Bright And Airy Living Room Ideas

Bright And Airy Living Room Ideas – Our family room is one of the rooms in our house that I get asked the most questions about. Many of the pieces in our room are custom made, out of stock or a little expensive. So today I thought I’d share how you can create the look of our light and airy living room. Oh, and best of all, I found lots of pieces similar to ours for a fraction of the price!

Our family room was designed with 5 kids and a puppy in mind! The details and fabrics in this room may not seem kid friendly, but the most amazing thing about this room is that it is both baby and pet friendly! No need to sacrifice luxury for durability! Buy products with high quality fabrics to ensure longevity. The key is in the fabric!

Bright And Airy Living Room Ideas

Bright And Airy Living Room Ideas

Many of our products are made to order. Our sofas, ottomans, curtains and rugs are made for us from timeless fabrics. However, I found some similar options that will help you recreate the look for less!

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At the end of this post, you’ll find exact items (if available) and similar options (if available, cheaper) from our closet.

For more information about this room and to see the transformation, you can visit the reveal poster on our website.

Our Greek Key pillows are made to order. I really love them but they are not very budget friendly. So I found a very economical option for you! These Greek Key pillows are a fraction of the price! They even come in waist sizes.

The gold garlands are one of my favorite parts of the room. They’ve moved around a lot in the few years I’ve had them. They currently sit on my favorite marble end table in the living room. I found this really affordable laurel wreath stand and will either paint the base white or use rub and puff to give it a gold finish.

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Our marble table is beautiful and if it fits your budget I would do it! If that’s not in your budget, this marble table is a great option! You asked and I will answer! We answer our 5 most frequently asked questions and share all the details to update our light and airy living room. As we settle into this house and find things that make sense and fit, you know things are always changing with our fixer upper! We recently updated the portal – more on that soon and gave the site some love. I updated the lamps, rugs, pillows, curtains and installed roman shades and added crown molding and window coverings.

Last week, when it was raining and cold, I turned on the light and took these photos on my iPhone. I recently shared them on IG and got so many questions, I thought I’d write a quick post and share them with you here on the blog. I plan to take better photos, but until then let’s answer your questions!

Our living room wouldn’t be light and airy without our white sofa. I have many questions about this. Here’s the scoop – it’s the IKEA Furlove sofa. It has a bench seat and a removable cover. There are other color options for the cards, but I love white, so white wins! This will be the last thing updated on our website. We have a new white bed that I can’t wait to share with you.

Bright And Airy Living Room Ideas

I know what you’re thinking – why a new bed? What’s wrong with IKEA? Well here’s my answer, I’m not a big fan of the fabric and I don’t like the pillows, but for the price you can’t beat it! You can definitely invest in some covers from other companies, but I thought that didn’t make up for the pillows being so uncomfortable (in my opinion). It’s time to say goodbye.

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I recently added this beautiful rug to bring some color and pattern to our mostly white living room. It is currently out of stock, but I will link to it and hopefully it will be back in stock soon! I’ve also included a few other similar options that you might find useful! It is very similar and in stock. I love how soft it is and the variety of colors – they are all so sweet and pretty! Our mat size is 6 x 9 and I really recommend this mat under the mat.

I recently updated our lighting with this pendant and it was one of the most affordable updates I’ve done in a long time! Here’s a great steal under $150, and ours is black. They also have brass and silver options. This is the perfect modern farmhouse pendant and I’m so glad we got it for our living room – the size and height is perfect for our 8ft ceiling.

This is one of the most popular questions I get in my inbox and in the comments on IG. Our wall color is Sherwin Williams Snowbound. It’s the perfect neutral white/light gray and goes with everything! We painted the inside of our entire house this color and couldn’t be happier!

We recently added crown molding, window surrounds and gave our fireplace some much needed paint (we don’t want the white look). We used Behr Ultra Pure White. I chose the fireplace with a matte finish and the rest of the trim and the barn door with a semi-gloss finish.

Light And Airy Living Room Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

I hope you found the answers to the top 5 frequently asked questions about our light and airy living room helpful! What other questions do you have – leave them below!

And one more thing… I wanted to share this fun fact – did you know that some of my most popular posts on IG are lit instead? You can appreciate the cozy atmosphere that natural lighting and mood lighting can provide in a space. I know most designers and influencers avoid shooting interiors with lights on. Instead of turning off the lights and avoiding the shoot, I’m feeling that warm glow and sharing it on the blog – hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out our DIY rustic fireplace post to see what this space looked like before the holidays. Our light and airy interior design is perfect for customers who prefer neutral decor and want to create a contemporary and affordable style. to your apartment. This light and airy interior design maximizes the small one-bedroom space by providing a multi-functional layout that includes living room, dining and work areas. Contemporary furniture was chosen to complement the space while keeping this apartment light, bright and airy. For inspiration on interior design ideas and furniture solutions for small rooms, read on.

Space is tight in this one-bedroom apartment, but the multi-functional design that integrates living, dining and workspace makes the most of every square meter. Designed as a whole, every element of this room works well together, but the space is also cleverly divided. The living room has a carpet with a sofa big enough for family and friends. Both the dining area and study are furnished with soft silhouettes to keep the space uncluttered, and each area has dedicated lighting to create intimacy. The off-white and gray color scheme is trendy, effortlessly chic and helps the room feel open and airy. Contrasting details add definition; Artwork, round mirror, coffee table, console table and vintage style radiator. Larger pieces like chairs, rugs and wide floorboards really make a room look bigger. “People often think to use small things in a small space, but they make the room smaller,” says Olga.

Bright And Airy Living Room Ideas

Diversity does not mean restrictive. Well-chosen furniture for its style and proportions, this room allows it to work hard, but it also looks beautifully serene. The dining table stands on a single pedestal for a crisp white and clean exterior. The sofa is low but very comfortable, and the large carpet that extends from below creates the illusion of even more space. Smart storage is critical in busy facilities. Shelves are tall for display and storage, but the walls are left free for artwork that can look beautiful and brighten up a pale wall. Stylish sideboards sit on legs to maximize floor space, a great way to enhance the feeling of space. This sofa has storage and also converts to a guest bed, a perfect combination of style and style

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