Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

Colors That Compliment Light French Gray – If you’re looking for a true gray, you’ll find a slightly cooler tone – look no further!

Not to be obvious, but simple French gray is definitely gray! However, we all know that there is more to the picture when choosing gray as a paint color. This gray has a nice balance of cool tones – it’s one of the closest true grays. A light French gray is a good choice if you’re looking for a versatile gray with some depth.

Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

As a reminder, Light Reflective Value (LRV) is an indicator of the amount of light reflected by a paint when illuminated by a light source. A higher value (closer to 100) means a color reflects more light to you, and a lower value (closer to 0) means the color absorbs more light, appearing darker to the eye. Pure white has an LRV of 100 and pure black has an LRV of 0.

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It has light French Gray LRV 53. So the name is a bit of a misnomer as it is not as easy as the name suggests! This shade definitely has some depth and character that makes it unique.

A light French gray with purple undertones is a cool-toned gray – but not icy cold, we’re talking a little breezy!

All gray colors have a tone – purple. It’s subtle – but definitely there. You can see the undertones pop when you compare it to SW Mindful Gray or SW Repose Grey, both of which have warm, subtle green undertones.

Because of its cool purple undertones, light French gray pairs well with cool-toned white trim – so Sherwin Williams Extra White or a more neutral white, Pure White, works with almost all colors! Light French gray looks beautiful with cool blue tones and looks great paired with a dark, moody gray feature wall like Sherwin Williams Sirius Grey.

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Light French Gray has an LRV of 53, while Repose Gray has a smidge lighter LRV of 58 – meaning they’re both mid-tones. Repose gray has warm tones while light French gray has cool tones. The extra warmth of the rest helps make it softer and warmer than LFG.

Strong gray on the left (note the green tone), light French gray on the right (note the purple tone).

One shade is not better than another – it’s all about your own taste. Light French gray is a little better for a well-lit room, because it has depth and doesn’t wash out. If you have a room on the dark side, you can choose Repose Gray because it is a little warmer on the eye.

Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

Do not confuse these two colors! Although both are shades of grey, they are completely different. SW Light French Gray looks like wet cement in color, while Behr Light French Gray is blue-gray and very blue in cool light (see photo above).

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray (color Review)

Light French Gray isn’t as simple as its title suggests, but it’s a wonderful cool-toned gray that compliments other cool-toned colors like blue and crisp white. It’s definitely a shade that looks great in a well-lit room and looks all kinds of amazing with darker, more modern shades of cool gray.

Don’t forget – regardless of what you read online or see in pictures, it’s important to sample the color in your home before you commit!

Sampling gives you real color samples that are easy to carry around your house and cheaper than buying a gazillion pots of paint! It’s the only way I can buy color samples.

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Jenna is a self-taught decorator and lover of all things interior design who has helped thousands of people create homes they love. Sherwin Williams Light French Gray is a beautiful medium light neutral gray that works well in many settings.

Before we painted our house Sherwin Williams Passive, we painted the front office SW Light French Grey. We decide that the shades complement each other and leave the color intact. A light French gray is perfect for my husband’s front office. We thought about changing it to match the rest of the house, but since the trim and ceiling are BM White Dove; We thought the two grays worked well together.

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Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

SW Light French Gray is a true neutral gray with some undertones and midtones. This shade of gray has a nice little depth to it. It looks a bit like wet cement for lack of a better description.

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Light French gray needs a lot of light to look good; Natural light is great for this wonderful gray color. This shade of gray is dark in a windowless corridor or a small bathroom without windows. Natural light is best for this shade.

You know, in any drawing post I write, I always break down the technicalities. Finally, it is important to understand these statistics so that you can choose the right color for your home.

SW Light French Gray is LRV 53 which makes a medium gray rather than a light gray as the name suggests. If you have a dark room without many windows, LRV or Light French Gray can be a bit overwhelming. In the 53’s LRV the light does not bounce around the room.

LRV is 0-100 to 100 pure white. Light French Gray is somewhere in the middle of that scale.

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Light French gray is true gray. Because of the perfect balance of warm and cool tones, this is as close to pure gray as you can get. There aren’t too many strong tones to steal the show. This color can be blue or purple if your place faces north. It can make the color a bit blue and cold.

As with any paint color, I always encourage testing before committing to paint. What looks good on a small paint swatch at the paint store usually doesn’t translate to your room.

Each room has different lighting, furniture and space that receives different daylight. SW Light French Gray may have tones and may vary slightly based on lighting and location.

Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

Sherwin Williams Light French Gray LRV 53 makes this color lighter than medium. Not too dark and not too light; It’s somewhere in the middle.

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Does Sherwin Williams Pale French Gray look blue? It’s actually gray, but depending on the lighting and decor, it can have a slight purple tint. North-facing rooms can feel a bit blue, but can be softened by warm lighting and decor.

Gray walls are being replaced by warmer tones such as greige colors such as SW Repose Gray or SW Harmonious Grey.

This gray can be both warm and cool but I think it falls on the cool side rather than warm. Some grays with blue undertones may look icy cold, but this gray feels much more so. I’d say it has a touch of cool but it’s not cool. Light French gray is calming compared to SW agreeable gray or mindful gray.

You may be wondering what colors go with SW Light French Grey. Since gray is a neutral color, there are many different shades of this beautiful shade of gray.

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Since gray is a versatile and more neutral color, there are many coordinating and complementary colors with light French gray.

Pink, green, blue-gray shades look very good with this color. I stick with neutral and earthy shades; However, you can combine light French gray with dark colors. I have listed some here for you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of paint colors and shades to choose from, but any of them will look great with this beautiful gray shade.

Colors That Compliment Light French Gray

In our home, all our trim and doors are BM White Dove in a semi-gloss finish, but there are many shades that work as vintage colors.

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The walls in the main room of our house are a SW passive, beautiful gray color. There is a difference between the two shades of gray and you can see the slight difference between these two colors in the image below.

Light French gray is dark

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