Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms

Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms – Gray is one of the most popular interior colors with its versatility and many shades available. Pale grays and purple-tinged grays are used in cool Scandinavian homes, deep graphite grays can be moody and romantic in traditional settings, while beige-toned “greys” are the shade of choice for young people. Whether you’re decorating a living room or renovating a bathroom, gray is always a safe choice.

Grey’s versatility can make the right color combination more difficult – there are few colors that don’t go well with gray – Mediterranean sun colors warm cool tones, classic bright white works wonderfully in a gray bathroom, while soft pink is more bright. graphite. In comparison

Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms

Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms

“While the overall gray home decor trend may be on the wane, it can be modernized and updated by adding an injection of color,” says Tracey Hague, director of Where Saints Go. ‘The rule of thumb is to match cool gray with other “cool” colors like blue, green and cool white. And match dark gray tones with warm tones like burnt orange, mustard and teal.’

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We asked interior stylists and design experts to share their tips on the best colors to go with gray. Read on for 17 ideas you can try in your home…

Soft gray is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens or where you want a sharp and clean design scheme. “You can’t beat bright white with medium gray. It has a fresh, professional appeal and can be paired with red hardwood (as shown here), with great results, says interior stylist Sophie Warren-Smith.

This living room is a good example of using pastel colors to soften the depth of dark gray. “You’re right in thinking that graphic shapes and gunmetal grays are a quintessentially masculine look, so add a splash of pink and plaster pink to the walls to soften the look and keep it on the right side of beauty,” she says.

When designing a quiet space like a bedroom, combine colors in similar tones, such as gray and buttercup yellow. “Stay in style and combine yellow with a soft gray,” says Sophie “This yellow is a bright tone that is ‘toned down’ by the gray in the other room. Accessorize with rustic wood and white to add contrast.’

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‘These beautiful colors work brilliantly together because they all have the same tone. The peg rail breaks up the gray floor and is perfect for hanging mirrors and towels. A beautiful pale mint gives the bathroom a new dimension – make these three color accessories for a beautiful, calm room, says Sophie.

“You might think blue is too cool to put in your bedroom, but you’ll be surprised. Layer silver shades with chalky cornflower blue for a beautiful, dreamy look,” says Sarah.

“Pops of yellow give this gray and purple combo a bouncy pop that creates a beautiful look without being too dull or too bright,” says Sophie. “Choosing luggage that combines both gray and yellow will bring the look together.”

Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms

This dark gray is a good choice for a purple room – a light shade can be washed out, and it won’t provide enough contrast for the yellow to show.

Blue Living Room Colour Schemes

The temptation when designing with pale colors is to warm it up with bronze or gold, but we love this fresh silver and green combination.

“Perfect for spring and summer, this design brings natural color into the home,” says Sophie. “The key is to create a balanced look, and this is achieved by keeping the colors the same tone.”

This living room includes the popular beige-toned gray. “The key is to add warmth to a neutral space – woven rugs, velvet cushions and ceramic accessories will bring depth and interest to your space so it feels cool and inviting – ready for dinner,” says Sarah.

“Playing with shades like this can be a great option if you like two shades of gray but can’t decide which one you prefer,” says Sophie. Here, charcoal gray door and window frames support the muted design process – and it’s easy to copy in your own home.

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“For a completely different look, choose a pair with a deeper color,” says Sophie “Here, the chimney wall is not only painted in matt gray chalk, but so is the fire surround and crossing.” Green-green is the secondary color and provides a nice contrast while adding depth to the design. Combine with dark wood furniture to complete this stunning look.’

“2023 is the year of earthy and minimalist tones, which is why we are not surprised that terracotta is well combined with our all-time favorite, grey,” said Yvonne Keel, senior product manager at Hillarys. Give the gray living room a “shine” this year and add a terracotta window or soft furniture like cushions. A terracotta splash not only warms up a room, but makes guests feel warm and welcome when they walk in.’

Jane Nash, Design Excellence Manager at Magnet, says: “For those who prefer a monochromatic theme, incorporating different shades of gray with white and black accents is a successful way to add depth and focus to a room.”

Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms

“Grey is sometimes seen as a cool colour, it can work well when mixed with warm colors such as burnt orange,” says Sophie. ‘The light cushions and patterns match perfectly with the color scheme of this living room.’

Ways To Style A Grey Sofa In A Living Room

“The subtle pink in this bed works well with the geometric paper and gray fabrics,” says Sophie. “The bold triangles of the wallpaper sing while the white square print of the bedding and no pink pillows add a subtle yet decorative appeal.”

Image: Daisy Double Bed Frame in Blush from Button & Sprung and Scion Lohko Module Wallpaper in Blush at John Lewis.

“Soft and minimalist, gray and blue colors can make rooms feel modern and clean, while darker shades (such as navy blue) give green rooms more depth,” says Vicky Foster, interior stylist at ScS. “Choosing gray over white as a combination also removes any nautical connotations, allowing you to avoid over-styling while allowing blue to appear as a neutral color.”

“Although these two colors may seem to clash rather than combine at first thought, it’s the pairing that creates an immediate impression and creates a refreshing energy,” says Vicky.

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“A dark sofa with light gray walls and red accessories can work together, as can artwork or cushions or plants nearby, or a light sofa with dark red spots. Gray and red can also be combined with sharp white, to give freshness to a decorated room.’

“The green bed is hung with a smooth fabric that adds texture, in contrast to the plain gray walls. Yellow curtains and lamps work perfectly as accent colors, and a crisp white bed provides balance, while patterned patterns tie all the colors together, says Sophie.

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Colour Schemes For Grey Living Rooms

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Property Lighting Liverpool: Where to buy How to paint a room like a pro Decorate your living room Choosing the best lighting for your living room Gray is one of the most popular and versatile colors in interior design. It is perfect for the living room as you have many options in terms of shade, intensity and color combination. From rare-there shades of gray to deep gunmetal hues, it’s the perfect basic color to help you decorate the living room of your dreams.

“Grey is an incredibly versatile color, making it the perfect base to expand your palette,” says Kelly Collins, interior designer and design director of Swift Home. When looking for wall colors to go with gray sofas, you can go with anything from light to very dark, but try to avoid bright tones. Think classic white, rich navy black and other shades of gray or green tones.

“Colors with cool undertones (blue and other grays) will complement gray well, while colors with warm colors (terracotta or burgundy) will contrast the shade and give warmth to the room.”

Need inspiration for a gray living room? Here we look at 21 ways you can bring gray into your living room.

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When decorating with gray, consider it a neutral base instead

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