Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones

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Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones – Benefit hit the waves around 2001 when they released their Hula formula, and anyone who didn’t have the same skin tone as me went crazy for the stuff.

“Let’s say you’re on vacation,” I said when I asked about Heap. However, this is usually followed by the words: “You don’t have to worry about it”, or something like that.

Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones

Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones

And frankly, I don’t because, among many other things, the beleaguered beauty industry of the 2000s decided they didn’t need color marketing in general.

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Fast forward 20-something years later; The shade area has expanded, but inclusivity is not something the brand shies away from.

So still not bronzed when it comes to makeup products? I thought to myself, even though I was once randomly asked, “Why are you wearing blusher, you can’t tell when you’re blushing?!”

I think in general, when it comes to makeup, I stick to practice as much. I still have the same shade of blusher MUA sold me at the makeup counter at Macy’s NYC in 2006 (‘Gingerly’, for anyone wondering).

I didn’t achieve bronze because I never used it. Where do I put it on my face? Where the sun naturally hits the top of your face, I was told after a quick YouTube search.

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With summer still feeling a long way away here in the UK and ready to try something new, I looked to solve the problem. I approach finding my perfect shade with a level of doubt and excitement usually associated with just buying a new pair of jeans.

One swipe and I’m sold! Surely this isn’t the “job” I’ve been putting off for so long?

With this bronzer, I quickly noticed what was missing from my makeup routine. It gives my skin just the right amount of warmth and glow, and the pigmentation gives it a natural glow that looks effortless.

Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones

I don’t think you can go too far wrong as I find the pigment to be quite light and super buildable, giving you more control over your look. This product will definitely give you that “have you got something?” The vibration is off.

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I think it might be too cool a color for my skin tone; It adds depth to my face but doesn’t have the warmth I need.

However, the formula gives good coverage and is easy to build with no white cast marks. Not crazy about it.

After checking my face against the swatches on the website (which I thought was the same skin tone), I went with shade 04. I was worried at first that it would be too bright when I saw it on the pan, but put your faith in Victoria Beckham; Even though I wasn’t tentative, he knew this was the perfect match!

A stylish compact just begging to be shown off with a pair of blending shades of bronze, I think this is a season-to-summer look.

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This bronzer duo is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. Lighter colors give warmth and darker, cooler tones give definition.

I only like warm tones but if you are more confident than me, go with cool tones and sculpt yourself a whole new face. There is drama!

L’OrĂ©al’s bronzer offers great coverage, and is easily pigmented. I feel like I need to get into the shade in the summer. The undertone is warm but maybe more on the pink side than I would like.

Bronzer For Dark Skin Tones

I love the fact that you can flip the compact for a mirror on the other side, which is an added bonus.

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