Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home – Time to paint the trim and siding on our brick house! When I started thinking about updating our backyard, I knew I wanted to paint the ceiling white to freshen up the space. Of course, this led me down the rabbit hole of painting trim and siding throughout our home. So here we are talking about exterior paint colors to update our brick house for week 2 of the One Room Challenge. (Read my Week 1 post for an introduction to our backyard patio and 5 ways to host your patio for fall).

After spending the last month looking for inspiration and colors, I discovered a lot about how to choose the right colors to match our bricks. However, I had a hard time finding much information on how to update your brick house and how to choose colors if you want to keep your brick natural instead of painting, whitewashing, plaster washing, etc. Read on to get all the tips. I learned ways to choose exterior paint colors to pair with a natural brick home.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Before choosing paint colors for our brick house, we need to decide whether to keep our brick natural or cover it. We decided not to cover it because we love the look of the bright white house, we also loved the beauty of the natural brick. Any paint or wash you do is permanent. So, since we love our gray brick color, I don’t want to hide its beauty forever. We could have covered it later if we wanted to, but once it was done we couldn’t go back.

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Now that we know why we want to keep our brick natural instead of following the paint/limewash trend, let’s move on to how to choose trim paint colors for a natural brick house.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Choosing colors for a natural brick home adds a different element to a painted home. Paint colors should be coordinated with the interior color of the brick to create a consistent exterior.

There are several things you should consider when choosing exterior paint colors for a brick home, including:

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

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An easy way to choose a trim color (instead of guessing) is to match it with the existing natural color of your brick, mortar, or roof (if it’s new and won’t change soon). If you have a sample of your brick, you can take it to the store for color. But, since I don’t, I’ll just take a bunch of sample samples. Once I have it down, I paint a few test pieces around our house to make sure the color is right.

The trick to finding the right color for your home is to match the underlying brick. The colors of the brick can vary a lot, so it is important to match the tones of your brick with browns, grays, pinks, yellows, purples, etc. Our bricks are warm brown with light and dark spots and light gray mortar. Our roof is a warm brown. So, the paint colors I chose should have a warm/gray tone. The same matching tone is true for any color you may choose for your brick home. For example, if you want green or blue accents, you will want to match the green or blue tones you choose and match the overall color scheme of your home.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Well, this may be obvious, but before choosing a color, you should look for inspiration to find something you like. As with any project I do, I like to save everything to a Pinterest board to keep everything together so I can compare them side by side. I started paying attention to trim colors on brick houses as I walked or walked and took mental note of what I liked or didn’t like. Click here to see my Pinterest board full of modern brick home exteriors.

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I had to include this as a step because it is the dead honest truth. Unless you’re a very judgmental person (which, I’m not), you’ll go through all the color schemes you think you need. Choosing exterior colors is more difficult than interior colors, because you can’t just throw a few samples at home and you don’t know what your home will look like.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

I am a very visual person, so it made it very easy for me to know what I wanted. My process for this was to cover different colors to match what our house looked like. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a very realistic mockup, but there is no reason for it to be too complicated. I did this first using the paint feature on my phone, but decided I needed a better view. There are many options for creating an exterior design mockup for yourself, including free online paint visualization and even professional services. The whole point of this step for me was to look at our whole house in the colors I was considering so I could compare them side by side.

As I mentioned above, once you know the general paint colors you want for your home, you’ll want to choose colors that match the natural shades of your brick. For our house, I thought of using the white that comes from the color that appears naturally in our brick, combined with a neutral black for some accents. We have not finalized the color of the siding, but it will probably be a gray color that matches the brick and/or roof.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

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Before committing to your chosen colors, we recommend that you paint a part of your house, such as a window or a door, to make sure that the colors look good with your brick. This can help you decide between two colors if you’re not sure which to choose.

Here we go! Who knew choosing exterior paint colors could feel like such an accomplishment! For our project, we decided to hire a professional to paint our house. The prices we receive include the cost of any pressure washing, crack repair and any repairs, paint and materials. If you decide to DIY the exterior of your house, know the whole process and don’t skip steps!

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

If you’re up for a room challenge, be sure to check out the other designers and projects here!

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I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and what has helped me find joy in life! You will find that we have shared a lot of DIY including many parts of our home, baking, healthy habits and lessons learned. I also love teaching others and aim to build confidence through my new business, She Drives Confidence.Brick adds a unique element to every home. To create a look that enhances the appearance of this feature, develop a brick house exterior color scheme that works from top to bottom.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

The FRESH approach is a five-step method for choosing an appealing color palette for your home’s exterior. When you use fresh thinking to choose the right color for each element—ceiling, siding, doors, windows, shutters, trim, and accents—you create a cohesive look that has appeal.

There are many things to consider when choosing exterior colors for your home, one of the most influential of which is the accessories.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

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Look at the consistent features of each beautiful home and you will begin to see some repetition of tones. This duplication allows different materials and textures to work well together. This is especially important for a full or half brick house.

When choosing colors for the exterior of your brick home, find ones that match or complement the main color or colors of the brick. All colors should match the brick to create a good look. If you are building a new house, first choose the bricks and create a color scheme that will enhance this feature.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Color is a term used when talking about stone, brick, roofs or other materials. Usually, these important elements of the exterior of the house are not a solid color, but a mixture of colors. Describing these materials as solid colors does not do them justice as there is a color variation in beauty. The term “cast color” describes the dominant color of a material made of different colors. Color cast is a term with roots in photography and describes the overall tint in a photographic image caused by sunlight or temperature exposure.

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Then consider the other four new steps. You can find the details in our free eBook FRESH Exterior House Color Schemes for Brick and Stone. Click the link.

Choosing Exterior Colors For Brick Home

Choosing an exterior color scheme for brick or partially brick homes starts with looking closely at the bricks to see their true color. Your first thought might be its color

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