Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

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Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room – It doesn’t seem that difficult to design a shelf from the inspiration photos you see on social media, right? But we all know that this is certainly not the whole truth! This guide is full of library design ideas designed to take the stress out of the process.

Learn how to create the perfect combination of books, pottery, art and more. ! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you enjoy the process and create a look you really love.

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

Being a minimalist, decorating a library is quite difficult for me. I want it to be organic, clean and pleasing to the eye, but you also want it to feel clean and elegant!

Beautiful Living Room Built In Ideas

Chaos is my enemy! When I decided to rearrange the built-in bookshelves in our neutral living room, I knew they needed to look simple, but still intentional and beautiful. Luckily, after a bit of trial and error, I think we succeeded!

The end result is filled with the texture I love, soft neutral colors and a perfectly put-together feel that’s still comforting in no time. This is private and our story, but feel comfortable in the common area.

I’m so happy with the results and I hope these tips and photos inspire you! If you want to see St. See more from our Louis, before and after the tour in full here!

Whether you’ve created shelves, floating shelves, or decorative shelves, these design ideas are perfect for your shelving style!

How To Organize Your Bookshelves, According To Interior Designers

Pottery will add a soft, handmade look to your bookshelf style. Of course, there are many different finishes, colors and styles, so it’s a flexible accent that can work in any home, from modern to traditional.

This category includes everything from stoneware to clay and pottery. Consider vintage pieces or modern glass prints.

I love perfect bowls like Target’s Crock Pots or McGee’s Multi-Piece Bowls.

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

Art is a matter of personal preference. Adding artwork to your bookshelves is a great way to tell your family’s story!

How To Style Your Summer Shelves

There are an incredible number of free art resources and it’s easy to print and display your own creations.

Of course, you can also use family photos in your favorite frames to bring a personal touch to your shelf.

Books are an important part of the library, of course! In fact, I like to think of our bookshelves as decorations because we keep the books we read in different parts of our house.

For our living room design, I rely on two styles of books. I mainly use interior designers’ favorite design books, which you can find below.

Surprising Built In Bookcase Designs

Second, I discovered the best secret of books for decoration! I use Etsy to find books in the shape, style, and color I’m looking for. They are usually sold in bulk, which is the perfect color and price to decorate your bookshelf! Start your search here and read more about my favorite coffee table books.

I’ve been talking about meeting design and style for years. This is very important in our house! It’s rare that I choose an item for its beauty… I like it when it has multiple functions and serves a real purpose.

This is where the basket comes into play! Those baskets in our library were used to store everything. We’ve used them for TV accessories like remotes and tuners, games for girls, random toy collections, and more.

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

Besides looking nice and tidy on our shelves, they serve another important purpose. Find my favorite stash and accessories here!

Living Room Bookshelf Ideas: 10 Smart Living Room Bookshelves |

Similarly, boxes are a good element for organizing bookshelves. They can be used as an accessory to hide unsightly features or to make you look taller while dressing.

They are robust, structured and help tell a story. Here, I used both raw wood and brass boxes, which enhance the character of our shelves and match the warm, neutral feel of the living room.

This is another area where customization is easy! These embellishments can range from the copper thread we use in books to coral or marine motifs.

Small vessels, statues and other ornaments also fall into this category. Use them carefully and aim to create the look you want; then no one can break it!

How To Style Open Shelves: 3 Tips For An Uncluttered Look

. These tips are just to get you started and style your bookshelf just the way you love it!

Remove everything from your library to start with a blank canvas. This allows you to decorate without restrictions and rethink the space.

Of course, I love white shelves, but you can paint them any color to make them look great! Follow this photo for my top tips and favorite cream for Painting White.

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

Consider adding natural pieces to add depth, color and texture, as well as some organic elements to liven it up.

Title Easy Tricks For How To Decorate A Farmhouse Bookcase Title

Keep it practical and make it useful. It feels warmer and more realistic than a fake performance. DVDs, remote controls, etc. Use baskets and boxes for storage. Use your shelves to store your favorite coffee table books or display treasures.

Create balance by adding tone and texture. Use different materials such as wood, metal and pottery. Mix elements up instead of grouping them together.

Add height to the rack. Combine pottery, bookshelves, artwork or greenery to add height, interest and movement.

Use diagonal or triangular elements, glue individual pieces or group them in odd numbers to help achieve balance.

Decorating Bookcases And Open Shelves

Go back and adjust if necessary. I like to take a quick photo on my phone to give an estimate. See what works and don’t add or subtract until you feel what feels right.

Find Pottery Barn Door Wreaths for Less 17 Ideas for Bedside Art Next Year We get lots of compliments on our Intaglios Scalloped Home Decor pots, but we get more questions about what we use to design our built-in shelves. In fact, we’ll never stop pinpointing the “formula” we use to style these shelves.

But when we finally did it, we quickly realized that we were both using similar strategies and that there were important tips and tricks that we tried to follow as we worked on rearranging these shelves until they were “perfect.”

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

So today it’s all about exploring tips and tricks, dos and don’ts for decorating interior shelves (or shelves).

The Dos And Don’ts Of Decorating Built In Shelves

The first step is to remove everything from your shelves. We both always start by completely washing them and decorating… every time! As scary as it may seem to start from scratch, it is useful to take everything out and tackle this task gradually (even if we are only working on a new task for the new season).

Eliminating everything allows us to focus on one shelf at a time without being distracted by other clutter. And stacking all the shelving supplies helps us organize what we have.

It’s also good to remove these items from the shelf because we realize that when we keep items on the shelf in the first place, we get tunnel vision. We automatically think we need to pair this accessory with that accessory, often missing out on other pairings that work better together.

Oh, it’s the perfect time to dust everything off. Here’s my favorite wood cleaner (it smells great!) to do just that.

How To Decorate Shelves

Decorating the chassis takes some time, so we recommend doing this project if you’re not in a rush (or distracted!). We actually enjoy the process of working and recycling our accessories until we find the ‘winning combination’, but we find it when we have to deal with a lack of time or the chaos of taking off the shelf. The process quickly negates the pressure. Allow yourself enough time, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or glass of wine), turn on the music and get into the process… messy floors and all!

We always “buy at home” for accessories that might look better in the building. You’d be surprised how often we steal these from other rooms in our house and love them even more after seeing them in construction. This process usually occurs at the end of the decoration process. We get a 90% decorated shelf, which is “short stuff” or “some words” etc. We will search. We shop around our house and find products that work great!

A new piece, especially one that you like but don’t think you need.

Decorating Built In Shelves In Living Room

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