Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

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Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling – Starting a renovation can be overwhelming. (We even wrote a handy guide on starting your own tile project!) When it comes to choosing tile, a common question is how to choose wall and floor tile combinations. Should it be symmetrical or contrasting, the same or different in shape, and contain the same or a mixture of materials? Of course, your design really depends on your personal preferences and space. But we have some reliable formulas for wall and floor tile combinations that always seem to produce beautiful results.

Bold contrasting colors are a sure way to make a big impact. Dark and light colors harmonize with each other, making each more distinctive. Below, the dark background also serves to emphasize the sleek lines of the current wash.

Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

Featured: Dark Conditioner Effect, Camilla with Antique Gold Mirror Mosaic, Glass Gold Liner, Somerset Noir Polished, Dot Negro and Hampton Carrara Chevron Polished

Latest Bathroom Colour Ideas In The Uk

Contrast can be created with color combinations outside of black and white. In a warmer style, the wood-look floor balances the gray and white walls with lots of welcoming texture.

If you dream of a monochromatic color palette, try incorporating different finishes, sizes, shapes or materials on your walls and floors. This adds dimension, texture and interest

While maintaining its cleanliness. You can also include functional and safety features this way. Here, glossy ceramic wall tiles are an easy-to-clean option and protect the backsplash from spills. The coordinating porcelain floor tiles are durable and transition between surfaces smoothly in the same soft gray color palette.

“People always ask me: If I use ceramic on the floor, shouldn’t I use it on the walls? The answer is no! Mixing it makes for a more interesting space.” —Kirsty Froelich, Design Director at Tile Shop

Bathroom Color Schemes

This space shows a perfect example of the use of mixed materials (also called “fusion”). , harmonious way. A monochromatic color palette to paint a tranquil spa bathroom.

Featured Products: Retro Perla, Retro Perla Trim, 4-D Nature White, Chester Silver, Hixton Polished Hampton Carrara, Q-Seal Greige High Pencil Liner, Hampton Carrara Polished Edges

We love how the floor and wall tiles differ from each other in finish, shape, size and material while coordinating flawlessly. The space works because the color palette is soft and neutral and hints of organic materials add warmth and interest.

Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

Here, a polished finish similar to the ceramic subway wall tiles and marble bath tiles round out the style of the shower. The framed marble mosaics are an added touch of elegance and fusion at its best!

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Featured: Bolivar White, Polished Tempesta Neve Wheaton, Polished Tempesta Neve Amalfi, Polished Tempesta Neve Somerset, Polished Hand Painted Hampton Carrara Bank

Changing the look of your wall and floor tiles is another way to add interest to a monochromatic design. From the mix of porcelain and ceramic to the statement shapes, there’s a lot to catch the eye in this cream laundry room!

Featured: Provenzal Alhama Gray and Splendors Royal White Decor. Designed by West Bay Homes. Installation by Exell Ceramic Tile.

This is a great example of fusion. The materials on the walls and floors could not be more different, consisting of real wood, wood-look porcelain, slate and porcelain mosaic, but all have a similar rich color that binds them together.

How To Choose The Right Tiles For Your Bathroom?

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your design coordinates together is to use the same set or series on the walls and floor. One of the great things about The Tile Shop stone collections is the large number of different options of shape, size and cut. The sets are also bought from the same quarry, so although no two pieces are ever the same due to natural variation, you never have to worry about coordinating different tiles.

This space uses the same stone, Milas Lilac, on every surface, so there’s no need to fear that the tiles won’t coordinate. By using so many different shapes (we’re not even sure we can count them all!), distinct areas are created, distinguishing the shower from the vanity area.

To make the design of a coordinated space even easier, we have gone above and beyond. Our Fired Earth ceramic and porcelain collections, like the Carrara Gris floor tiles below, coordinate with our marble collections as well. This makes it easier to add a special designer touch. Handmade Weekly elevates the beautiful built-in design here, with marble-look ceramic tiles and a unique mosaic of marbles. Marble embellishments polish the look to perfection.

Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

Featured: Carrara Gris, Victoria Gray Archer with white marble mosaic, Barnes polished Ashford Carrara, and Ashford Carrara polished edges. Design and photography by Handmade Weekly as part of the One Room Challenge.

Bathroom Colours Of The Year 2023

One of our most popular collections of wall and floor tiles is patterned and unpatterned tiles. For the brave at heart, there is nothing better than a feature wall or floor full of beautiful shapes. With a neutral color, the overall effect is cheerful. This hexagonal shape, repeated in the floor tiles, takes enough attention to set this shower.

One sure way to create a cohesive look between the floor and the walls is to choose a color or neutral color from one surface and use it on the other. The soft gray wall tiles below perfectly reflect the same muted gray in the designed floor.

The unique effect of Annie Selke floor tiles gives the opportunity to draw two different colors on a wall design.

Featured Products: Annie Silk Moon Sky, Annie Silk Gwendolyn White, Annie Silk Sketch Sky, Bianco Burro Polished Edges and Chrome Plated Brass Square Edge

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This concept does not have to be all or nothing. A touch of color, like the beach brown in the floor tiles that can also be found in the chevron strip on the wall and shower, goes a long way to tie this room together.

This kitchen plays with a number of different colors, but choosing a subway tile backsplash in a color taken from the floor tiles ensures that the space feels cohesive.

Multiple styles can be difficult, but this space strikes the perfect balance. Surrounded by a neutral frame and subway tiles with a color repeated in the floor tiles, these floral art glass patterns do not compete with the patterns.

Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

Featured: Laura Ashley Wicker Dove Gray Matte, Laura Ashley Lisette Flint Splashback, Imperial Oatmeal Gloss, Hampton Carrara Polished Barnes, Q-Seal Gray Eyeliner Pencil

Perfect Tips How You Can Choose Tiles For Your Bathroom

Rules are made to be broken, right? Sometimes a design that fails to follow one of these rules or even breaks it. Here are some of our favorite eclectic combinations that don’t follow guidelines. Here, the wood grain pattern and bold subway tile look and feel create the perfect modern farmhouse corner.

Distinguishing Features: Star, Polished Imperial Pewter, Polished Imperial Pewter Pencil, Round Polished Copper Metal, Antique Copper Metal and Etna Concrete Wood Look

Here is another example of a bold pattern combined with multiple colors. The gray color is reflected in the patterned tiles, and the wooden-looking floor acts as a neutral that balances the space.

There are dozens of different collections of wall and floor tiles. It just depends on the desired overall effect – whether that’s striking contrast, subdued coordination, or eclectic patterns. Ready to take the next step? Schedule a design consultation or stop into a store to speak with a tile expert and get started!

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Hi, I’m Bridget, a copywriter from Wisconsin living in Minneapolis. I love seeing new and innovative ways people use our tiles. Our customers are very creative! My favorite design style is traditional preppy mixed with vintage boho, especially pieces that can be found in a vintage or vintage store. When I’m not writing for The Tile Shop, I like to travel, read, run, listen to podcasts, eat cheese, and cheer on the Green Bay Packers.

Tags: artistic, backsplash, tile backsplash, bathroom, black, tile, masonry, chevron, contemporary, contrast, coordination, paint, glass, gloss, gloss, gold, gray, hexagon, kitchen, laura ashley, marble, matte , Modern Farmhouse Mosaic Plaid Purple Shower Splashback Subway Tile Subway Trim White Wood Wood Look Tile With an exceptional range of bathroom color schemes available for your new build or remodel, it’s clear that the ultimate The design must be carefully considered to ensure you create a space that will enrich your daily routine for many years to come.

From light and airy Hamptons-style bathrooms to sleek and sophisticated black bathrooms, there’s sure to be an option to suit all personalities and preferences.

Colour Schemes For Bathrooms Tiling

We explore which colors work best for you with some of our favorite bathroom color ideas to celebrate your space.

Bathroom Color Schemes: A Guide

White has undoubtedly maintained its position as one of the most important bathroom colors used to create an elegant and sophisticated space.

The versatility of white shines through the endless number of bathroom paint colors available, ranging from light shades to cream and everything in between.

Adding hints of gold to white bathroom color schemes is a compelling way to add luxury and vibrancy to an otherwise subdued space.

How to include white and gold in your bathroom: White is best implemented with versatility in mind, including wall tiles that alternate through different shades of this color peace of mind.

Beige Bathroom Tile Ideas

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