Decor For Large Wall In Living Room

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Decor For Large Wall In Living Room – A large blank wall in the living room can quickly become overwhelming, but a subtle and artful arrangement can refresh the entire space. “A feature wall in the living room is essential,” says interior designer Nikki Klugh of Nikki Klugh Design Group. “A particularly large wall can be the center of attention, so it’s important to make sure it’s designed to make an impact.”

Luckily, with a little preparation and the right decorations, interior designer Beth Diana Smith says you can transform any section into a curated display. “Without proper planning, when you hang pictures or decorations on the wall, there can be awkward gaps in placement,” she says. “To avoid a lot of holes in the wall, I recommend drawing each piece of artwork on kraft paper, lining everything with kraft tape, and moving the kraft paper around until you find the right spot.”

Decor For Large Wall In Living Room

Decor For Large Wall In Living Room

If you’re looking for wall decor for your living room and want to keep things fresh but curated, Smith recommends hanging some large works of art. “For this look, I recommend using several pieces of the same size to make the space feel thoughtful and expensive,” she says.

Best Large Wall Art Ideas To Fill Those Blank Spaces

Can’t find a great piece of art to hang on your wall? Klug says the best solution is to create a salon-style display from smaller pieces. “The living room wall combination allows you to combine multiple pieces into one large work of art,” she says. “Your collage can be linear or organic depending on the size you’re working with – just remember to plan it before you hang it on the wall to get the effect you want.”

If you have floating shelves in your home, consider filling them with your favorite photos. “Adding floating shelves to the walls allows you to use the space for storage,” adds Sarah Barney of BANDD DESIGN. In addition to photos, you can functionally present artwork and other decorative details of the area.

A little wallpaper can go a long way. “A patterned wallpaper turns an entire wall into a work of art,” says Smith. “If you don’t want to spring for wallpaper, my favorite solution is to buy a fun or interesting gift set and then frame the pieces in a row, allowing you to change wall decorations often and with a new aesthetic. The flexibility to play without spending a fortune.”

To add depth and dimension, Klugh recommends adding an architectural element such as baseboard or crown molding. “Purchase wooden planks at your local hardware store and install them on the wall in whatever pattern you want to add a layer of interest,” he says. “Adding an architectural element to a wall can help bring character to a space.” If you can’t add decorations or decorations to your wall, Smith says floating shelves are a smart (and easy-to-store) option.

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For an alternative approach, Smith says you can always rely on accent furniture that fills the wall space. “Adding a sculptural table, an accent chair, or even a decorative staircase is a great way to break up a space,” she says. “In my home, I have a wooden ladder that I use to layer woven blankets and create a stylish storage solution that reduces clutter.”

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Decor For Large Wall In Living Room

Before you start filling your wall with *all the stuff*, there are a few things to keep in mind. Extra Large Wall Art For Living Room Light Blue Gold Framed Huge Canvas Print Modern Ocean Skyline And Sunset Wall Picture Coastal Themed Seaside Sea Artwork For Home Bedroom Décor 60x30inch

Now that we’ve talked about the basics and what I try to keep in mind when designing a wall decor, let’s take a look at 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

If you’re looking to avoid spending a lot of money on one huge piece, you can hang a gallery wall for a fraction of the cost to create an art wall that functions as one large piece. There are many approaches and options to fully implement it

. You can choose a concentrated and versatile selection or choose the same direction. In the breakfast nook I used the same Ikea frames to display iPhone photos from some of our trips.

Sources: Beaded Chandelier | Fake olive tree | Dining table | Dining Chairs (similar) | Gallery Wall Frames | Curtains | Curtain rod | Bar Stools | Pendant lamp

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Hallways Needs Large Wall Mirror 10

Each photo represents a different situation and a landmark/landscape shot that I took with my phone. It’s memorable and unique, and even though it contains memories from 12 different trips, it works as a single monochrome work of art. Note that it also takes up a lot of the wall 😉 Make the pictures bigger than you think when you frame them.

Another simple “gallery” that works as one piece are screened wall baskets on the porch. They are all the same, but in three different dimensions. I quickly arranged them organically and called it “good!”

The sunny gallery wall in our front room doesn’t blend in with the rest of our house these days, and will soon be updated. However, this is a great example of how to use and stick to eclectic pieces while mixing metals.

Decor For Large Wall In Living Room

I have an art setup in my office that I call a “gallery wall”: I put one large piece in a large square, along with three identical foil prints that I rotate as I hang them. Although the parts are different, they share the same chassis.

Large Living Room Ideas That Are Sure To Impress

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There are great galleries that mix black and white color images, the same frames and mats in different sizes, and even different frames, mounts, and more. If you’re looking for something simple and a little more casual, go a little more casual. . If you’re adventurous and want to make an artistic statement, mix it up.

Sometimes art isn’t all you need (or can use) for your space. The space was big and sturdy, and when I wanted a console, it was it

A kind of pedestrian path. I found an even narrower piece and created a whole “moment” in the living room. Not enough room for a console? You can do the same on a bench or set of stools!

How To Decorate A Large Wall Easily And Affordably

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. I don’t want the artwork to look like something I have hanging on the wall; I want it to be part of the wall – does that make sense?! haha This elegant wood sculpture measures 48″ x 48″…

Decor For Large Wall In Living Room

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How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

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This living room wall art measures 40″ x 54″ and although it is huge in person, it is actually larger in size!

I like collecting art, especially when

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