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When it comes to the best dark shades of gray, it’s ALL in undertones. Not only that, it’s all about matching these things with your interior finishes – whatever your personal taste is. That being said, if your home loves a shade of purple, blue or green and you don’t, you may need plenty of deep cleaning (and glass).

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

For those of you hoping for a gray that’s always unbreakable, I hate to put flash on your nails, but grays have their pitfalls. And not only gray paint colors, but also HEAVY gray. That gray tile that looks pretty neutral? Yes. Your sectional sofa is the perfect dark charcoal?

Benjamin Moore Sample Hc 168 Chelsea Gray

There are even undertones to your brand new white quartz countertop with gray veins. As soon as you know the buntons of your interior finishes, it will be easier to choose the best paint color to match them (if your room is empty, focus more on the exposure of your room).

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

In terms of shades you can expect, warm gray paint colors will have shades of purple or green, while cool gray paint colors lean towards BLUE, purple or green (often a mix).

Although the green areas in the upper wood wall look “gray”, they have a bright purple undertone, so Benjamin Moore Trout Gray is a great choice!

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

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But regardless, compared to Sherwin William’s (more limited) selection, Benjamin Moore is kicking some serious dirt, so let’s get started.

BTW, You will find that ALL of these colors have an LRV of less than 30. Not sure what an LRV is? It could save your PAINT LOVIN’ LIFE – read all about it HERE .

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

Chelsea Gray has an LRV of 22, making it a popular choice for cabinets, exteriors and even all the walls in a room! This modest LRV has just the right depth to add drama and style to the space without weighing it down.

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In the dining room above, see how sharp Chelsea Gray looks with white trim. A similar look can be achieved using Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace with Chelsea Grey.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

And although sometimes you can’t see it at all, Chelsea Gray has a green background. It is also classified as warm gray, but you will not see it look traditionally warm like a city (coming soon).

In this kitchen (below), Chelsea Gray looks simple and understated against the black laminate worktops, contrasting the white subway tiles and cabinets…

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

Hc 166 Kendall Charcoal By Benjamin Moore

Steel Wool goes towards the familiar Chelsea Gray (in terms of undertones). While Chelsea Gray has a green base and a slight hint of warmth, Steel Wool is a COOL gray paint color with a hint of calm blue.

The great thing about Steel Wool is its versatility, a nod towards the blue-violet end of things without 100% commitment. And it does all this while still looking more or less “gray” as this next entry photo shows…

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

The upholstery color in the photo above is Benjamin Moore Cloud White, white with a warm wink to offset the cool approach of Steel Wool.

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Benjamin Moore Graystone has an LRV of nearly 30, making it one of the lighter options on this page. For this particular type of warm gray, I’d like to show you something darker, but if we just shoot ONE SQUIRREL TAIL, we get a green that’s more fun than the streak on a football (not that was on me, I swear).

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

But compared to the slightly warmer greige end of things, the Gray Stone holds up very well when it comes to undertones. Even if he nods green, it’s a more polite nod than “come here.” In the photo above, you’ll see Gray Stone with White Dove upholstery and Heart of Love doors.

See how much more GREEN comes to the party in this foyer addition with warm white trim and a GORGEOUS wood front door. Remember that your room’s EXPOSURE, interior lighting, and surrounding finishes play a huge role in how colors appear.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Simply White Color Palette

Seriously, I could go on and on about Grey… I WANT! Gray is not just GRAY; It is

Dark charcoal with a rather clear purple-blue undertone. I can’t tell you how often I refer this color to my Internet Color Consulting clients.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

With an LRV of NEAR 10, this is one of the darkest options – at least before things start to look black, at which point everything is bright. In the photo above, notice how the semi-gloss of the paint reflects the light, making it appear a lighter gray than you might expect.

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Gray was the perfect choice as a background for my client’s artwork (below). Although the art is a little big for the wall space, it’s still bad…

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

BTW, if you go to a paint store, you MUST ask for Gray 2121-10 including its number. Why? Because if you only ask for GRAY, the employee will say:

” and you will be in endless misery trying to figure out which gray you mean.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

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SAMPLIZE offers peeling paint samples that are more affordable, easier and ECHROME than traditional cups.

City city is one of the BEST warm grays on the market. Some warm grays are so intense that they are mistaken for fast, while others are so subtle that they don’t always have enough warmth. A city sits in the middle and is a great choice, especially for some granite slabs in the early 2000s.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

A city has an underlying purple sadness, and while it’s not shy about it, it doesn’t overdo it by the stretch of the imagination either.

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Amherst Gray is a VERY popular dark gray color, second only to Chelsea Grey. With LRV 17, Amherst Gray has more meat on the bones without being as dark as Kendall Charcoal (also beautiful).

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

But remember that pants are always hidden and Amherst Gray comes in HOT with a green surprise that can show a lot depending on the environment…

I LOVE Trout Gray because it’s a gray that’s colorful enough to be interesting without being too harsh in its approach. In terms of teams, Gray Trout leans nicely towards blue, a blue that leans strongly towards purple, as shown in this toilet with personality.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

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Gray Trout has an LRV of nearly 15, making it a gorgeous LOW choice for walls, interior construction, or the ROOM NEXT!

While the options above are the most popular dark grays, the next section is about the MOST FAVORABLE dark grays. Why are they not listed above? They are rarely used, which is why most interior designs require gray colors with significant undertones! That’s not to say these options aren’t beautiful; they are

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

I also don’t have full reviews of these colors OR photos to show you simply because I don’t deal with them that often, which means these are super short summaries…

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The asphalt has an LRV of 19.71 and a VERY light purple undertone. This makes it an interesting option for exterior, masonry or masonry roofs that require a more passive approach. It’s also an interesting cabinet color when a little undertone is needed.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

With LRV 13.47, Overcoat has a similar approach to Asphalt with a slightly stronger purple undertone and a bit more WEIGHT on the bones. ​​​​​​​The coat would be a beautiful choice for exteriors, as well as front doors and dramatic walls.

The Dolphin has an LRV of 22.52, the lightest of the final three. It also has a negligible undertone, maybe a little twinkle. The danger with this color is that if your finishes have a purple undertone, dolphin can look flat or even a little green in comparison. Not sure if this is possible? Pick up a sample of Benjamin Moore Metropolis and place it next to the dolphin and watch the magic happen before your eyes! Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic because the change is subtle, but it’s THERE, I swear!

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

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Iron Mountain is a popular choice for exterior, cladding and cladding. It’s not like another gray though, as there are some interesting things going on – read all about it in Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain: Paint Color Review.

Benjamin Moore’s most popular is Kendall Charcoal, followed by Chelsea Grey. These two shades of gray (not cold) will satisfy different styles and tastes, whether on cabinets, displays, doors or exteriors.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

If I’m choosing a gray paint color like this for one of my Online Paint Color Consulting clients, I’m probably looking for Sherwin Williams Classic French Gray instead.

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If you are talking about the exterior, YES, dark gray often goes well with brick, stone and various asphalt roofs. For interiors, accent walls and islands are generally more popular.

Dark Grey Paint Benjamin Moore

If we look at Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and BEHR, BEHR comes out on top with Crack Pepper,

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