Blue Colors For Exterior House

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Blue Colors For Exterior House – I love the colors, I don’t think anyone is surprised by this statement, but I thought I’d clarify if I really thought I was secretly in a monster truck or something. Not me. I think a large portion of the population would rather turn a blind eye (or worse, talk about monster trucks) than read a blog about paint colors, but I’m not one of them. And I think if you’re reading here, you’re either with me or you just came here to see what you’ve ever seen. Anyway, let’s dig deeper

I wanted a dirty blue/blue/aqua color for the exterior of my house. Remember this photo for your outdoor inspiration post?

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Take my money, this is exactly what I wanted So choosing this color was my first and most important mission. I also had a darker and less important but still important mission, which was to not think too much about this paint color choice. I may (definitely have) have a story about it. I know what I want… I put some swatches on the wall, pick one and move on.

Blue Exterior House Paint Colors

I immediately decided to try Benjamin Moore’s Eggine Teal because it was the color of 2021 and very popular.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Illustrated I can’t go wrong with this choice as I’ve seen it everywhere and loved it every time.

I got them with Agent Teal at Home Depot, even though it’s a Benjamin Moore paint. Did you know that you can find paints made by other companies (Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.) at Home Depot? They have other companies’ color formulas stored in their systems, so you just give them a color name and they can do it

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

So here are my six designs on the wall, in alphabetical order (I always recommend putting them in alphabetical order in case you forget which is which.)

From there I chose three to paint elsewhere…next to the orange in the foreground

Blue Colors For Exterior House

A lighter color was what I had in mind all along, I loved something about that super dark teal, I just swatched it for the heck of it, maybe I’ll have something to take off right away, but no… I loved it

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colours For Your Mid Century Inspired Home

And it was So I resisted the urge to go back to Home Depot and get five more samples of navy blue (because, you know, it’s a new color category and all) and sent my selection to the builder.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Does this color make me nervous? Hell yeah, but fear is stupid when it comes to design, so the sophisticated teal (which the neighbors hate me for) won out.

I also chose Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black for the trim color…not even giving myself more options.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Of The Best Front Door Colors For Blue Houses

Triangle black is a popular color right now, and for good reason, it’s true silent art. It’s not charcoal to light brown black or anything other than plain old pure black

So these are my exterior paint color choices I picked out on a day with minimal overhang. I feel like you’re giving me a virtual pat on the back and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Here’s to growth 🍻

Blue Colors For Exterior House

And now you can return this weekend for another week where that plan is completely wrong

Stunning Coastal Home Exterior Colors

*While we’re on the subject of color swatches, I recently tried a company called SAMPLIZE and am a huge fan.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Samples sells peel and stick paint samples made with real paint (not cardboard that you paint on a paint pad). They are large, repositioned, and about the same price as small paint swatches. They ship overnight and are super easy…no mess, no storage, easy to move around the house to see in any light, no strings. and they can be ordered from the big paint companies (SW, BM, etc.) in almost any color. ) You can try them out by clicking here Use code 15OFF now through November 15th to get 15% off your order! (Affiliate link) Whether you’re looking for something bold and moody or an airy fresh look, our designers can help you find the perfect shade of blue.

While we’re happy to explore the color wheel for all exterior designs, our designers often use blue in vertical, horizontal/cover panels, or clapboards.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

How To Choose Exterior House Colors

Brick & Batten’s expert exterior designers can help you find the right paint color and visualize it in your home before you take the leap into such a large selection of designs. We work with you every step of the way to help you achieve a design that meets all of your goals. Learn more about what we do

If you’re looking for a lighter navy, Sherwin Williams’ Needpoint Navy should be on your radar. With LRV 13, the tone has all the assurance that blue offers without being too harsh or too saturated. It is a beautiful companion to natural elements such as wood and stone

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Our designers love using Benjamin Moore’s Hal Navy to make a statement. It is a subtle and stylish shade that is true and deep navy Hale Navy is versatile and similar to the historic house above and looks especially stunning in the classic home styles at the beginning of this post. It looks great with copper, wood and stone accents, and we paired it with both dark and light colors. Pairing it with white trim is one of our most trusted palettes for contrast and curb appeal.

Exterior Paint Colors For Outbuildings

If you’re looking for a deeper color than navy, Sherwin Williams Naval is one of our favorite near-black navy colors. Its LRV is 4, so it’s really dark. With a stunning purple undertone, navy looks amazing with natural stones and plants with purple undertones. Its depth allows bolder colors to come into the design, like Benjamin Moore’s Wasabi, which we used for the front door in this rendering.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Interested in James Hardie siding? A Nice Choice Their evening blue color, baked into the finish above, adds a dramatic touch to this multi-level home. You can combine this gorgeous navy blue with wood and copper accents for a bold and rustic feel, or choose a combination of light gray and off-white to accentuate the contrast and create a chic aesthetic.

Our designers don’t just stick to dark blue when it comes to blue exterior color. Bravo Blue by Sherwin Williams is an attractive pastel shade that complements light exterior colors that are bolder than white or gray. As bright as this blue is, pairing it with white creates a clean, crisp vibe that complements the stunning architectural style and beachy aesthetic of this home.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

How I Chose My Exterior House Colors And Went From Plain To Pow!

Stick to Beachy Vibes: What better palette for a coastal home than beachy hues? Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is the perfect baby blue shade for this waterfront home. The color scheme with light gray stone and white accents is light and fresh

To transform your home’s exterior into a stunning masterpiece, explore the possibilities of virtual exterior design. Brick & Batten offers a unique service that turns your vision into reality by dramatically increasing your home’s curb appeal with photo-realistic designs and personalized shopping lists.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Benjamin Moore’s Westcott Navy looks a little darker than navy, but it’s still one of our favorite blue exterior colors. Combined with dark colors, it gives off an atmospheric vibe and is more on the deep gray side. However, when used with lighter shades (as in this model), its rich dark blue tone comes through more strongly.

How To Pick The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home’s Style

We always recommend collecting samples and experimenting with paint colors. Factors such as natural light, noise and static elements greatly affect the appearance of paint. Our friends at Samples provide us with very large 9 x 14.75 inch peel and stick paint samples that we love. Order your “Real Paint, No Mess” sample from Samples here

Blue Colors For Exterior House

There are many blue exterior colors for the home, but don’t discount shades of gray when looking for the perfect solution. You can find a variety of grays with strong blue undertones, and our favorite is Benjamin Moore’s steel wool. In this rendering, our designers paired it with wood and stone accents for an updated rustic look.

Aletian by Sherwin Williams is an attractive, fresh blue that works well for traditional homeowners who want a pop of color. Its average LRV value (39) works well with both dark and light accents. Our designers chose one above

Blue Colors For Exterior House

The Top 2023 Exterior Paint Color Trends To Try On Your Home

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