Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

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Dark Grey And Navy Living Room – Dark Gray and Prussian Blue Living Room A nice subdued color palette for the living room that gives you a cozy and inviting feeling. You may be wondering how to make a room feel more warm and inviting or comfortable. You want your home to have a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, an intimate appeal that feels inviting.

There are several ways you can break up a large space to make it feel more personal. The easiest​​​​​​ way to break up a room is to group furniture in different areas, each for a specific purpose. And considering the black color, many people avoid using dark colors. However, if there is a high ceiling and a very large room, black color is the perfect solution. Consider painting the ceiling a lighter shade if you want to help brighten the room, but also tone down the dark shade visually. A boldly designed wallpaper with dark tones is also an option. In this room, the wall is dark blue gray, paint the ceiling light gray to reflect the sunlight that comes through the window, so that the room is not dark.

Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

Whatever color you choose, the trick to doing it is putting your effort into creating a balance. Choose a wall color that contrasts with your furniture and decor. Balance is very important with dark paint colors. If the room has a lot of windows, spacious decorations and light furniture, black color will be the best idea.

Beautiful Living Room Ideas And Decor For A Timeless Look

How can you refuse this super soft chair with stylish fabrics and colors! We love corner sofas to sit and enjoy afternoon tea or cuddle, so the Stella Medium Corner Sofa is just what we need for our cozy reading book and your afternoon tea with your friends and family! This Prussian blue cotton matte velvet sofa is from Sofa.com

Rich Mid Blue: Try Graham Brown’s “Brave” – ​​Brave is the perfect, rich, mid blue companion to most Graham and Brown wallpaper designs. With red pigments, Brave Contrast is more blue. This navy paint is great for creating a contemporary living space by styling it with brass accessories.

More blue than black, Railing is a softer alternative to black that better suits the iron origins from which it takes its name. When used in full gloss on the front doors, it creates a beautiful and impressive entrance, but our eggshell finish is more calming. This dark shade of blue transforms rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces.

A slightly softer tattoo than almost black, magic. This dramatic color is derived from Desire Black for a sensual look. Add sparkle with silver accessories for a polished and sophisticated look. Home > Home and Interior Design Blog – Great Ideas and Inspiration > 21 Elegant Navy and Gray Living Room Ideas

Colors That Go With Navy Blue (color Palettes)

Deciding how to paint the living room walls or deciding which colors and design ideas to incorporate into your home design is never easy. However, when two colors work best together, it is gray and blue.

There are many shades, textures, interior design and decorations to choose from, so I have put together these beautiful navy and gray living room ideas to inspire you.

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Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

This is a great example of dark gray and dark blue walls as a color combination that works together. Although color certainly plays a big role in designing this room, materials and fabrics are another important consideration.

Sheila Dark Grey Velvet Sofa By Premier Home

Gleaming white floors, real wood tables and soft furnishings with wool pillows and natural rugs were chosen to showcase their beautiful textures and a variety of warm colors.

This is a dark blue and gray room where you can happily relax, have breakfast or even work from home. I can really imagine myself doing all of this in this cozy welcoming space.

If you have a gray sofa or are thinking of buying one, you can see my colors with gray sofa blog post.

This blue and gray space shows how the combination of gray and navy can work together harmoniously. The backbone of this design is simple, with a solid navy sofa, dark gray walls and a rug that pulls the colors together.

Framed Canvas Prints Wall Art Home Decor, Navy Blue Grey Black Abstract Color Block Painting Poster Artwork Pictures For Bathroom Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Ready To Hang, 12

Gold accent furniture and accessories take this blue and gray living room from plain and quiet to a colorful and exciting contemporary interior. Color is thrown in with elegant modern pillows and complementary artwork, while texture is added with a whimsical white mohair footstool.

Finally, a touch of bling is added with a gold planter, a cone wall lamp and a reading light stand. The result is an interesting and contemporary living room design in dark and gray colors.

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Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

Dark blue living room ideas are not only reserved for use in large spaces! Despite the relatively small living room, the deep blue walls work to create a warm and cozy space, which completely contrasts with the design of the hall ahead.

Ways To Style A Navy Sofa In A Living Room

The owners here stuck to the blue theme with the furniture, using different colors and subtle contrasts in the cabinets, sofas and pedestals. The only departure from this is the ceiling, doors and fireplace, where they use pure white, which gives the dark blue a nice fresh edge, which makes the walls stand out.

The wooden floor used not only adds a warm feeling to the room, but the perfect color and shade to work with deep blue and light white, effortlessly lifting the whole room.

The interior designer certainly didn’t stop mixing styles and themes in this white and blue room!

Traditional full-length white window blinds and bold navy/white royal chairs sit alongside zebra print cushions and a stunning large silver-framed octopus print.

Lush Navy Living Room Set

The glorious reflective silver of the frame is then cleverly carried throughout the design of the glass side tables and the silver plated details of the geometric deco coffee table and chairs again.

If this scheme and color combination of interior design is explained to you without a picture to express it, I believe that everything is not as it should work together. But yes!

This room has a modern and relaxed feel and the deliberately limited use of color pulls all the different elements together.

Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

This dark blue living room could be in any house on any street, and you won’t know until you walk in how much you’re expecting.

Wood Panel Wallpaper Navy Blue

A traditional light gray pleated armchair and pebble gray sofa sit elegantly on a light gray rug and a soft silver-grey rug.

A bold navy accent wall is subtly echoed not only by the navy and gray curtains and pillows, but even the books on the side table! (Surely it’s not a stage?!).

Shiny silver surfaces are added to the blue and dove gray color palette as another harmonious theme that runs throughout the space. Two beautiful round mirrors, elegant console tables and a side table all have a high-gloss luxurious silver finish and help create an overall sense of grandeur.

This blue living room reminds me of something similar to the Jetsons I watched in my childhood! An almost space age theme mixed with a total eighties twist.

Dark Grey Ombre Faux Linen Sheer Curtains For Bedroom Living Room Rod Pocket, 2 Tone Reversible

To me, the interior designer combines every idea from different times and trends to create this amazing hybrid design.

I’m not saying I don’t like it, because it has a nostalgic charm. But for me, I had to leave the busy snakeskin rug for something simpler and more neutral.

I love the white chair and how well it goes with the dark blue wall color and modern artwork.

Dark Grey And Navy Living Room

Dark colors are known to work very well in large spaces, preventing them from feeling too cold, bland and sometimes clinical. The walls of this living room show it well in this noble living room design.

Living Room Ideas For Every Style And Budget

The black floor runs throughout the space and the deep blue walls, artwork and ornaments are carefully framed by bright white wall panels, windows and pillars.

The sofa and curtains are placed in a completely neutral color scheme, and the walls not only remain the main bold statement of the room but also avoid the fight for attention or conflicts.

The design of this blue and gray room relies on the use of furniture and pillows as accents on the navy wall, which reflects that deep blue color. It is cleverly softened and softened by cool gray geometric fabric patterns.

The blue wall is the perfect backdrop for the room and changes the feeling of the whole space

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