Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

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Dark Grey Doors With White Trim – White is the new black…at least when it comes to color! And today I want to walk you through the process of converting my house from golden yellow walls and white doors to black interior doors with white wiring and white walls. We hope this post gives you more black and white ideas to try in your home!

I have to thank my husband for the title of this blog because as soon as he said it I knew it was true! we

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Decided to paint the inside of our house. It has been that golden yellow color for almost ten years.

Small Entryway Refresh

Ten years ago the “i” was a color. And for ten years it has worked completely free in our home. But my decor and preferences have changed.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Lately I’ve been drawn to fresh, clean color palettes. So when I saw Color Alabaster by Sherry Williams, I knew it was what I wanted. It is pure white with a hint of cream.

I also knew I wanted something different in my house since my decor is all white. I like the look of my house with black interiors, but I don’t want to take the black away from the clean, white walls. So we started thinking about painting some interior doors.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Black Fully Finished Internal Elegance Henley 3p Door

I looked to Pinterest, Instagram, and Joanna Gaines for inspiration. I discovered Tricorn Black paint after seeing my friend Heather use it on her new home in Northern Colorado.

So after talking with my husband and showing him my inspiration, we decided to paint the door this beautiful contrasting black. We used a great local company called Shade Brothers Painting, who I highly recommend!

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

I love homes with black interior doors, but changing ours was a challenge. But painting the French doors was the best decision we ever made and my favorite part of this makeover. Tricorn Black interior paint has given them new life and added a real touch of class!

Rosie On The House: Create Contrast With Black Windows And Doors

Black front door with white trim makes our entryway look fresh and new as you enter the home! Now I just need to paint the door! Of course I would choose Tricorn Black! *** You can check out our new login here!

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

The kitchen is one of the most beautiful parts of our home. Mainly because my husband and I designed the island, patio, and backyard.

Now it’s so bright and fresh, it’s done. So let’s make more changes like this before and after photos. We worked with a local company to repaint our kitchen cabinets with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace paint, which perfectly complemented our home’s black and white interior color scheme!

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

How To Pair Cream Trim With Warm White Walls

It’s fun to look back at our kitchen! Does anyone out there love a good change as much as I do?

Now all I have to do is add color and spring strokes. I love the entire transformation of our home! I love our house too… it’s a city and will be there for a while ;).

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

I really like how we transformed our house by painting the walls white and adding a black interior door with white trim. Even though the color palette is simple, it completely changed the look of our home!

Modern Interior Door Custom

If you are considering a change, it is important to plan your change in advance. These are some of the questions we asked and factors we considered when choosing a black and white interior color.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

That’s something I’ve thought about a lot. However, if we are going to spend the time and money to replace the entire painting of our house, we want it to last a long time! If you ask me, black interior doors with white trim aren’t exactly on trend. Black and white is as classic a color combination as you can get and I’m sure we’ll love this space for years to come.

Not my experience! This is a great thing to do before painting your front door. Although I like the idea of ​​homes with black interior doors, I worry that our space will be too dark or too narrow. And the whole point of this color change is to make everything lighter and brighter.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

How To Paint An Interior Door Like A Diy Pro — Capturing Wonderland

One of the most difficult things about implementing a black and white color scheme in our home is choosing the main paint color.

Luckily, I have a few homes that I love that inspire me. But if you want to change your home to have white walls and black interior doors with white trim then there are plenty of paint colors to choose from!

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Don’t know which colors to try for your home? Here are some of my favorites – including the paint color we chose for the color change!

Beautiful Interior Door Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Alabaster White: This is a beautiful white that we use throughout our home. I like it because it has a warm, creamy white color, helping to create a bright, clean space without being too cold or harsh.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace: This is another great white. That’s the same paint I used to repaint my kitchen cabinets! I like it because white is a very neutral, muted color.

Benjamin Moore Light Gray: This interior white is pure white with soft yellow tones. This is another great option for those who want warm white skin without being overpowering.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Crittall Door Hack

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray: Although the name of this color sounds gray, it is actually very soft and white. This paint color changes with different lighting and will make your home look different every day.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black: This is the black we use for our interior doors. I like it because it is very close to true black and gives very rich, deep colors. It contrasts wonderfully with white walls and looks great on our black interior doors.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Glossy Balustrades and Railings: This UK-based painting company has a huge variety of paint colors and Railings is one of them! The colors of the gels are unique as they are a soft black with a deep blue tint, which in some months will have a navy blue tint.

How To Paint A Door: My Best Tips For Painting Interior Doors!

Magnolia Prairie Smoke: Well, I trust Joanna Gaines when it comes to home design decisions. So it’s no surprise that I love this black interior paint color from her collection! Prairie Smoke is a soft black color that looks like the floor. Looks great with black interior!

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Benjamin Moore Black Beauty: A very dark, saturated black interior paint that gives a wonderfully natural, light and clean feel. It looks great on interior doors but I could also see it as a unique accent wall in a dining room or office!

I know we’re talking about white interior walls and black interior doors with white trim, but I can’t bring myself to show off my black exterior paint! Our house is painted Shirin Williams Peppercorn and I always get lots of comments.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

What Color Door Goes With Gray Walls? (7 Choices For Timeless Sophistication)

Although it’s rare to see a house painted black on the exterior, I really like this color! Peppercorn is a deep, dark gray color rather than true black. We used it on the siding and window trims in our house and I love the classic, monochromatic look it creates.

It is also the perfect vase to decorate your front door and is a beautiful contrast to a golden yellow front door.

Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

Next week I’ll be joining other lovely bloggers to give you a spring tour of our home! We hope you’ll come back to check out the rest of our homes! I always appreciate having you here on the blog! I can also be found on Instagram @ and Facebook at The Tattered Pew. Hope you have a great week!

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Dark Grey Doors With White Trim

When we bought our new house, I loved it—open floor plan, architectural features like vaulted walls, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, large kitchen island, high ceilings, very things. However, everything is dirty. The same orange everywhere, boring lighting, low quality appliances… this home has so much potential! Slowly, slowly I will update everything to highlight the beauty of this house. We have made a lot of progress.

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