Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

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Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover – I usually post about my house, but for a change, I want to show Ed and my good friends Debbie and Martin’s exterior renovation.

They were our neighbors for 22 years when we lived in PA. They moved into this house from the previous neighborhood a few years before we moved to Lake Murray, South Carolina.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

They are the same age as us and since they are empty nesters who don’t need a big house, they decided to look for a small house with land in a more rural area of ​​the city.

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After months of searching, they found a red brick house on a 7 acre lot.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

They did not just stop at changing the exterior of the house. They also added to the vacant, wide-open yard to create a small farm with a barn and an additional driveway…

I know you will love to see how they have changed their appearance to suit their dream style and outlook on life.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

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This is how the house looked before it was remodeled. Red brick in excellent condition, but not the look they wanted.

They painted all the brick white, added a metal roof, overflow, vertical panel cladding, new doors and lighting fixtures.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

A 1970’s brick house turned into a dream home in just a few years. Red/orange brick, red roof, rust/red fenders.

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Debbie and Martin not only painted the house with white and black panels, but also added a metal roof and gazebo. He laid paving stones and created a white walled garden with cut flowers, herbs and vegetable beds.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

Gardening is one of Debbie’s passions. With colorful flowers everywhere, her green thumb skills are evident at every turn.

After buying the house, they stripped and renovated the interior before moving in. Over the next few years, the exterior of the house changed.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

Giving A Basic Red Brick Ranch Modern Curb Appeal

Replace the glass roof with a metal roof. The metal roof was made in color by Drexel Metal Roofing Systems

Here is a metal roof chip. The color looks different depending on the amount of light. It’s more silver on a sunny day, dark gray on a gray day.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

You can see the garden after adding the metal roof and installing the foundation in this photo.

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Shortly after they moved in, they made a hut and a chicken house, built both on the side of the yard so they wouldn’t block the view.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

The old truck and tractor in front gives the impression that it was always a barn farm instead of a brick farm standing alone on 7 acres.

As I said above, the changes in the exterior of this house were not done all at once, but over several years. They knew what they wanted and took the time to get it right. We’re big fans of brick paint, and we’re here to help you find the perfect color palette if your brick needs updating. BUT we totally understand that customers want to leave the bricks natural! A red brick house can be beautiful; However, it is a powerful look and more difficult to work with, especially with the color palette. We often have customers write about things like what finishes they recommend putting their red brick house with, what color is best to complement a red brick facade, and more. We thought this review might help some of you decide how to update your red brick home.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

Brick Ranch Renovation

Having trouble imagining updates to your red brick home? That’s why we created our virtual design service. We can help you visualize what exterior design updates will look like by providing you with a visual representation of the new look.

This traditional two-story red brick home has beautiful architectural lines and needs some fresh accents to modernize and dress it up. Paint Colors Benjamin Moore created a new color palette: Revere Pewter on the trim, Dragon’s Breath to stain the wood siding, and black on the windows. Dark color on the roof, new wooden garage doors and brass gutters are stylish finishes.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

This red brick ranch style is a classic design found in American neighborhoods built after World War II. The improvement of the front porch and new materials made the biggest impact in bringing it into the 21st century. Our designers also recommend removing the shutters (because they didn’t have the right size) and updating the windows and front door. Wood trim and brass channels combined with Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams soften the contrast and make the handle more modest.

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This traditional two-story house had a second-story window and a Tudor-influenced facade that felt a little dated and finished. We recommend Benjamin Moore’s new Hardie® Graphite Vertical Panels for a colorful look. Pewter Revere on the hood accentuates the roofline. A new door above the front door and a raised walkway to the front door.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

A few simple updates have breathed new life into this traditional two-story beauty. Kendall charcoal Benjamin Moore finishes with paint, windows and gutters in Onyx, new double doors and iron shutters contrast the natural red brick. A darker roof, several shades from the original, ties it all together.

Another beautiful traditional home with a face lift from simple updates. New modern windows with black grilles and some shutters give a contemporary feel. Then emphasize the layers of the house, accent wooden doors and elegant double doors combined with copper channels. Finally, a bluestone walkway and new front steps keep things stable.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

Home Exterior Makeover

This modern house is made of dark red brick, suitable for wood panels. We recommend the Woodtone composite wood siding option under your front door. It features a new roof, modern garage doors, exterior lighting, and black and brown-gray trim featured in Benjamin Moore Onyx. Finally, we propose the new James Hardie standard vertical siding for the upper house painted in Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray.

This beautiful historic red brick home has been given a new look with some purposeful updates. First, we offered new Marvin windows and new double steel doors. Other dark accents include an X-shaped gate between the existing brick columns and Bahama-style shutters on the set of windows to the left of the door. Bevolo’s classic brass lighting pays homage to the past. Finally, Tivertino panels update the door frame in front of the roof line.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

The bright red brick of a traditional mid-century farmhouse seemed like a great contrast to the crisp white accents. In addition, a lot happened to the black panels, deep blue front door, and gray tile roof. I recommend closing the color palette and brightening the brick. The new metal roof is a warm brown color that shows off the copper gutters, exterior lighting, and beautiful new wood doors. I added an eyebrow roof to the garage for interest. Benjamin Moore light oak trim, roof deck and new garage door. New Hardie® Shingle Siding painted in Rockport Gray brightens the front porch area.

Before & After: Our House’s Exterior

We always recommend taking samples and testing paint colors. Factors such as your property’s natural lighting, tone, and fixtures will have a significant impact on how your exterior color will look. Our friends at Samplize offer a large 9 x 14.75 inch paint template for exterior colors. Order your “Real Paint, Messy” sample from Samplize here.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

Moving into more modern design territory is the new exterior design of this two-level home. As the siding dominates the upper floor, the red brick accentuates this facade. We recommend replacing old Hardie® vertical tabletops and painting your fireplace with Benjamin Moore Graphite. The siding and roof are done by Sherwin Williams in Tricorn Black, which goes well with the family of black lighting, garage doors, windows, and new chimney caps. Wood and brass accents bring in natural elements that bring out the warmth of brick.

As you can see, many traditional red brick houses had bright white tin and trim – a color palette we prefer to take down a few notches. In this house, I suggest Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal and Light Oak Siding. The entrance has received a major update with beautiful new wooden double doors, beautiful frames, terraces, decorative lanterns and fresh stone and stone paths.

Brick Ranch Home Exterior Makeover

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We have renovated this large traditional red brick house with a contemporary exterior design

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