to experiment with deep and burgundy reds, but you can never go wrong with a classic red like this. Here I’m using Dr. Hauschka Lip Pencil #02 and 100% Pure Carmine Lipstick. Its nourishing, non-toxic ingredients My favorite brand for! – Alba Ramos, @sunkissalba

“When it comes to the perfect red lip, the key is finding your red lip.” M.A.C Ruby Woo takes the guesswork out of it because there really is something for everyone. So this has always been my tried and true solution. “. – Blake Von D @blakevond

Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

“About six years ago, I found my perfect red lipstick and it’s still my favorite: Bezo’s Stila liquid lipstick is the best! It dries to a liquid and matte finish. It lasts all day man, the perfect cherry red.” —Grasie Mercedes, @grasiemercedes

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“My favorite red lipstick is Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lipstick. It’s the perfect neutral red for my olive skin, not to mention, it’s super long-wearing.” – Paloma Cordova, @palomaxcordova

“Armani’s Lip Maestro in shade 407 is one of my favorite red lipsticks! This shade has a velvety matte finish, doesn’t dry out the lips and lasts all day. It’s definitely one of my beauty – must-haves.” – Pam Hetlinger, @pamhedlingere

“[M.A.C] Ruby Woo is my ultimate red lipstick! I love the vintage feel of it, and like most black women, I love the matte finish! I have naturally thick lips, so I care about big lips, ruddy mouth, that’s my jam John Woo !” – Freddie Harrel @freddieharrel

“I crave the perfect red lip! I have very full lips and red accentuates my fullness and gives every outfit that extra edge. It’s bold, timeless, sexy and always feels right on me.” – DJ Kitty Cash , @kittycash

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“I’m a red lipstick girl. I turn heads every time I wear Fenty Beauty Stunna. It’s a vibrant red that lasts all day without drying out lips.” – Marty James @themattiejames

“One of the luscious red lips I’ve ever worn is the Covergirl Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick in the Tan-Gel-O formula! This lipstick gives me the best of both worlds: ultra-intense color as a lipstick and gloss as a gloss.” – Jay The Kendall, @LipsticknCurls

“I’m obsessed with everything Pat McGrath puts out and this red lipstick is no exception! It’s so flattering and best of all, it’s hydrating so I can comfortably wear it all day.” – Coco Brazil, @cocobassey

Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

“It’s hard to find an orange-red lipstick that evens out dark skin tones. There are a lot of blue-red lipsticks out there, but this orange-red lipstick warms up your skin. I love how it goes with my golden complexion. Also, it’s vegan. Food-free and you can even use it as a blush!” – Tamia Marie,

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Finding the best MAC lipsticks for medium, brown and light skin tones is actually very easy, but it can be difficult at the same time.

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Makeup for medium skin tones is one of my favorites because most light skin can use a lot of lighter lipsticks than dark and dark skin.

Whether you’re looking for the best MAC red lipstick, a stunning MAC matte lipstick, or another hydrating shade, it’s safe to say you’ll find it.

If you are a fan of MAC cosmetics I have written some guides that you might like; From the best MAC lipsticks in Spice Lip Liner to the best lipsticks in Mehr Lipstick, there is so much to explore.

Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

But today we are going to focus on the best MAC lipsticks for fair to medium, light brown and brown skin.

Best Lipstick Shades (colors) For Dark Skinned Women

Whether you’re of African or Asian descent, have light hair and light skin that tans easily, you’ll find tons of amazing shades here!

In this guide, you’ll find the best MAC lipstick colors for medium-dark, brown skin tones, as well as some of the most famous and best shades that will really flatter your skin, regardless of your hair color.

If you’re looking for the best MAC red lipsticks, pink lipsticks for normal skin as well as a gorgeous range of everyday MAC nude lipsticks, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. Let’s move on!

In my opinion, the best MAC red lipstick for tanned skin tones is Russian Red.

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I know a lot of people ask about Ruby Woo lipsticks, but I have always found Russian Red to be one of the most beautiful matte lipsticks from MAC.

It leaves full color on the lips without tugging, something Ruby Woo couldn’t do without the magic of Prep + Prime Under Lips.

If you’re looking for the best MAC lipsticks for fair and medium skin tones, Russian Red is perfect for every occasion, not just for everyday wear.

Best Red Lipstick For Medium Skin Tone

What I like to do when I put Russian red on anyone is to use a little bit of color for a subtle red because it looks amazing on Asian skin, Indian skin, and incredible color on very pale skin. Amazing.

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Kinda Soar-Ta is one of the newest MAC Powder Kiss lipsticks and one of the best MAC lipsticks for tanned skin.

Because you have

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