Deck Colors For A White House

Deck Colors For A White House – Updating your home’s color scheme and flooring is a great opportunity to express yourself. Nothing can take your home’s exterior to the next level like a new deck and siding that highlight existing features while enhancing your curb appeal. Before consulting a local exterior painter about your design plans, use this handy guide to make your color choices.

Trust us—you’ll have fun applying color theory as you use the color wheel to choose colors that complement each other. Use these color wheel rules to inspire you as you choose colors for your exterior and flooring.

Deck Colors For A White House

Deck Colors For A White House

Complementary colors are exactly what they sound like: they complement each other. These colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and make each other stand out, like green and red.

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Be careful because the lightest color may not be a good choice for your home. If you want to play it safe, choose a more neutral color. For example, sage green siding with pale red, such as terracotta shutters and dark red wood floors are striking.

Deck Colors For A White House

After choosing a similar color scheme, you will choose a base color. Other colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

For example, to create a low-contrast look, pair street gray with darker tones like charcoal for door and floor colors. Next, choose a lighter shade of gray to decorate and create accents. The main lesson is to choose three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel to create a similar scheme.

Deck Colors For A White House

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With a triad color scheme, choose one color. Then, instead of choosing a complementary color around the circle, choose two colors on either side of the complementary color.

So, if green is the exterior color of your home, red is a complementary color. Move the red shade right and left on the color wheel. Your new color triad is orange-red and purple-red.

Deck Colors For A White House

Although this may seem like an odd combination, it is important to remember that this chart serves as a reference. In this case, the dark green exterior will blend perfectly with the red-orange cedar floor and striking light purple door.

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Maybe you’re thinking about your favorite new deck color. If your current deck just needs a quick refresh, choosing a deck stain or paint might be next on your list.

Deck Colors For A White House

Again, a good rule of thumb when looking for the best color ideas for your home and yard is to use neutral colors, such as brown, which can work with most color schemes.

Before choosing a color, test the stain or paint on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it produces the right color combination for your home’s exterior.

Deck Colors For A White House

Deck Color Ideas To Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Depending on the type of flooring material you have, you will have different finishing requirements. For example, you can paint or stain wooden floors. If you have a composite deck, you can use satin paint or a composite refresher coat to revive the color.

Re-decking is quite budget friendly if you don’t mind spending time sanding and staining. Note that professional refinishing costs between $600 and $1,360 for a 200 square foot floor.

Deck Colors For A White House

Meanwhile, DIY work for the same square meter costs about 300 to 800 USD. Whether you tackle your deck refinishing project yourself or hire a local deck refinishing professional, you’re getting closer to the deck color combination you envisioned.

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Now that your deck is ready to go, it’s time to figure out what route to take to the exterior of your home. Your choice and cost will depend on your home’s exterior materials.

Deck Colors For A White House

As long as it is in good condition, brick is probably one of the easiest exterior materials to work with; You can clean and paint the bricks to get the color combination you want. The cost to paint an entire brick home ranges from $3,500 to $10,500. If you want whitewashed brick for a rustic white look, whitewashed brick ranges in price from about $2,225 to $4,000.

Some experts warn against doing this, but it is still possible to paint vinyl siding. Make sure you use urethane latex paint for the exterior.

Deck Colors For A White House

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On average, a complete exterior paint job costs between $1,800 and $4,400. Meanwhile, if you replace and install a new siding, it will cost about $11,400.

When in doubt, this combination of house colors and traditional flooring is definitely suitable. Every classic color combination stands the test of time.

Deck Colors For A White House

If traditional design isn’t your thing, then check out trendy styles like farmhouse. The farmhouse exterior leans toward bright whites and rustic finishes.

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Looking for something less mainstream for your deck and home color combination? This unique color combination will fulfill your dream of an attractive and unforgettable home exterior.

Deck Colors For A White House

If your biggest concern is keeping your deck dust-free, choose a darker neutral color that blends in with the surrounding landscape. Dark brown or dark gray are both good choices that work well with a variety of colors in the home. High-quality acrylic paint is easy to clean and maintain, so spending the money may be worth it.

Whether it is better to stain or paint your deck is up to you and your personal preference. In terms of appearance, the stain offers a natural look and a variety of colorful tones while the finish is more glossy and you can choose any color imaginable. Stains tend to be cheaper and only require one coat, but don’t last as long as paint.

Deck Colors For A White House

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How to choose a stain or paint color, the color of the floor is completely up to you. You can make it easier to choose your home and deck color combinations yourself by consulting color theory. Many people choose darker colors for their decks because they don’t leave dirty marks or other marks of daily wear and tear like crisp whites or other bright colors. Color coordinating the exterior of your home can be difficult because there are so many aspects to consider, such as siding, garage doors, front doors, window frames, exterior trim, flooring or patios, and even smaller items like mailboxes and potted plants.

The way designers approach this task is to first choose your color palette and then assign colors to each individual area. For the exterior of the house, a color scheme using three main colors always brings good results.

Deck Colors For A White House

A house that is painted white or has white siding is one of the easiest to coordinate because you are guaranteed that any color will go well with white. Neutral colored decks will work well with white, even lighter or darker colors can be good choices.

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Here we explore the best table colors for a white house and how to choose an exterior color palette for a white house

Deck Colors For A White House

If you want your deck to feel like part of the landscape, then light brown is an ideal color choice as it is a natural shade of beige that will almost blend in with your outdoor space.

Whether you choose a tan wood finish or choose to paint your floors brown, this is a classic color that will never look out of date or out of date. Use tan with white and black for a classic and elegant look or keep it simple for a more rustic vibe.

Deck Colors For A White House

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A white deck on the side of a white house may seem a little stark at first, but in fact it can look very attractive when combined with a different colored trim.

In the house pictured, black trim around the sliding glass doors and around the windows is used, helping to separate the white floor from the white walls of the house. The black finish is also coordinated with other exterior elements, such as the fence and the legs of the picnic table, giving the whole a deliberately stylized feel.

Deck Colors For A White House

If you want to create a different space with a white house, black is the right choice. Black and white is a classic combination that stands out without feeling overwhelming.

Tips For Choosing Deck Colors That Complement Your Home’s Exterior

Black floors have the advantage of being easier to clean than light colors because they hide dirt well. Choose a matte black finish for a more casual look or choose a glossy black floor finish for a chic look.

Deck Colors For A White House

Gray floors are a good choice with a white house if you want a simple and accessible look. The gray used for the floor around the house is a pale dove grey, which contributes to the cozy and slightly rustic atmosphere of the garden.

It also coordinates with the gray tiles on the roof, creating a consistent color scheme and a sense of continuity. The addition of a gray planter further blends the white and gray palette for a sleek and deliberate feel.

Deck Colors For A White House

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Yellow is a bright and cheery color for outdoor flooring.

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