Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone

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Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone – Red lipstick has been a beauty staple for decades, but not all shades are created equal. The key to achieving the perfect red lip is choosing a shade that matches your skin tone and undertone. Undertones are the subtle colors of your skin tone that make up your complexion: warm, cool, or neutral. In this article, we give tips for identifying your skin’s undertones and product recommendations for each skin tone.

Before buying the perfect red lipstick, determine your skin tone. An easy way to do this is to examine the veins. If you have fair or medium skin, look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins look blue or purple, you have cool undertones. On the other hand, if you look green, you have warm undertones. If your veins look blue and green, you have neutral undertones.

Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone

Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone

Another way to determine your shade is to see how your skin reacts to the sun. If you burn fast, you get really good sounds. On the other hand, if you stand out, you have a warm undertone. A simple trick for people with dark skin is to hold a white sheet of paper over the face. If your skin looks yellow or golden, you have warm undertones. If it looks red or purple, you have cool undertones.

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Finally, think about which jewelry suits your skin tone. If you look better in silver jewelry, you have cool shades. On the other hand, if the gold jewelry complements your skin tone, you have a warm undertone. Both metals have neutral tones that match your skin tone.

If you have cool undertones, go for a red lipstick with blue undertones. The easiest way to determine if your red lipstick is cool is to apply a light coat first. If it looks pink, it’s probably a cool color. For a deep red shade that’s perfect for the holidays, try Terry Rouge Expert’s Be Me Stick. For a more natural blush, choose Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Lipstick in Red Shot.

If you have warm undertones, look for a red lipstick with hints of gold or peach. The Fire Engine Red shade matches your skin tone perfectly. Try Killian Paris Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick in Devil for a bold and striking color. For a more subdued red and gold undertone, try Terry Lip-Expert Matte Liquid Lipstick in Red Carpet.

Neutral colored individuals can use either blue or peach red. A classic red lipstick is a cheerful medium that complements neutral tones. For a powerful liquid formula, try Terry Lip-Expert Matte Liquid Lipstick in Red Ceremony. For a more traditional creamy satin finish, try the timeless Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick shade in My Red. Dangerous Rouge’s Kilian Paris Rouge Lipstick offers a bold, deep red color for those looking to make a statement.

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In short, choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone takes a little more effort, but the end result is a stunning and complementary look that will make any outfit stand out. Whether you have a cool, warm or neutral undertone, there’s always a red lipstick to suit you! Every item on this page has been selected by the editor. We may earn a commission for certain products you purchase.

In the world of beauty, a gorgeous red lipstick is the perfect LBD. A brightly colored cap (or two) will give you confidence, complete your look and provoke a few DMs. But just like fashion, cosmetics are not all created equal, especially for women of color.

Fortunately, the industry is moving more and more towards integration, but that doesn’t make finding the perfect color any easier. According to celebrity L’Oréal Paris makeup artist Sir John, women of color should avoid shades of pink and opt for shades of orange or blue. “Red on an orange base tans the skin and adds a little glow to the skin, red on a blue base emphasizes white teeth and puts a smile on a symbolic pedestal.”

Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone

Etymology aside, women of color cannot underestimate the importance of color quality. A bad color result can be troublesome to say the least: liquids and creams last the longest. “I myself apply straight from the tube, but with clients I always use a brush or my finger,” says makeup artist Lavon Anthony. “After application, I like to take a little bit of concealer and make the base and corners really clear. This prevents bleeding and makes the cone look really good.”

Best Red Lipsticks For Women Of Color

Of course, we want to see what the bivy shades look like IRL on real women. That’s why we spoke to several beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and tastemakers to get their take on their perfect shade of red—and get them to take a photo! Keep scrolling to see your favorites.

“Growing up, I always heard that dark-skinned women shouldn’t wear red lipstick. Visually, if you wear this bright red, you look beautiful by society’s standards – and who needs to wear what! I wear what I want and wear it. I’m fine!” – Avi Amor, @aviamor

“I’ve always struggled with my self-image. Red lipstick [dark skin] was probably the one thing that held me back the most because I could see any skin tone beating red lips, but I just didn’t. the right shade. watch more videos about red shade and color on dark skin tones [Hunt For starters] MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo was the perfect shade – not too orange or magenta

“If I’m going for a red lip, it’s a definite! My favorite for my olive skin is Smashbox Always Liquid Lipstick in Bang-Bang. It’s the perfect red and goes well with my dark hair. – Teni Panosian, @tenipanosian

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“[I] love this lipstick color, especially with a light outfit. It gives me an instant cool look. I love a good red color on my lips – I think any girl can feel very powerful and confident wearing it.” – Sally Ashur, @sallyomo

“As a woman of color, I love to play around with dark reds and burgundy, but you can never go wrong with a classic red like this. Here I’m wearing Dr. Hauschka Lipliner #02 and 100% Pure Lipstick in Nopal. my favorite product because it’s non-toxic, contains nourishing ingredients. – Alba Ramos , @sunkissalba

“Finding your red is key when it comes to the perfect red lip. MACC’s Ruby Woo takes the guesswork out of it because it looks good on literally everyone. That’s why it’s always been tried and true.” – Blake Von D @blakevond

Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone

“Six years ago I found my perfect red lipstick – and it’s still my favorite: Stila Liquid Lipstick is Beso’s best! It goes on and dries matte. It lasts all day and is the perfect cherry red.” Mercedes, @grasiemercedes

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“My favorite red lipstick is Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint. It’s a medium red shade that’s totally neutral on my olive skin and is super long lasting too.” -Paloma Cordova, @palomaxcordova

“Lip Maestro Armani in shade 407 is one of my favorite red lipsticks! The color has a velvety matte finish that doesn’t dry out the lips and lasts all day. This is definitely one of my beauty must-haves.” -Pam Hetlinger, @pamhetlinger

“[MAC] Ruby Woo is my ultimate red lipstick! I love the retro feel and like a lot of black women [do] I love the matte finish! I already have full lips so I’m very wary of big, bright red lips. so Ruby Woo is my jam!” ” – Freddie Harrel @freddieharrel

“I would love the perfect red lip! My lips are very full and I love the way red accentuates my fullness and adds an extra pop to any outfit. It’s bold, timeless, sexy and always makes me look good.” – DJ Kitty Cash, @kittycash

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“I’m a red lipstick girl and every time I wear Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint I turn heads. This is the ultimate red and lasts all day without drying out the lips.” – Mattie James, @thematiejames

One of the most juicy red lips I’ve ever worn is the Covergirl Melting Pout Gel Lipstick in Tan-Jel-O! This lippie gives me the best of both worlds: bold color that shines like a lipstick and gloss. -Jade Kendall, @LipsticknCurls

“I’m obsessed with every Pat McGrath product and this red lipstick is no exception! It’s so pretty and best of all, it’s hydrating so I can comfortably wear it all day.” – Coco Bassey, @cocobassey

Best Red Lipstick For Skin Tone

“It’s hard to find an orange-red lipstick that goes well with black. It’s hard to find a blue-toned red lipstick, but this orange-red lipstick warms you up.”

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