Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls – Exposed interior brick walls never seem to go out of style, but with the rise of industrial loft and boho chic styles, they seem more popular than ever. So how do you decorate a room with brick walls? And how do you add bricks to the interior of your home if you don’t already have one?

We’ve put together a complete guide on how to use bricks as a design element in your home and how to add them if you don’t have any. Plus, you’ll find tips on how to drill bricks to hang art, as well as how to paint bricks.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Brick complements most decorating styles, including industrial loft, boho chic, farmhouse and French country. Even a modern interior looks sharp when offset by a brick accent wall. If you already have a brick wall, here’s how to make the most of it.

Using Brick Veneer To Accent The Interior Of Your Home

Classic red and brown bricks have a timeless appeal, but modern bricks are moving to other colors as well, according to the Brick Industry Association. A 2019 survey found that the most popular brick color choices for living spaces were white, grey, brown and gloss, with green, black and metallics growing in interest.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Want to change the look of your bricks? Painting bricks is pretty easy if you follow these steps. Beware. Brick absorbs paint, so a brick wall will require more paint than a normal wall, but once applied, it cannot be restored to its original color.

Although the weight you can support depends on the condition of the bricks used, you can support anything from a framed picture to a 60-inch flat screen TV on a brick wall. To hang things safely, you just need to have the right tools and know what you’re doing.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

How To Bring Out Your Interior Brick Accent Wall With These Painting Tips

All you need to hang most things is a regular drill that can drill multiple holes up to 1 inch deep. A standard rock drill bit with a carbide tip will suffice. However, larger objects will require deeper and more holes. Don’t be afraid to do the work with your drill because it can cause a fire. Rent a heavy-duty hammer drill at your local tool rental center. If possible, also rent a carbide rock drill. This can save you a lot since you actually need two drills: one to drill the pilot tubes and one to drill the actual holes.

Next, you need to determine where to dig. Brick is usually the best choice because it can support more weight than mortar. But if the bricks are old and brittle, drilling mortar may be a better option, especially if the item you want to hang is heavy. When in doubt, don’t risk drilling into fragile bricks, but instead drill into the mortar. This way the anchor extends towards the brick and will not have a chance to break the already weak brick.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Masonry can be intimidating, and if you rent, it may not be an option. You can use glue sticks, brick hangers or brick clips to hang things without drilling into the brick wall.

Tumbled Brick Veneer

If you don’t have brick walls but want one, you can create the look with brick veneer. Basically, this veneer is a thin brick that is laid similar to tiles. They create the impression of a real brick wall. However, this stone is lighter than real brick and easier to install.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Depending on the surface of the wall, you may need to install ¼” cement board first. However, in most cases you can apply veneer directly to an existing wall. (Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or contact your local retailer before starting.)

There is no need to apply veneer to add a “brick” wall. Instead, you can get this look by adding wallpaper. Most modern brick wallpapers are easy enough to install that almost anyone can do, and they look realistic from a distance. Visit any home improvement store and home decor center for the latest designs. (Lowe’s has a square foot calculator to help you determine how much wallpaper you’ll need for your project.)

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Granulbrick Mix 2 Manufactured Stone Handmade Brick Veneer

For a more three-dimensional look, you can install wall panels. They usually come in 4-by-8-inch panels, costing about $35 each, and require no more effort to install than wallpaper.

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Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Our range of brick veneer products brings the timeless beauty of brick to homes across the country without the time and expense of installing real brick.

Exposed Brick Walls: Steps And Ideas For Creating A Feature Brick Wall

Client Sean Hex used our Chicago Brick Veneer Panels to add rustic charm to his basement bar. C… Expand full text

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Client Sean Hex used our Chicago Brick Veneer Panels to add rustic charm to his basement bar. Chicago Brick complements the counters perfectly and provides a great contrast to the color of the cabinets. The result is a faux brick basement bar that feels warm and inviting.

Our faux brick panels are waterproof, making them an excellent choice for basement bars. They are easy and depending on the size of the project can be completed in one weekend with almost no mess! Brick panels can save you time and money and are virtually maintenance free!

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Interior Brick Walls

Our panels are made from real bricks, giving them an authentic look and feel, and hand painted with 12 coats of paint, so repetition is minimal. This means your faux brick cellar walls will look like real bricks, delight your guests and give your bar a unique and attractive feature.

It’s very cool! I’m not sure why I waited so long to buy this. Very easy to install and the finished product – Wow. I wanted to add a little pizazz to my basement bar and went with an exposed brick (Chicago) look. I kept the boxes in my basement for about a month. With COVID hitting, I thought it was a good time to start some home projects. The results surprised me. Below are photos of the project. Highly recommended. This item is worth its weight in gold.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

See, Feel, Buy Samples Want to see live panels? Buy a sample now Buy a sample JL Sons is pleased to offer our customers a stunning new IBV feature / “Made in Canada” accent wall for your home or business. We have partnered and partnered with @torboltcontracting to offer luxury brick interior cladding and expert installation. Our highly creative team will be happy to discuss different design options for you and your space.

Koni Buff Old Chicago Thin Veneer

The value of our home and business locations has never been greater. It’s time to decorate your space the right way – the only way we know how! Our brick veneer is NOT made of plastic and is not a one-dimensional wallpaper. They are high quality, durable, look and feel like real bricks and are installed with real mortar.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

As a proud local Canadian small business, we are happy to announce that this brick siding is LOCALLY MADE in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 🍁

This versatile brick wall comes in a variety of styles, colors and designs, from the traditional natural brick look to soft whites or bold paint colors.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

Thin Brick Accent Wall W/ Brickwebb

Looking for a different look? How about combining barn wood veneer and brick for a stunning accent wall that will be the focal point of any home or business. <>

There are many options to choose from and we are so excited and proud to offer this amazing product at JL Sons Wood Designs! We have installed two of these walls in our Vaughan, Ontario JLSWD showroom and have several display board samples available for viewing. Brick veneer is made from real bricks that are thinner than the normal bricks used in masonry construction. The thin bricks used have a maximum thickness of 1 and ¼ inches and are used as tiles for interior remodeling and repair, applied with mortar and spacers to existing walls or structures. They are non-load-bearing and do not affect the structural aspects of the house.

Brick Veneer For Interior Walls

They add charm and romance to exposed brick at a fraction of the cost of building a home. It adds personality and individuality

The Secrets To Amazing Interior Brick Wall Is Here!

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