Colors To Paint Your House

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When most people think of renovating a home, they imagine a home that has been renovated inside and out. While this is true for some people and may be the best option depending on your situation, some homes may require new paint and trim. Some great exteriors that completely change the look, feel, and appeal.

Colors To Paint Your House

Colors To Paint Your House

Adding exterior paint is an inexpensive way to refresh a home’s exterior, making it a popular choice for many homeowners looking for a fresh look without the hefty price tag.

How To Have An Excellent House Exterior Refresh Using Paint Colors — Seasonal Leaf Interior Design

However, while a fresh coat of paint can go a long way, it can also be a drastic change that’s hard to appreciate until you’ve actually painted your entire home. Therefore, it is important to consider many options before making a final decision and changing the entire appearance of your home.

This article provides expert advice on choosing the best paint colors for your home’s exterior, as well as tips for increasing your home’s curb appeal.

For those of you who don’t know, this is an online resource designed for interior designers and decorators. So while this article is written for interior designers advising clients, it’s the perfect starting point for anyone wondering how to choose the best exterior wall color for their home.

If you’re ready to help customers make deep, fun, and exciting changes to their homes, get started today.

The 10 Most Popular Colors For The Exterior Of Your Home

Some buyers only care about current styles, while others want a classic look. Ultimately, the client’s preferences and wishes will dictate the final decision regarding exterior paint color. Before discussing exterior color, if you’ve already worked with a particular client, you’ll have a better idea of ​​their style and know where to start.

Customers may not know exactly what they want. In this case, especially if you’re not doing a major renovation or remodeling your home from the ground up, it can be helpful to point out some simple color schemes that work well with your home’s existing style.

We’ve listed some common color schemes you’ll often see when driving through popular areas. These can be important starting points for conversations with your customers.

Colors To Paint Your House

According to Better Homes & Gardens, popular outdoor trends include:

Exterior Paint Palettes To Suit Every Style Of Home

What if you’re absolutely sure that a certain color is the best choice for the home, but your client isn’t sure or doesn’t fully agree? Even if your client wants something else Regardless of their choice, it is the interior designer’s responsibility to respectfully insist on their recommendations.

Another of her tips for helping buyers understand color choices is to show them how new paint will enhance a home’s curb appeal.

This enhanced curb appeal will come in handy if you choose to sell your home, and it will also improve the appearance and allow homeowners to enjoy their home until they decide to sell or move. Something new!

Choosing a “nice” color can make it harder to sell the home later, costing the homeowner money and time.

Painting The Exterior Of Our House With The Projectcolor App

Although paint types can reproduce almost any color, there are significant differences in quality and finish depending on the manufacturer. Be sure to help your customers understand the pros, cons, and costs of each type so they can make an informed decision.

Other important factors to consider include the exterior material, as this will determine durability and the type of paint needed for the application. Materials commonly used for the exterior of homes include:

Keep in mind that certain types of paint are used for specific purposes. Your local dealer can help you understand the differences and make an informed decision.

Colors To Paint Your House

No matter what type of paint your customers prefer, you can offer them a variety of options by simply walking into your local hardware store or paint specialty store and asking for paint samples (like paint samples).

Exterior Colors That Can Set Your House Apart — Perdue Builders & Supply, Inc

10 tips for choosing exterior paint colors for your home: 1. Follow the “rule of thirds.”

When starting a project, create a color palette using the rule of thirds. Be sure to understand which color family works best. You can then use this word to create a pop of color and unify all your exterior color designs.

Achieve this by using accent colors on subtle exterior elements such as the front door, flower boxes, railings, and shutters. After choosing the exterior color, he can further add two tones or colors to create an interesting look with different options. This approach gives you or your client the option to show some personality without having to completely change the look or use unusual colors for most of the home.

Clarity and proper language will help maintain curb appeal and keep the home marketable if the owner sells it. Renovating a home’s exterior can be expensive, but potential buyers shouldn’t think about expensive renovations when they first view a home.

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

Learn how to combine common colors to create unique home design styles. For example, Victorian homes have a wide range of classic colors. However, there are also bright, vibrant colors that homeowners may find unpleasant.

More than five colors may be used on the exterior of a Victorian style home. Three colors are commonly used in modern homes. Choosing the right color ultimately depends on the client’s long-term goals.

If their goal is to restore the home to its original condition, they will need to do a lot of research on that particular home and the processes involved before making an informed recommendation and final decision.

Colors To Paint Your House

In addition to making sure your exterior paint color choice makes sense for your home, you may also want to consider other types of homes in the neighborhood (and the colors of those homes).

The Top 2023 Exterior Paint Color Trends To Try On Your Home

For example, does your client live in a historic area? Are there many traditional houses nearby? Deviating from the norm can cause more problems than good for the client.

Please pay attention to the weather. For example, black may be a poor color choice in the southwestern United States, where summer highs regularly exceed 100 degrees.

Additionally, most homes in this region are built with durable materials such as brick and tile, which keep the interior of the home cool. Be sure to consider possible weather conditions when making decisions.

Learn how to use outdoor accents as another way to add color. In the first inspiration we talked about adding accent colors, but here we talk about using other materials to supplement and complement the main exterior color.

Interior House Paint Colors

To do this, you need to match your home’s new color with other design elements and general exterior features such as gutters, shutters, soffits, and garage doors. These pieces come in a variety of colors and styles, including those that are unpainted, making them one of the most attractive and desirable accents.

Natural wood, copper, and black are all commonly used and stand out very dramatically. The materials used in the construction of the house can also influence the final color of the exterior paint, and can serve as beautiful accents such as brick (from orange, brown to dark red), natural stone, wood, etc. Don’t forget.

Test the paint by getting samples and placing them on different parts of your home’s exterior. If possible, install it in a location that is difficult to see from the road.

Colors To Paint Your House

Also, try adding your main color to different parts of your home so that you know exactly how the color will look in the morning, evening, and afternoon when there is heavy shade or cloud cover. When checking paint swatches, be sure to place them outside your home, close to your home, to see how well they match the color of your existing roof.

How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

Please be considerate of the local natural environment. If you live in a desert or lush mountain area, you may want your home’s exterior to reflect these characteristics.

Forest green is common in Pacific Northwest homes, while white is more common in western farmhouses (as opposed to red barns) in the middle of beige fields. These colors and elements help unify and tie the entire design together.

Use tonal colors to highlight design details. What special features does this home have that should be highlighted and appreciated?

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