Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Stain And Sealer

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Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Stain And Sealer – Guilford Hardware offers a variety of in-store services designed for your convenience. Our services include propane tank refills, locksmiths, rope and chain cutting and more. To see the full list of offers in our store, please click below

Guilford Hardware and Outdoor Power Equipment offers a wide selection of products carefully selected to meet your needs. Our diverse collection is tailored to the New England season. To ensure high quality for a better shopping experience.

Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Stain And Sealer

Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Stain And Sealer

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Cabot Seacoast Gray Solid Exterior Wood Stain And Sealer (1 Gallon) In The Exterior Stains Department At

Benefits Description Specifications • Saves time and money Scag Windstorm Works for up to 6 people with this backpack blower! • 180° multi-directional air outlet control at your fingertips • Big power: 37 horsepower Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ EFI • High volume air outlet 6,000 / 7,500 CFM • Removes debris, leaves, dirt, snow and There’s more. Calm down! • Includes a two-year warranty. Skeg Windstorm Zero-Turn Stand-On Blower: Unleash Power and Efficiency! Looking for your lawn care game? Discover the Skeg Windstorm zero turn floor blower with the amazing 37 horsepower Vanguard Big Block EFI engine. This power will revolutionize the way you deal with debris, leaves and more. Find out why this is a must-have for both professionals and homeowners. Unrivaled 37 HP Big Block Engine: The Skag Windstorm features a Vanguard 37 HP Big Block EFI engine, ensuring strong and reliable performance. 6,000/7,500 CFM Airflow: With an airflow rate of 6,000 CFM and a peak of 7,500 CFM, this blower is six times more powerful than a traditional backpack blower. It saves you time, effort and money. HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Built with 8 23-inch blades, this blower ensures worry-free operation and locks the blades securely with a tapered locking hub. Control right at your fingertips Nozzle Direction System (NDS): Enjoy easy control with Scag’s exclusive NDS, offering settings for auto-left, auto-right and fine tuning. It offers a 180-degree nozzle angle to tackle tough debris. Hydro-Gear Hydraulic Pump: Experience precise maneuverability with freewheel control. Durability Operator Friendly Design: Controlled coil suspension of the operator platform ensures a comfortable ride and reduces fatigue during use. Fixed Platform: 24 x 9.5 – 12 with tubeless 4-ply drive tires and twin front wheels. Different terrain navigation Extended run time: The Skag Windstorm is equipped with a large 8-gallon gas tank made of durable and lightweight polyethylene. Complete with fuel gauge and cup holder for added convenience. Transport made easy Tie down securely: Easy to move the blower between locations with the four-point tie down. Upgrade your lawn care equipment with the Skeg Windstorm Zero-Turn Floor Air Blower and experience the benefits of unmatched power, efficiency and precision. Perfect for cleaning sidewalks, parking lots, fields and more. It is a great choice for golf courses, campgrounds, commercial properties and landscaping. Additionally, it is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Do not miss this opportunity. It will take your cleaning to the next level. Invest in Skag Windstorm today and conquer the shards with ease! Windstorm Skeg Specifications • Model WS23-37BV-EFI • Total Fuel Capacity: 8 Gallons • Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ Engine – Electronic Fuel Injection • Horsepower: 37 HP • Effective CFM Output: CFM – 6, 000, 000 PEAC : 7, 500 • Electric Clutch: Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft. lbs.) with Softstart Electric Clutch Control • Frame Construction: All Steel, 10 Gauge Welded • Propeller Construction: All Steel, Welded 8 Blades Dynamic Balance: Hub Locking Impeller Assembly • Impeller Diameter: 23″ Wide / 8.5″ • Blower Housing • Construction: 12-gauge welded front and side steel frame and side housing plates. 10 Back Gauge • Blower Housing Width: 10″ • Blower Tilt Angle: 16 Degrees Vertical Tilt; 180 Degrees Left/Right Horizontal Rotation • Handlebar: No • Vibration Control: No • Discharge Opening: 69 Square Inches • Left / Right Discharge: Nozzle Controlled • Steering system provides maximum rotation of 180 degrees • Release angle control Yes – Mechanical lever : No • Front wheels: 13″ x 5″-6″, flat • Rear wheels: 24″ x 9.5″-12″ 4 racks • Equipment Options: Chrome Wheel Cover Air Cleaner Screen Light Kit • Length: 71.5″ • Width: 51″ • Height: 47.25″ • Weight: 943 lbs • 2 Year Commercial Warranty; 2 years of residency; 90 day rental

Skag Skag Tiger Cat II Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower – 52″ Velocity Lawn Mower – 28 HP Briggs Vanguard EFI $12,499.99 $12,699.99

The Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Lawn Mower is the ultimate solution to all your lawn mowing needs! Powered by a 28 horsepower Briggs Vanguard™ 810– EFI engine. This lawnmower is designed to provide excellent performance and reliability. Its 52-inch Velocity Plus™ cutting table is the envy of the gardening industry, making it the perfect choice for professionals and homeowners alike. This lawn mower can cut grass with precision and speed. Makes mowing a painless task. Industrial grade hydraulic system allows speeds up to 12 mph. The Skeg Tiger Cat II brushless mower comes with a durable and powerful 12cc hydro-gear pump, ensuring the mower can handle any terrain. The velocity cutting deck is also designed to provide superior suction and cutting capabilities, ensuring you get the job done every time. But the Tiger Cat II zero-ride skeg lawnmower isn’t just powerful. But it is also very comfortable to use. Ergonomically designed seats and controls make it easy to maneuver. Reduce operator fatigue and ensure you can mow your lawn longer with optimal comfort. The Skag Tiger Cat II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower is the perfect lawn mower for anyone looking for a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use lawn mower that can also handle it. Why wait when the toughest cutting jobs are made easy? Check out Guilford Hardware and experience the joy of effortless lawn mowing. And see why Scag is “the best!”

Honda EM6500SX 6500 Watt Generator 120/240V with CO-MINDER • Benefits • • Description • • Specifications • • Key-turn electric starter • Provides 7,000 watts of power for 10 seconds to start large appliances • Power for refrigerators, freezers, freezers Provides a well pump and more • Powerful and reliable Honda iGX commercial engine • Contributors: Advanced carbon monoxide detection system • 120/240V selector switch – more power available More flexibility • Foldable handle with wheels for easy transport • Tank 6.2 gallons (full) Runs up to 6.4 hours at volume • Runs up to 9.8 hours (half volume) • 3-year warranty Residential and Commercial Are you looking for a reliable backup power source this New England winter? The Honda EM6500SX 6500 Watt 120/240V Generator with CO-MINDER™ is a great all-around powerful generator. Provides 7,000 watts of starting power to start large appliances or equipment at a great price. Easily power freezers, furnaces, pumps, refrigerators and more. Bluetooth electric start and turn key start are available for easy starting options. CO-Minder’s advanced carbon monoxide detection system gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your generator will automatically shut off if it detects dangerous CO2 levels, this generator provides a long run time of up to 9.8 hours depending on what you use it for! SPECIFICATIONS ➤ Full Model Name: EM6500SXK2AN (49 States), EM6500SXK2AG (California) ➤ Engine: Honda iGX390 ➤ Displacement: 389 ➤ AC Output: 120/240V / R20/240V 6050.8 (R20/240V) Max. 9A ) ➤ IAVR Output: 7000 W (58.3/29.2 A) for 10 seconds ➤ Outlet: 20 A 125 V duplex GFCI (2), 30 A 125 V locking plug, 30 A 125/250 V locking plug : DC Output 12 V 100 W (8.3 A) ➤ System Start Basics: Electric and Recoil ➤ Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.2 Gallons ➤ Run Time Per Tank: 6.4 Hours. @ rated load, 9.8 hours. @ 1/2 load ➤ Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) 41.4″ x 27.8″ x 27.8″ Sound level: 66 dB(A) @ rated load; 64 db(A) @ 50% load ➤ Dry weight: 231.7 lbs ➤ Residential Warranty: 3 Years ➤ Commercial Warranty: 3 Years

Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Deck Stain Mccormick Paints

STIHL TS 500i STIHL Cutquik Cut-Off Saw 14″ • Benefits • • Description • • Specifications • • Electronic Fuel Injection Engine – Increases power and performance by over 15% while remaining light and balanced • Easy to start – Unload is choke removed and starter becomes easier and more reliable. Set the switch to “ON,” main and pull. It’s that easy! • Unrivaled acceleration and torque – helps lift faster than you think • Electronic water control (EWC) – Makes it easy to adjust current water flow cutting • X2 air filtration system – Maintains an amazing cleaning efficiency of 99.96% Sharp edges are achieved by using TS 500i abrasives With the STIHL Cutquik® cutting tool, STIHL Distinguishes itself as the first in the industry. the first portable outdoor power tool with fuel injection electronically controlled.This system increases power and efficiency by approximately 15% while maintaining a light weight and balanced design.

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