Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based – Finished in ARTesian water stain, this restaurant floor showcases the product’s durability and variety of colors to choose from. Photo courtesy of Brickform/Solomon Colors

Traditional acid-based stains may be the gold standard in the decorative concrete industry today, but their water-based counterparts are gaining popularity due to their ease of use, quick cleanup and wide range of colors.

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

Each technique is different and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main thing to understand is that surface preparation is different, especially between acid and water stains, and must be applied with the correct sealer.

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Although their properties make water-based stains an attractive choice for many jobs, suppliers and contractors say that one of their best uses is to provide high gloss and depth to holidays (bare spots) and acid-based surfaces. applications.

How popular water-based stains are is debatable. However, almost everyone agrees that their use is increasing.

“We added them nine or 10 years ago, but they’ve probably become more popular in the last three or four years,” said Tyler Irwin of California-based ProLine Concrete Tools Inc. “Based on our international stain sales, I estimate that 60% of sales are acid stains and 40% are water-based stains, but in the U.S. I would probably change those numbers. “Water-based acid has become the dominant stain . “

John Reynolds, director of training and technical support for Springfield, Ill.-based Brickfarm/Solomon Colors, said he’s been using water-based colors for more than 15 years and recently started using water-based paints, though he didn’t show up. At to oven data. Report.

Sealing Concrete Pool Decks

“Acid stains are still very popular with us,” says Reynolds. “Brickform probably sells at least three times as many acid stains as water-based stains. However, they are gaining in popularity and increasingly competing with acid stains.”

Contractor Rick Ogden acid-coated the house’s floors with thin black paint, then developed residual problems and resorted to drastic finishing measures. His solution was to use acetone paint of a matching color because the floor was already formed and would accept paint easily.

As with the growth of water-based paints due to the volatility of acetone, Reynolds believes that the growth of water-based stains is greater because of the wider range of colors available and easier cleaning than when acid-based stains are used.

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

Chuck Brunner Jr. of Smith Paint Products in Harrisburg, Pa., says there’s also an environmental aspect to the acid vs. water stain debate.

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“In coastal California, you can’t put acid stains on the shelf anymore,” Brenner said. “It’s corrosive, and once the acid is neutralized, the water used to neutralize it is considered a hazardous waste.”

However, in one respect, water-based stains are not very different from acid stains. Surface preparation is critical for all products – it’s different.

Brickform’s Reynolds says that while a clean surface is key when applying acid stains with water-based products, understanding concrete is critical. Broom finished panels can easily pick up water-based stains, which is not the case with other finishes.

“If my floors were hard plastered, I’d have to try a lot of things,” he said. “Be it acid scratching or skiffing the floor, it needs to be opened up enough so that the water-based stain can penetrate properly.”

Water Based Concrete Stain Vs. Acid Stain

Rick Ogden, owner of Rick Ogden Construction in Pryor, Oklahoma, has been using water-based stains for a long time and agrees that proper floor preparation is key. Regardless of the product, following the instructions is critical, he said.

“I use Smith’s stains a lot, and they’re really good stains. But it’s best to follow their instructions exactly,” he says. “I’ve also learned not to cut things short. “When it says 24 hours dry, you let it dry 24 hours. “

The floors at the first Gino’s Pizza restaurant to open in Phoenix were painted with Icoat’s one-day stain, a medium gray with brown accents. A red plaque installed in 1957 in the hostess stand area near the restaurant’s entrance faces the new overflow. Photo courtesy of iCoat

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

Because water-based stains come in a wide variety of colors (from earth tones to pastels), they can be used full strength or diluted for different looks, and because of their reliability, water-based stains are often compared to acetone paints. Paints are also becoming more popular.

Solid Colour Concrete Stain

Tim Frazier, training and technical advisor at The Stamp Store in Oklahoma City, explains that acetone paint originally came from the polishing segment of the industry. Brickform’s Reynolds paint uses soluble pigments, as opposed to those used in water-based stains, which are insoluble.

To achieve these bright colors, installers first micro-decorate using a white compound. Then they applied a water-based stain from the SS Rainbow range. Next, they used a high-volume, low-pressure sprayer to apply the colors. Finally, they applied SS Poly Pro 38, a high-strength, two-part sealer, for added shine and durability. Photo courtesy of The Stamp Shop

Smith’s Brenner says the color range of these dyes isn’t as wide as water-based stains, and you don’t get the same level of control.

“I love layering colors,” he says. “I can start with a lighter color and then go darker. It creates a beautiful piece of art with a water-based stain. With color, you don’t have as much control.”

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It is this ability that makes water-based stains a true complement to acid stains. Most manufacturers produce the same color in both formulations. This makes it possible to fix acid stains with water-based applications. However, Reynolds says Brickform also offers several paint colors that match acid stains for the same purpose.

Eric Hamlin, owner of The Stain Store in San Antonio, Texas, says, “Contractors have some problem areas that have surface contamination, but they can’t stain it. It doesn’t build up.” They can also do two-tone depths that look good. “Proofreading ability is preferred

Both Smith’s Brunner and Corey Huber, owner of Huber Custom Coatings in Quincy, Ill., say water-based stains are great for a variety of touch-ups, even when acid stains don’t produce the color you want.

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

“Sometimes you need to use more acid stain or you need to fill in gaps,” says Huber. “The cup gun and air compressor come in handy here. You can really control where the paint goes and drop it with a light lift.”

H&c Colortop Water Based Solid Color Concrete Stain

Rick Ogden painted this floor a taupe with Butterfield’s water-based elements. Rick Toy said the stain was very impressive and would definitely use it again. He noted that surface preparation is critical to the success of the project, followed by a wax management program. Photos courtesy of Rick Ogden Construction

It goes without saying that surface preparation is also important for water-based products. If anything, Huber says he’s paying more attention to it than ever. Use a microfiber mop to smooth out stains between applications.

Unlike acid and water stains, acetone paints lack UV stability, which limits where they can be used. However, Hamlin says that is changing.

“They’ve come out with UV-resistant versions in the last few years,” he said. “The most important thing with acetone paint is to follow its instructions and be prepared before the job. You can still run into problems, but if the installer does it right, I like acetone paint.” The ceiling is the secret

Concrete Stain And Waterproofing Sealer

Stamp Shop’s Frazier says the secret to success with these products is using the best sealant.

“Proper manufacture and maintenance is really the key to everything. Your durability is only as good as your maintenance and wear and tear,” he said. “The type of protective seal you put on top determines the level of wear. It depends on your expectations.”

Of course, it takes information, and Ogden says the most important thing his fellow contractors can do is get the right information from manufacturers and suppliers before starting any work.

Concrete Stain Solid Color Water Based

“A product is only as good as the user experience,” he said. For those who take the time to learn about water-based products, the results are outstanding.

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“I think contractors are installing it on everything from rock to vertical and even horizontal,” Brenner said. “I’m always amazed by the photos we get. “I think water-based systems have taken hold in the industry because they’re a little more reliable. “

We have a brand new concrete pool deck. There was calcium chloride in the mixture and there were black spots all over the deck. Can solid water based stains remove these stains?

The answer is yes…water-based paint stains can hide irregularities. The only problem is that it can take three coats to cover it completely. That’s when it starts to look greasy. Program:

Mild pickling and what we call non-pickling

H&c Heavy Shield Water Based Solid Color Concrete & Driveway Enamel/stain

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