Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

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Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors – I have so much love for my historic house, but unfortunately neglected to paint the exterior. The tired finish was peeling and the faded colors didn’t match the architectural beauty of my 1915 master bungalow. It was time for a change—a change that would honor the home’s history while infusing it with fresh energy.

Which was the first painting company that really impressed me during my first consultation (I interviewed five others!) As always, all words and opinions are my own. Also, many thanks

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

Enter CertaPro Painters, the painting wizards who have managed to strike the perfect balance between preserving historic charm and giving my home a new coat of modern magic.

Craftsman Style Homes With Timeless Charm

In the initial phase, they concentrated on the preparatory work and did not take any shortcuts. They carefully scraped off the old paint, filled in the imperfections, and prepared every surface to be sealed with the remaining lead-based paint. It was like watching a master class in house painting. I described all the prep work and detailed how they took all the major safety precautions. I cannot stress enough how dangerous lead paint is and how important it is to work with a team of professionals to keep our families and communities safe.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

When it came to choosing colors, I tried to decide – surprise surprise! I am currently in the phase of wanting colors – contrasting shades and warm cheerful colors. However, I wanted my century-old house to be painted in colors that honored its history. The classic craft palette is inspired by nature – earthy colors and muted shades. Of course, the cheerful, yellow mood of the cottage can be mastered with bright white colors, but I had in mind a muted green.

I played around with a few different palettes here, but I was drawn to the green on green scheme with a bit of red. I always thought my house was already green on green, but now comparing the old photos with the new ones, I was willing to believe it was green! What color was it anyway? Is it beige/grey with a blue border? I am so confused now!

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

Color Contrasting For The Best Curb Side Appeal

While I had a rough idea of ​​the direction to go, I was struggling to find the exact color and wanted to avoid constant decision fatigue, so I enlisted the help of Erin Cavanaugh, a color consultant specializing in historic homes. When I say she knows every Sherwin Williams color like the back of her hand, I mean it.

Erin and I had a FaceTime call while I walked her around my house, showing her the neighboring houses, talking about my measurements, and then she sent me a collection of 8×10″ color card samples (which are always better than little 1″ swatches). Erin gave me her time and I am very grateful. She did all the color matching for me so I didn’t end up with 80 swatches at home (if you know, you know). She does virtual color consultations, so if you’re in the mood to pick colors yourself, go for it!

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

In each of these 20 days, a crew of two painters spent 8 hours. A total of 320 hours to paint the house! I was very impressed with the time it took to get the paint perfect. They approached each step of the process with methodical precision, taking care to leave no stone unturned (no, brush?).

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Every project is different! The time frame, prep work and price depends on a number of factors, including the size of the project, the preparations required, the number of colors, the type of substrate, etc. You can get a free custom quote from your local CertaPro team here.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

The CertaPro crew did a beautiful job with the details. See how the window sill was previously painted the color of the siding? When the crew repainted, they wrapped the face and sides in the trim color and cut in a perfectly straight line next to the topography of the siding—just right. Boss kiss.

To minimize lead exposure, the crew didn’t sand the surfaces — they just wiped off the loose paint. So there’s definitely a lot of quality to be seen at the end. I like to see the texture and history of the painting – after all, the house is over a hundred years old, I don’t want it to look brand new.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

Craftsman Paint Colors

While keeping a fairly similar palette to before, we painted the rafter eyes and tails the same color as the fascia and trim accents. It used to be a secondary color and looks much richer in a coordinating shade.

I will say that one thing I struggled with was the brightness of the accent colors. I (accidentally) asked the crew to paint the dash and accents the same paint that was used on the door and window trim. They used this ultra durable high traffic paint that only comes in “low gloss” (instead of the flat found in the Duration paint we used on the body of the house) which gives it a bit of a sheen. . I’d like to do it flat on the highlight parts (fascia, vents, pillars) because 1. I prefer flat and 2. The gloss picks up a lot of the sky reflections, making those parts look more blue – one color, I tried to avoid that. We repainted the pillars to a flat shade and it improved tremendously.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

I will admit that I had a hard time finding the trim color we chose. With a surprisingly gloomy spring season, the color sometimes sounds more gray than green. I want to take on more colors – not gray – so I thought I’d pull out the CertaPro and paint a different shade. I looked at several options suggested by Erin, but none were better than the color we chose. So I guess I’ll just have to let my brain get used to the new color and watch it change as the season heats up.

Exterior Paint Color Design: Purple Craftsman

Apart from the adjustment time, I am very happy with the color palette! Now I can say that my house is “green!”

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

At the end of the project, a third party testing service came in and took samples from several surfaces and soil. I am happy to inform you that we have passed the main test behind painting!

A fresh coat of paint breathed new life into my home and added depth and character to every nook and cranny. The exterior now stands out in the neighborhood and creates a beautiful backdrop to our garden. The house not only looks better, but is also safer.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

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The craftsmanship of the CertaPro Painters team was evident in every brush stroke and I couldn’t be more thrilled with their work. If you are looking for a whole house repaint, I recommend contacting your local CertaPro team! If you are in San Diego, contact the North County team and ask to add Max or Skylar to your crew.

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Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

If you like flowers and colors, this bathroom is for you. If not, maybe go ahead and convert? Or not? Anyway, here’s the reveal of the bathroom accessory that’s finally here—after three whole years in the making.

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My baby is two! Time flies… we wish we could slow down these years… I can’t believe she’s two… and all the other clichés to say. We celebrated her second walk in the sun in our backyard with a small gathering of friends.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

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The thrill of renovating outdoor spaces is that they always get better with age. We walked through our garden last year and the plant growth during this last trip around the sun is wild! Get ready for lots of photos.

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

What Is A Craftsman House?

We walked through our backyard, it’s our new favorite “room” in our house. Here’s how much a complete room makeover costs.

It’s been a year since we renovated our yard and it exceeded my expectations of what was possible in the space. I’ve been waiting to progress from start to finish, but here I am! The Craftsman home is a timeless design style that first appeared in the early 20th century. The architectural style was inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement of the mid-19th century. These homes are typically small to medium in size and have a number of prominent features including:

Craftsman Style Homes Exterior Paint Colors

Craftsman homes have evolved with wide interpretations and are still a popular style. Remarkably, these houses were originally painted in tones. Today, you’re likely to see a wide variety of Craftsman-style homes

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