Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

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Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms – I had planned to wait to share the details of the closet doors until I opened up the first bedroom, but my closet dilemma is delaying the reveal, so let’s talk about the closet doors now. More specifically, let’s talk about how we modified our standard bifold door to look like a bifold door… for less than $25!

This is what our closet originally looked like. ↑ Complete and obsolete double door. Then we did a quick closet makeover last year with better flow. ↓

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

This summer we completely redid our bedroom with higher ceilings, sconces, new flooring and yes…new closet doors.

Bifold Doors Modern & Elegant Folding Doors Multi Folding Doors

Our master bedroom is small, as I think you know by now from all the videos we’ve shared on Instagram. So when we were looking at closet door options…I wanted a bi-fold entry like the wonderful custom homes, I knew we had a practical place for a bi-fold door.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

So my mission was to 1) make the standard bi-fold door look classy and casual. 2) Creating the illusion of double doors (two doors swinging from the center.)

We purchased this solid core, 1 double panel door and it is a great value! But after seeing it in space and looking at kits on Instagram for inspiration, I knew it had to be a bi-panel door. One panel didn’t help my imagination of it looking as good as 2 separate doors and 2 panel doors anyway.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Smooth Carrara Molded Bifold Door (primed)

Adding the MDF piece to the height of our stamps was very easy. We found MDF the same thickness as the skirting boards and nailed the corners to hold them in place.

But it still needed some extra pieces to make it look like a custom door, so I took 5/16″ poplar dowels and added them to the inside edges of all 4 panels. I tried cutting a 45° angle from each corner. Electric saw, but it was too strong and broke the dowel, so I cut each corner by hand with a hand saw. The poplar wood is soft enough that it wasn’t hard to cut… making my corners perfect.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

I filled them with wood and covered all the nail holes/seams and painted the joined pieces so I was working with a solid base color.

How To Install Bifold Doors

Then I paint! If you scroll through some of the photos, you’ll see that the white primer on the door makes the walls look peachy, so I knew a white door wouldn’t work for this space. For consistency, I chose to paint the door the same color as the walls. (Color is custom mixed…click here for color code.) I used this spray for an extra soft finish.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

I like to think of hardware as a door ornament and found some antique hardware at a local thrift store in town…that’s where the magic really happens! One of the biggest pet peeves with bi-fold doors is when there is only one knob or handle on the door. It’s a bi-fold door, so I chose to attach two handles instead. This is a key that looks like 2 double doors.

I think we can officially say our wardrobe changes are complete and we feel great! Who knew it could be as simple as adding MDF, studs and antique hardware to a bi-fold door…and for less than $25!

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

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Stay tuned, once I get the closet and decor sorted, the full bedroom will be revealed!

Closet, Master Bedroom, Master Bedroom, Closet Door, Double Doors, DIY, Door Lock, Door, Hack, Makeover, Before and After, Closet Makeover20 Comments Ever since my closet and living room post, I’ve had tons of people searching for . Tutorial for double panel cabinet doors. Next, I will take very specific pictures during assembly to document the process. Unfortunately, during that repair period, I finished it completely. My mind wasn’t thinking about blog content, just the finished project.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

So, I have some pictures. The quality and mess in each photo had to be reasonable because as I mentioned, this was a real construction site. Yes! Luckily, it’s a very simple and easy DIY, so I’ll do my best to put together a little tutorial for you! Here’s the secret to decorating a simple bi-fold door…

In. X 80 In. 6 Panel Textured Hollow Core Primed White Composite In

I love the look of flat, simple, shaker style doors. It fits the aesthetic of my home and is probably the easiest decoration to use. I want balance; I knew I wanted each of the inner squares to be the same size. Once you’ve decided on the overall design and direction, you’re good to go!

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

1: Gather your supplies. You need an unfinished interior bifold wooden door. Such doors can be purchased from any retailer as long as the cabinet door frame is a standard size. You will also need a saw, poplar board, wood glue, wood filler, level, sandpaper/sandpaper, primer, paint, brush/roller, and hardware. If you want heavier doors, you can use a finishing nail gun instead of wood glue.

2: Measure and cut. Being a visual person, I like to sketch a little and calculate the size of each square or piece of trim. After calculating the length of each plank of wood, measure and mark each piece. Remember the old rule, “measure twice, cut once” … I’m always guilty of skipping this step and it comes back to bite me. Then you are ready to cut wood.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Interior Closet Door

3: Assemble and place. If your design is mine, you should have 8 long boards and 24 short boards. Start by attaching the long vertical pieces first. Install the left 1/4-in

On the edge and up and down. Again, you don’t want to install them on edge (this is the same rule of thumb when installing windows or doors)! Once the long pieces are in place and square, start gluing the short cross pieces.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

4: Fill and sand. Allow the door plenty of time to dry completely (I recommend at least a day). Next, you’ll want to fill any cracks, crevices, or joints with wood filler. Some joints may have expanded or contracted slightly, wood filler should do the trick to fill any small gaps. After the wood filler is completely dry, sand the doors until they are nice and smooth.

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5: Primer and paint. I think this is part of the fun because you can actually see the transformation! You can use a brush or a roller. I rounded the flat panel using a brush for the edges and inside corners. As with any other door or trim, I recommend using a semi-gloss finish. Here are the doors polished and ready for paint (apparently the walls needed it too, yes):

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

6: Install (if you haven’t already), connect your devices. You may have thought about installing your own doors. I painted my doors when they were installed. Maybe it became difficult, but I wanted to see them in space. Some doors come with hinges, while others do not include hardware. I chose brass pulls to match the door knobs (agate pulls). The last step is to connect the external equipment, and then everything is done! If you need some hardware inspiration, check out the hardware section of this Etsy roundup.

Ever since I updated my cabinet doors, I’ve seen decorative cabinet doors pop up a lot in my feed. I love this review by Jenny Komenda on the little green notebook. There are many ways to dress up a boring bi-fold door. Hope to try my DIY; Tag us so we can share your results! Whether you’re renovating your space or finishing a closet, there are many reasons to choose bi-fold doors. Here are some of the benefits of choosing bi-fold doors for your closet or space.

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Attractive Bi Fold Closet Doors

Part of the genius of bifold doors is their excellent design. Each door has two hinged panels that fold together when opened. Unlike traditional doors that require a significant amount of passage space to open wide, bi-fold doors take up half the width of the door! Because they don’t require a lot of room to expand, they’re great doors for small spaces like tight closets, tight laundry rooms, or storage rooms. Sliding closet doors are tricky because they’re always half-closed, but bi-fold doors open so you can access the entire closet at once. Bi-fold doors work well in large spaces, creating a nice open entryway.

Since then there are many different materials to choose from

Bifold Closet Doors For Bedrooms

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